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Error 502 is one of the most common messages that users receive when there is a problem with access to websites or applications. This HTTP status code indicates an error, that is, a communication failure between server and user.

Surfing the internet is an apparently simple experience for those who just take advantage of the resources. However, behind all operation there is an exchange of information that, when not done properly, creates problems, such as the famous and feared Error 502 Bad Gateway.

For those who manage pages and applications, it is almost like a nightmare, precisely because of the impact the problem has on those who are browsing. On the other hand, users are frustrated, especially when the problem proves to be continuous. That is why, knowing the error more deeply is essential!

In this post you will understand more about this problem, from the following topics:

Learn more about the following topic and how to deal with Error 502!

What is error 502?

The problem can happen at any time: you are browsing the web and trying to access a website or some online application, but the loading of the page and its contents is interrupted by the following message: 502 Bad Gateway.

The first reaction is to try to update the page, but that doesn’t always solve the problem and the frustration only increases. Error 502 is basically resulting from a communication failure. A command to open a web page triggers an exchange of requests between the user’s connection and other servers.

These requests are received and then must return HTTP status codes, which are responsible for delivering the information for the page or service to load.

When any of these servers encounter difficulties, this usually generates errors. Thus, the consequence is the failure to deliver the content to the user, who then only sees the error 502 message. It is, in fact, an HTTP status code that indicates the error, that is, the communication failure.

Whenever the user sees a code, 502 or other, it is a sign of a problem. The point is that we are simply talking about the most common and that causes major problems for the usage experience of who sails.

The source server

There is always a concern as to the source of the problem, since an error when using an online application, depends on the connection between 2 points: the server source and the user’s own network.

It is not possible to be sure of the origin, but the natural thing is that it is on the server responsible for that site or the application. Therefore, all care is little for those who manage websites and e-commerce on the web. In this case, the point of origin sent information that could not be identified by gateways or web proxies.

These points are like data carriers. They act as bridges between the application’s origin servers and the receiver, that is, the user who accesses these resources.

When can error 502 happen?

What makes error 502 even more complicated is that it is not exclusive to accessing web pages. This makes it necessary to pay attention to the activities of other more common applications that have a direct connection to servers. Basically, this is the minimum “requirement” for the problem to happen.

A user may encounter the error at various times, which means that frustration and irritation are in many possibilities and not just in a simple navigation. Check when the error 502 happens.

When accessing a web page

The main occurrence of the error is even on web pages, especially those that are developed and managed on WordPress platforms. For those who are in charge of these sites, the problem can be desperate, since they are not always large infrastructures.

Users are faced with the error message at any time, without reflecting any specific activity. As you have seen, this is a problem of communication between servers. When trying to open a website or access a page, error 502 may appear and prevent the operation.

On email

In other less common cases, error 502 can also appear when accessing your mailbox, more specifically right after login. Gmail usually shows this message, which generates many doubts for its users, who do not always understand what happens.

It is nothing very different from the problem that causes the problem on some pages. The difference is that, in addition to being much less common, the problem doesn’t usually last long. The point is that Google has a much more complex and broad operating structure, so everything is usually quickly resolved.

On twitter

As with Gmail, Twitter is also possible to face the problem. Today, error 502 is much more rare on the social network, but before it was quite common and was well known for the way the platform presented it to the user: a screen with a whale being carried by birds and the message “Twitter is over capacity” .

Although the incidence has been reduced considerably, the user may still encounter error 502 at some point. Usually, the problem is fixed more quickly, which was not always possible in the past. Like Google, the company today has many more features!

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How to prevent error 502 from happening?

There are some very simple practices that can help users and professionals who manage pages on WordPress to perform tests to try to prevent the error 502 from happening. Check out the main ones below and learn how to do them!

Clear the cache

The information saved in the browser cache can be one of the factors that cause the error 502. Therefore, it is essential to keep it always clean. You will always find this option in the settings part of the browser used.

Clear local DNS

DNS problems are also common causes of the error. The IP values ​​can be wrong and cached, which will always generate this problem. In this case, the IP is unable to direct the connection to the correct website or application address. Thus, the ideal is to clear the DNS cache.

Reload the page

It is almost automatic, but it really is a solution that works most of the time, if the problem is not more serious. It could be that there was only a specific failure in the communication between servers and, therefore, the status 502 was delivered, that is, the error happened.

Use sites for verification

Some sites can be useful for users to understand if there is a general connection problem or if it is just related to their access. In that case, Down for Everyone or Just Me is an alternative. Another site option that can help is Hide My Ass which, despite the eccentric name, is useful, since it acts as a proxy that can make good bridges between servers.

Disable CDN for the site

The firewall may be blocking the provision of information to the server, that is, there is no exact understanding of your request. The best thing to do is to disable the CDN, as this usually resolves the problem of error 502.

In addition to these tips, it may also be interesting to examine the web server logs as soon as the error occurs. Checking if the server is accessible by pint text or traceroute can also help.

How important is it to be aware of the possibility of error?

For those who manage pages using WordPress, ensuring the full functioning of a website is a daily obligation and can be seen as basic. Although it is not simple to escape from problems, such as error 502, the work guarantees a positive impact for the user.

Next, understand better what the consequences of the incidence of error 502 can be and what is the importance of avoiding it as much as possible.

Keeping services stable for the user

The user who accesses a website or a web service expects the basics: full operation and without any difficulties. However, when error 502 arises, it is clear that this ideal situation can no longer be achieved. Therefore, the work to keep the services stable is fundamental!

Ensure that SEO is not harmed

Sites that have any problem that makes them inaccessible lose positions in Google’s ranking. After all, the algorithms understand that these errors are harmful to the user, since he will access the application and there will be no return. So keeping the page up and running is critical to maintaining good SEO standards.

Provide a proper user experience

A website that constantly presents an error message is not able to deliver an optimized user experience. Although it happens rarely, the user’s evaluation of it will be bad, so it is essential to always think about who accesses it and what the moment is like.

Error 502 is common and almost everyone has encountered it on the web, which does not mean that it should be seen as acceptable. The important thing is to do everything possible for the user to have the best impression of a WordPress site or even an application!

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