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If you have a learning medium currently that has directly contributed to increase people’s knowledge, in relation to different subjects, it is online certifications. Through them, the person can decide the best time to attend classes, being able to pause the videos when he wants to make notes or return to a […]

If you have a learning medium currently that has directly contributed to increase people’s knowledge, in relation to different subjects, it is online certifications.

Through them, the person can decide the best time to attend classes, being able to pause the videos when he wants to make some notes or go back to a section and listen to it again, in order to remove any doubts about what was said.

In addition, when investing in a quality online course, this is a reliable and strategic way of training for the job market. In some cases, these courses may even be free.

For those who want to go deeper – or even start from scratch – what they know about Inbound Marketing is no different. There are some certifications available that will make a difference in your professional life.

Want to know what needs to be done to get an Inbound Marketing certification as soon as possible? So, this content was made especially for you!

In it, we will briefly explain what Inbound Marketing is, what the importance of having a certification in the area, who should invest in this type of certificate and how to find a course that is of quality.

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What is Inbound Marketing?

Probably, if you are reading this post, you know very well what Inbound Marketing is and its importance, but it costs nothing to share your definition before we talk more about certifications, right?

Unlike what happens with Outbound Marketing, in which you actively approach the potential customer, without having shown a direct interest in your business, in Inbound Marketing you set the stage before, only then to contact the consumer.

Through the production and sharing of rich and educational content, the customer is being prepared (through the sales funnel) and, from this learning, realizes that your product or service can solve a problem he has.

Only when he is predisposed to accept an offer should a representative of your company take a direct approach.

This form of action allows for a closer relationship with the customer, increasing the chances of having a lasting business trajectory.

In addition, the reputation of Inbound Marketing by companies has increased a lot due to some factors, such as:

  • greater contact and interaction with the client;
  • indirect communication;
  • possibility to monitor the results in real time;
  • less investment needed compared to Outbound.

Aren’t you convinced? Then see these statistics about Inbound Marketing:

  • 93% of businesses are usually started by searching the main search engines;
  • Inbound Marketing has now become a fixed investment of about 80% of companies;
  • we already said that it tends to be cheaper (in fact, it usually costs 62% less), but did you know that the return on investment is around 270%?

If you are interested in statistics, this post has even more useful data on the subject! They are excellent for basing arguments and convincing the team about the need to invest in Inbound Marketing.

Did you see how this is a “killer? However, before we continue the matter, it is essential that you understand that one method of action does not eliminate the other – quite the contrary.

When Inbound and Outbound Marketing are worked together, the results obtained are impressive.

Ideally, the company should assess what is most consistent with its reality and apply the method that is most beneficial.

Why have a certification in Inbound Marketing?

The first reason for you to invest in an Inbound Marketing certification is that companies are demanding this type of knowledge from the professionals they hire.

This is due to the fact that the better prepared a person is, the better the results achieved by the company.

By the way, according to the Content Trends 2017 survey, 50% of companies are seeing significant improvements in their results when investing in a trained and certified team.

Another reason that makes it relevant to have a certification in Inbound Marketing is directly linked to those who started investing in their careers now – either because they changed their field of activity, because they did not know the area yet or because they are at the beginning of their professional trajectory – but we will address this better in the next topic.

Who should invest in this type of certification?


If you are a student, for example, and have had difficulty getting internships, as the curriculum is still “under construction”, this is a perfect opportunity!

Through this type of course, you will be able to learn about concepts, strategies and tools, expand your skills, in order to feel prepared to put into practice the tactics taught in the company where you are going to work, and you can even add certificates to the curriculum ( or LinkedIn) and transmit that knowledge in the interviews.


Knowledge is never too much, is it?

Daily new trends appear in the market and, because of that, it is essential to keep updated so as not to lose space for the competition.

So, if other companies are investing in this model, why not check if it works in your business? If you don’t know, you can adopt it in different sectors of the organization in a successful and tactical way.

In addition, if you master the necessary knowledge, in order to keep your strategy always up to date and consistent with what today’s consumers expect, you will also be able to select a qualified team and, if necessary, guide them and let them prepared for the challenges of the market.

Marketing Professionals

Marketers must always be connected to what is new in the market, as well as entrepreneurs.

Certifications are excellent opportunities to increase knowledge on different topics, update yourself and do personal marketing, since, with the certificate in hand (or digitally saved, in case), you can share it on your LinkedIn profile, on resume, on your blog and in any medium that you deem necessary.

In other words, they will still influence your authority towards your target audience and will demonstrate to them that you have gone through a training process and have really mastered the subject.

In addition, the cost-benefit ratio is incredible. If we compare the price charged for online courses with the face-to-face courses, we will find a significant difference – not to mention the practicality that we have already mentioned.

Sales Professionals

This is the person who, at first, will maintain greater contact with the customer. He must be well grounded and convincing enough to delight the lead, aiming that at the end of the process she decides to close the deal.

Because of this, it is essential that this professional knows in depth all the practices necessary to work in Inbound Marketing with excellence.

With the certification, he will know how to create persuasive arguments, which add value to what is being said, and which reach the wound of this consumer, making him realize the need to purchase the product or service being offered.

In addition, it is possible to nurture and re-engage leads through rich content, thus establishing a relationship of trust and authority.

Where to find a quality Inbound Marketing certification?

Below, we list the Inbound Marketing certifications that are most relevant in the market and that will provide powerful insights:

Websites Are Us University

This is the novelty at Websites Are Us University! Completely free, the intention of this module is to train Inbound Marketing professionals in 9 lessons.

Taught by a professional from Websites Are Us who masters the subject and has plenty of expertise, when obtaining the certificate the student will be able to structure an inbound strategy, based on 3 fundamental pillars: SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media Strategy.

In addition, the importance of keeping a record of all actions that are taken is reinforced, in order to make a careful analysis and find out if the adopted tactics are having an effect.

We hope that this post will be the starting point to transform and improve your career. Read carefully all the tips we share and don’t hesitate to have your Inbound Marketing certification!

Hubspot Academy

Over 60 thousand professionals have already received the Inbound Marketing certification carried out by Hubspot, a platform considered a reference in Inbound Marketing and Sales.

O free course, with subtitles in London, is divided into four stages and twelve classes, covering topics such as skills needed in inbound sales, main fundamentals, website optimization, etc.

He also shares 13 free tools for students to put into practice what they are learning.

To pass, 45 of the 60 questions of the multiple choice test must be answered correctly.

As you can see, getting certified does not mean that you can stop updating on the topic. The ideal is to create the habit of learning new content yourself. To do this, you can:

  • subscribe to the newsletter of blogs specialized in the subject;
  • look for YouTube channels that teach the topic;
  • search for case studies and learn from other people’s mistakes and successes;
  • save all research materials to access them in case of doubts on how to proceed;
  • follow models that worked with other companies, adapting them to your reality.

And don’t forget that Websites Are Us University’s Inbound Marketing certification is the latest course launched from our platform!

Through it, you will learn fundamental concepts, understand the structure of the area, as well as learn how to attract, convert, nurture and enchant leads. Best of all, it’s free! Don’t waste any more time! Start the course right now!