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It was created to save the world, people should look at it and hope. Hope to find what we needed and didn’t know. He is powerful, many tried to get along with him, created tactics to defraud him, but he is always up to date and with each defeat he returns stronger and adapted to his […]

It was created to save the world, people should look at it and hope. Hope to find what we needed and didn’t know. He is powerful, many tried to get along with him, created tactics to defraud him, but he is always up to date and with each defeat he returns stronger and more adapted to his opponents. It looks like we’re talking about the villain of the new Avengers movie. But not.

We’re talking about Google. And he surprises us every day, whether with a new update, product or the way he has conquered the world, after all, we only remember the existence of other seekers watching the forgettable Spectacular Spiderman, where the “genius” Peter Parker uses Bing.

The Evolution of Ultron

Like the villain Ultron, Google always receives improvements and updates that make it better, faster and more “smart”. Many have tried and even managed to get along with Google using illicit practices to benefit at the expense of the search engine. But it was improved and adapted to end the opponents’ party. If it was not easy to defeat Ultron the first time, with each return, it seemed even more impossible.

Since the creation of Tony Stark receives three major updates to the film, I decided to highlight three of the main ones suffered by Google:

Panda: The update occurred in February 2011, and affected the search engine results by 12%. Panda was an update to the algorithm that started to detect sites with weak and superficial content and started to better position those with relevant content.

Penguin: This update was one of the strongest to defeat Google’s opponents. The optimization in the algorithm was aimed at decreasing the ranking of sites that violated Google’s rules, and that with illicit practices (called black hat) manipulated the search engine. Penguin mainly ended up exchanging artificial links to improve the ranking of sites in the search engine. An update to take down the webspam.

Before it was easier to achieve results using tactics like abusing keywords, making link schemes, copying content, using pages to manipulate search engines (cloaking), among other techniques. Google Penguin has come to make life very difficult for webspammers.

Hummingbird: Hummingbird is undoubtedly one of the major milestones in Google’s history. This update was a way to humanize the search engine and make it much more intelligent, accurate and fast. He now no longer focuses his search on exact keywords, but on the intent of the searcher. Your content will not lose positions if the person searches for a notebook instead of a laptop, because he knows that you have what the customer is looking for.

After this update it didn’t matter if you look for “Avengers leader”, “Avengers leader”, “who is the Avengers leader” or even “who commands the Avengers”. Google will already answer the survey with Captain America.

Amid so much evolution and power from the world’s greatest search engine, you may be asking yourself: what to do then to get along in this Digital Marketing Ultron Era. And, no one better to teach us than the Avengers themselves.

Captain America: Authority

Digital Marketing's Ultron Era

Tony Stark pays for everything, designs everything, makes them a lot nicer, but still, he is not the leader. Steve Rodgers is not the strongest or the smartest among the Avengers. But what makes you the team leader? The answer is: Authority.

That’s the lesson he teaches us, people will believe in your content and will trust your brand when you build your authority. In the first film, during the alien invasion, Captain gives an order to the cops who ignore him. Right afterwards, he gives a beating to some aliens and the police, when they see him in action, readily obey him. Because they realize that he knows what he’s doing. So your website should be, people should look at it and think “they know what they are doing, what they are talking about”. And of course, the higher the authority, the better Google will position your site.

Thor: Outreach Blogging

Digital Marketing's Ultron Era

Until he appeared, the stories took place only on Earth. When Thor appears, he brings a new element to Marvel films: the unknown, a new world, new possibilities and knowledge that the other characters did not even imagine. Thor is the bridge that connects the two worlds, which teaches us about relationships with other blogs, to get out of our little world.

Called Outreach Blogging, this strategy consists of reaching out and relating to other blogs in your niche and finding out how you can help yourself. Do like Thor and find good partners. This piques the interest of new audiences, after all, would Thor’s box office be so good if he didn’t join the Avengers?

Among the Outreach practices are:

  • Guest post: offer a post to your partner’s blog
  • Sponsored posts: The partner makes a post sponsored by you, talking about topics related to your brand or product.
  • Relationship building: help the partner, share their content, refer them
  • Co-marketing: the partner can contribute in some content, a webinar, a post, a podcast, etc.

Iron Man: Use technology to your advantage

Digital Marketing's Ultron Era

The lesson that Tony Stark gives us may seem a little obvious, but it is fundamental: use technology to your advantage. Many technical factors make a huge difference when Ultron robots, I mean Google, will position your site. Know how to correctly use HTML (title, meta description, links, images), the site loading speed, the architecture, the site to be responsive, etc. These are advances that cannot be left out.

In addition, Tony Stark is always up to date. Mach 1, 2, 3… each gets an upgrade and many are created to fight specific enemies (see Hulk Buster). Like him, always be updated. On April 21st (the day before the film’s premiere, coincidence?) Google’s algorithm started to prioritize Mobile Friendly sites (responsive or with mobile version) in the search engine. You can lose precious positions due to the delay of not yet having a responsive website.

Hulk: The power of words

Digital Marketing's Ultron Era

The lesson learned from the incredible Hulk could not be different. He is strength, he imposes respect like no other man can. When we talk about Digital Marketing we need to have that strength, especially with regard to words. Knowing how to choose your keywords well can make all the difference to your success. Choose the ones that you know your audience will be looking for and that they are most interested in. Do not use very short keywords like “content marketing”, but focus on your offer, be specific, for example “what is content marketing” or “how to do content marketing”, segmenting the search and avoiding clicks from someone who has no interest in your content.

It is not just the keywords that boast the strength of the words. Choose a good title, make a good meta description, choose a good URL. All of this makes a big difference, as it is the first contact that the searcher has with your text. And these items need to impose respect, so that the public can see your website and think “we have a Hulk”.

Hawkeye: Hit the target audience

Digital Marketing's Ultron Era

The greatest arrow in the Marvel universe teaches us to never miss our target audience. After all, you can be doing all the right steps, creating strong, attractive and traffic-generating content. But it is useless if you are not reaching your persona. It doesn’t matter if you are attractive to Pedro, who is 28 years old, he is starting his company, if his service is actually focused on Marcelo, who is 38 years old and is already consolidated in the market with his company.

So, know your persona well and know exactly what they are looking for, don’t empty your quiver to hit the target of others. That way you will not only generate traffic, but convert them into leads and later, customers.

Black Widow: Drop Black Hat Practices

Digital Marketing's Ultron Era

Natasha Romanoff won over the public and, despite not having superpowers, is among the main members of the Avengers. The Black Widow, however, has a negative and persecuting mark: her past. When she was a Soviet spy Natasha used illicit techniques, caused harm to those around her to win her interests, in short, she was a villain. We can see, however, that she has changed, wants to forget her past and now plays by the rules, and that led her to join the group of the Greatest Heroes on Earth.

The relationship we see with Digital Marketing is that Natasha was a practitioner of the aforementioned Black Hat techniques. Despite the great evolution of Google, many still try to use these tactics to manipulate the search engine and get along. These tactics aim to achieve a goal without the agency’s authorization, disregarding Google rules. Some examples of these practices are:

  • Keyword Stuffing: Fill shallow content with keywords to gain relevance
  • Content copy: Copy copyrighted and uncredited content
  • Cloaking Page: It shows content to people and another to search engines, deceiving the search engine to position it better.
  • Link Farms: Creation of several sites with mutual links, which serve to generate more visibility.

Many of these tactics have already been countered by Google, which always receives upgrades and the penalties for these practices can be heavy. It’s good to know them so you don’t practice them without knowing they’re illegal in Google’s eyes. If you do that, you better do it like Natasha and throw those practices into the sea of ​​oblivion. As good as you may be, Ultron will catch you sometime.

What did you think of the lessons learned from the Greatest Heroes on Earth? What else did they teach you about Digital Marketing? Share what is most important to you to succeed in the Digital Marketing Ultron Era.



Marvel’s text requires a post-CTA topic.

The character’s name speaks for itself. To succeed in the Age of Ultron you need vision. And it was he who did best against the enemy. None of the Avengers would have won the victory had they not had Vision. After all, it takes vision to be always up to date, to understand the opportunities that surround us, to have the courage to innovate and give something new to your audience.

To do well in this current era of Digital Marketing it is no use having just the coolest website, or the keyword repeated N times in your text. What really matters is your content. It is he who will dictate your success. After all, nobody buys a perfume for the bottle, or a cell phone for the design or a book for the cover. What really matters is the vision that exists within each of them.