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To find new fonts for Instagram, open the IGFonts.io platform, type or paste your text, view it in different styles, copy the excerpt with the desired font and paste the text on Instagram. There are other sites that also offer the service.

Did you know that it is possible to use different fonts for Instagram when writing captions of images or other pieces of text within the platform? As much as Instagram Stories offers some possibilities, when we write descriptions, comments or messages, there is no possibility beyond the default font.

Despite this, there are third-party tools that offer letter options for users to post. Continue with us to learn more about this alternative and learn how to apply sources that make your publications more attractive.

We have separated this article into three main topics:

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How to use custom fonts on Instagram?

Instagram and other social networks establish the typography best suited to the overall design of the system. This is part of the uniformity necessary for the visual comfort of users who browse these platforms.

It turns out that there is a way to include stylized letters which are actually special characters, just like emojis and other symbols. In practice, they appear as custom fonts, but technically they are called Unicode characters.

As this tip is still new to many, it is a great opportunity to draw attention on the social network and, who knows, gain followers on Instagram. Not to mention that people will be curious to know how you managed to change the font that way.

Therefore, some interesting applications for these sources on Instagram can be customize profile biography or highlight parts of the photo and video captions you post. They are creative ways to increase your Digital Marketing strategy.

Remembering that these fonts should be used sparingly, especially to highlight important parts like your company name, special offers on posts to leverage sales, title of the text or a section, and so on.

As much as they are fun, overusing them can give the impression that your account is too informal.

But using custom fonts in balance with the standard font is fine, as long as they are legible and aesthetically consistent with your brand. For this, there are a number of applications and services on the web that make these Unicode characters available.

Below we list the main sites for this purpose, which do not require any installation or registration.

What are the 6 best sites to create your fonts?

We have chosen six of the best free services to select your fonts for Instagram. Check out!

1. IGFonts.io

IGFonts.io has a very simple page, where you only need to insert your text to see how it looks with the custom fonts. After, just copy and paste to your Instagram.

If you want more decorated text options, just click “Load more fonts”. The alternatives that appear here are more random, departing a little from the standard and mixing characters that have little in common, emojis and symbols.

There are no names for the fonts, which may hinder the process when you want to use the same font the next time you post on Instagram.

A differential of the site is that it has the functionality to create the font itself. By clicking on “design your own font”, you can choose the symbols that will correspond to each letter of the alphabet.

See the next section for the complete tutorial on how to use the service.

2. Instagram Fonts

Instagram Fonts has an uncomplicated page, following the same system of showing the text with the fonts applied so that the user can copy and paste.

For those who want more font ideas, the button “Load more fonts” is available, but the styles are also not named. And for those who like to use emojis, there is a section with several of them to easily choose and use the same premise of copy and paste on Instagram.

3. Fonts For Instagram (LingoJam)

Fonts For Instagram, maintained by the personalized translator service LingoJam, is perhaps the simplest one so far. In one field you insert your text and in the other, all possible sources appear.

There is no button to load more fonts, nor to create your own. Here, styles are also given no names.

4. Fonts for Instagram – Instagram Fonts (Cool Symbol)

Cool Symbol is a kind of library with symbols, emojis and stylized characters, and it offers a page with fonts for Instagram and other social networks. Here, styles are given names, unlike the examples we’ve seen so far.

When you click on the section with the stylized letters, the characters are already automatically selected, which makes it easy to copy and paste. In addition, next to each source there is a “copy” button, with which you can already copy the text, speeding up the process.

5. IGFonts.top

IGFonts.top follows a more fun line than the others, offering themed options to decorate the fonts, such as party strings, Christmas, New Year, among others.

The sources have names that function more as descriptions than as identification of themselves, so much so that many of them have repeated titles.

They have the “copy” button on the side, just like on the Cool Symbol website. The list is quite extensive and receives updates, which we can check with the “new” branding.

6. Sprezz Keyboard

Sprezz Keyboard is another basic service, where the only functionality is to present styling options after the user enters the text.

What we can add is that the Sprezz Keyboard has an application for smartphones with iOS, which works as a custom keyboard. This allows you to use your device to type Unicode characters directly into Instagram.

How to change the Instagram font?

We will show you step by step for IGFonts.io, but, as we have seen, all the sites we listed in the previous section follow a similar operation. Therefore, it is possible to choose any one of them, and the differences in relation to the stages will be minimal.

1. Open IGFonts.io

To make the process easier, we recommend that you use Instagram Fonts on the same device where you access Instagram. Therefore, open your web browser and enter the service’s website.

2. Type or paste your text

The second step is to type or paste, in Instagram Fonts, the text in which you intend to apply the custom font. As you type, or as soon as you paste the words, a list will appear with your stylized excerpt from different sources. If you want more options, just click “Load more fonts”.

3. Copy the excerpt with the desired font

Remember that Instagram does not have the functionality to edit the font. What we will do is save a sequence of characters and then transfer them to the desired field.

Therefore, select the excerpt with the font you want to use and use the copy command on your device.

4. Paste the text on Instagram

Now that your text is saved to the clipboard on your computer or cell phone, open Instagram and use the paste command in the bio, description, comment or message.

please note that there may be some incompatibility Unicode characters when entered on Instagram. So, make sure the fragment appears as expected and, if so, adjust it so as not to cause any strangeness to your followers.

It is also important to warn that Instagram may disable the use of these sources if it considers it better. So, if one of them works today, it doesn’t mean that it will continue to work.

So get in the habit of always check the appearance of the text after publishing or updating a description. In addition, it is necessary to keep in mind that the interpretation of certain Unicode characters can be difficult for screen reading systems, used by users with vision difficulties or who cannot see.

Finally, we recommend that you choose one or two of these fonts to use frequently, so that they are a particular feature of your publications. Using different fonts whenever creating a new post will leave your followers confused.

So try using fonts for Instagram to enrich the look of the captions you write for the images. Remember that the visual appeal on the network is very large, and use it in the textual part of the content will draw more attention to your message.

And don’t forget to apply stylized letters in the profile biography, if you find it pertinent. Use this feature to attract those who are not yet a follower and also to encourage those who already follow you to take a certain action.

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