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Adding a link on Instagram is an apparently simple action, but it has the power to transform any strategy for the better. With it, you have the opportunity to complement your services and offer more information to help in the knowledge process – which leads to convincing – of the user.

If you haven’t thought about the importance of adding links on Instagram, we advise you to reconsider a little bit of your action plan on social networks. As harmless as they seem – or obvious – too much, external links are key parts in building a good strategy.

With them, you have the opportunity to expand knowledge about your product or brand. Not everything is (and should not, even if it were possible) centralized on social platforms, so the reader needs to have the option to go beyond it in a clear and practical way.

In the case of e-commerces, it’s time to add the product page. Companies that only sell offline can insert a more institutional tab or channels on other networks – like YouTube – and so on.

In this post, you will learn how to add link to Instagram’s main features. This will be done from the following topics:

Learn to link to Instagram bio

Putting links in the Instagram bio is a very simple task. First, you must open your account and click on “Edit Profile”.

Copy the link of preference and, when you get to the editing tab, go to the “website” section and paste.

That way, it will appear just below the biography. In this case, it is not possible to add more than one link.

If you need to add more than one link to your profile, there are tools that can do the job. We will teach you how to use linktr.ee.

After clicking to login, you can sync your Instagram account in a very simple way: just authorize the app and start adding important information.

In addition to adding the basic data, the tool also asks for some keywords that define your profile. Then just accept the terms of use.

Linktr.ee has a paid version. For 6 dollars a month it is possible to enjoy features such as complete information about clicks, greater freedom to change the design, synchronize with Google Analytics, data measurement, among others.

In the free version, you are entitled to:

  • unlimited clicks on the account;
  • see the total number of times each link was clicked;
  • customize the page within a specific selection;
  • upload a profile photo;
  • integrate with the Amazon Influencer Program;
  • see total account views.

Deciding between the paid version or the free version, you will receive an email to verify the account. This is the page overview: simple, intuitive and practical. Adding the links will be no secret for you!

By clicking on “settings”, you can do all the customization you want. The options of the free version are limited, but meet different needs. After customizing, my page was as follows:

After adding all the necessary links, just go back to the first steps we taught and you will be ready to gather the main external information about you or your business.

Learn how to insert link in stories

Now it’s time to add the links to Instagram Stories. It is important to remember that only accounts with more than 10,000 followers have the resource.

If your profile has not reached the number, unfortunately it is not possible to rely on the resource for now. The best way to direct the reader, in this case, is to record a video / write in a photo the instructions for him to go to the bio link and click there.

Whoever has the minimum number of followers will have no difficulty at all. After opening Instagram and taking the desired photo, you will see a chain icon at the top of the screen. It is the third in the left-right direction.

After clicking, the following screen will appear, requesting data about the “drag up” link:

After saving, the link will be ready! When publishing the content in the stories, the reader simply pulls the screen up and will already be redirected to the chosen website.

See how to add a link to IGTV videos

To add links on IGTV, there is no specific tab or location for this. You must add it in the video description itself. First, choose the content and fill in all the necessary information.

After copying and pasting the link in the video description, it will appear as follows.

Anyway, it is important to emphasize that the idea of ​​describing this format is to be something practical and succinct. Few people in fact may want to see this tab, which does not always appear to the user – it is necessary to click on the title to see the rest of the information.

A good use of the description space is to add hashtags and mark other profiles when necessary.

Find out how to send a link via direct

To end the tutorial, we will now teach you how to send links by direct messages. Instagram does not allow comment links to be clickable, so it’s important to direct the conversation to the private whenever necessary.

Otherwise, the misconfiguration of the links makes the comments tab visually unpleasant.

First, you must open the messages and start the conversation as normal. Remembering that it is already possible to initiate contact with a single link.

After adding the link in the message, notice that Instagram itself generates a kind of thumbnail to facilitate the reader’s access.

It leads directly to the final destination, which is still open within Instagram. There is no avoidance for browsers, which increases the chances of the reader remaining on the social network – preventing him from getting lost in the endless pages of the internet.

Bonus: the importance of investing in Instagram strategies

A good Digital Marketing strategy recognizes the power of social networks.

Instagram, in turn, has positioned itself every day as a giant that has no intention of growing: on November 29, 2019, the social network hit the mark of 1 billion users.

Such a large number of people reflect the new behaviors of society, highly computerized and very adept at online profiles. As a brand, it is no longer possible to afford to be left out.

Advertising has followed the passage of time, product dissemination strategies are increasingly surprising and the user’s buying behavior changes every day.

Big deals are already being made in WhatsApp conversations, via the exchange of messages on Facebook or start from the simple click of the “follow” button on Instagram. That is why, it is essential to centralize forces in the development of the online presence in the main social networks of the moment.

In addition to lead generation and possible short-term conversions, you will also have the opportunity to work on another great asset in the marketing universe: brand recognition.

Earning public trust is an increasingly difficult task among people who have the world in the palm of their own hands. This great power makes dozens – or even hundreds – of brands enter into competition for small spaces in the consumer’s mind.

That is why those who work in a more creative, consistent way survive, with a true delivery of dialogue and value proposition.

If you liked this content and are ready to strategically link to Instagram, learn more about the platform! Learn all about Stories and learn how you can take advantage of them in your marketing strategy.