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The lead generation form has great efficiency, as long as it is optimized. This ensures that the user moves forward in filling in the information and providing their data in exchange for the content, generating benefits that range from strengthening the lead base to increasing the conversion rate.

Closer relations with your audience to educate them and generate conversions is a constant search in marketing strategies. In this mission, the lead generation form is a very simple tool, but very effective.

The more well developed and objective it is, the greater its ability to capture leads.

The optimization of these forms is essential so that they are increasingly accepted by the public. This increases the chances of filling in, by making the experience more practical for those who browse and generate more contacts for those who offer something in exchange for registration.

In this post, we’ll talk more about how forms can be optimized to generate better results! Understand how this tool can improve, what is the ideal structure and the errors that should be avoided!

What is a lead generation form?

Every web user who wanted to consume free content once went through a lead generation form. The important question is: did he go ahead with these questions?

These forms are nothing more than spaces for filling in data that appear on a landing page. After submitting this information, the user has free access to the desired content.

This is a strategy widely used to offer e-books, videos and other types of rich and differentiated content.

In this relationship, there is a basic, simple and fair exchange: the user can access or download this material and, in return, he enters some contact information that will be used by the company later. This is a strategic tool that helps you generate important leads!

In practice, the forms are quite simple. No very personal data is requested, as the intention is only to maintain a communication channel between the company and the user.

After all, if he was interested in that offer, there are good chances that he will also become a consumer, especially if the content offered is really enriching within the proposal.

The information requested on the form

Name, surname and email. These three simple and basic information are enough to generate a lead that can be more fully educated and, in the course of this relationship, converted into a customer.

The forms can request some more data according to the company’s strategy, but these are the ones that are repeated most of the time, since they are basic.

As much as this data is simple and invariable, there is always doubt about how much it is possible to take advantage of this moment on the landing page to collect better information.

Naturally, the greater the detail, the greater the possibility of exploring the relationship with that user. However, it is always pertinent to question how much more information can impact user acceptance.

With the advancement of tools like WhatsApp, many companies believe that making contact by using the application can be a good idea, however, perhaps the public may find too personal.

There are studies that have proven a 5% drop in form conversions for lead generation requesting a phone number.

Is it really relevant to request this information if it is not crucial to your strategy? It is never completely simple to define a form that is 100% effective and pleasant to the public, but it is easy to understand that the more objective, the better.

Therefore, a safe strategy values ​​requesting only the data that are indispensable.

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What are the advantages of this tool?

When optimized and developed on an effective basis, the lead generation form has incredible advantages. It is able to greatly improve the results of a company and, definitely, offer strategic advances in the relationship with those who consume content.

Next, better understand each of these advantages.

Strengthen a lead base

Companies need to have a robust lead base in order to educate and lead these people through their content.

This is the first step to inserting contacts into the funnel and then taking them to conversions. However, a broad lead base does not mean an ideal situation for the strategy.

Quantity will not be quality if the form is not optimized, with the capture of accurate information that makes sense for the strategy.

Having a lean structure is essential, but you need to know how to measure it so that no relevant data is missing. This is the guarantee that the leads will be really useful and that the base can generate future conversions.

Get to know your audience better

Although simple, the lead generation form is very competent in bringing in large data from a relevant sample of people.

When it is optimized, that is, it delivers right questions, the result is to have a very positive detail about who fills in that information.

For any company, it is essential to know the audience well, especially within the segmentation of a funnel. Thus, the form allows ask different questions in each content offer.

As each of them is at a different stage of the funnel, the company knows exactly what the profile of the audience that reached that stage and consumes that type of material.

Achieve a faster exchange

It is always important to remember that we live in an era of immediacy and urgency. The Web user does not have much patience for lengthy processes. If he wants content, he expects access to be very fast and, in fact, this represents an exchange.

If your form is objective, simple and optimized, you can execute this process very quickly. A quick changeover means fewer dropouts who wants the content: that user fills in simple and quick data and can access the material almost instantly.

Increase the conversion rate

The average conversion rate that a lead generation form can achieve is 11%. However, it is completely possible to see that number increase and bring even more powerful results. It all depends on how this form is developed.

By itself, it is already a very effective strategy for collecting leads and taking them on the journey to conversion. When optimized, it can more easily detect the funnel stage, capture more detailed data and enhance communication with the user by email marketing.

What is the ideal structure for a high performance form?

The optimized lead generation form has a basic structure and some development parameters. To respect them is to achieve maximum performance, that is, the greatest acceptance by the public and, consequently, the increase in the conversion rate.

See what are the main elements of this ideal structure!

The design

An effective layout for the form needs combine functionality with beauty. It needs to stand out quickly and attract the user’s attention within the context, while having a modern appearance and communicating well with the proposal.

Rectangular and square are the main formats, always wrapped in some type of box or frame that gives this highlight.

Within this space, it is necessary to insert the filling fields in a harmonious way, so that the orders are clear, as well as the CTA button must be highlighted.

The on-screen layout

Another important point: your user may end up giving up if they have to scroll the screen for a long time until they find the form!

Ideally, he should quickly find the box with the questions, so you can get the exchange quickly. We speak here in this content about the sense of urgency, right?


As for positioning, it can vary: in the center, on the left, on the right and in the header. As long as it stays inside the first fold, that is, without needing any bar roll, it is possible to choose. The ideal is to do A / B tests to understand which position performs best.


A good CTA makes all the difference in your lead generation form, after all, it is the last action the user will take. For that, it needs to be objective, direct, clear and persuasive.

All of this must always be within a flashy button that stands out from the form layout, especially in the chosen color.

CTA’s message should also be as clear as possible. Think about the best option: use a button that says “Send” or one with “Download your e-book now and learn all about“ Digital Marketing ”?

He needs expose the clear intention and show the public that by clicking there, they will deliver what was promised.


The number of fields

This is a very decisive question for a form and one that generates more questions. The basic concept is: it is necessary to be as lean as possible.

Nobody wants to waste time filling in, and an experience that keeps things going can lead to giving up.

Generate as few fields as possible within what you need for your form. This will make the moment more agile. So, really study what data you need, always thinking about which stage of the funnel the material offered is and, consequently, what information is relevant at that time.

The position of the response fields

You also need to think about how to optimize the position of the response fields. They must occupy as little space as possible within the general structure of the form, within the frame used in the layout. This ensures a faster and simpler view of the information, without tiring the user.

A good way out is prevent the label of each title from being next to the fields. In addition to taking up a lot of space, there is a chance of errors that can make these words invade the padding area.

The best way out is to place the labels within the field itself. Thus, they are automatically deleted when the user clicks on this space to enter the information.


What separates a good form from one that delivers few results?

Have you ever had problems with forms that did not deliver satisfactory results? Naturally, this happens when they are not optimized in the right way.

The first point to note is whether it meets all the basic requirements that you have seen throughout this content. If any of them were missing, it is now clearer at what points an error may have occurred.

However, there are more specific details of the construction of these forms for lead generation. Improper operation and errors they are always factors that can greatly reduce the potential, transforming a good form into a common form or even below average.

Check out some harmful and recurring factors below.

Do not adapt the form to your offer

There are important recommendations on the number of fields, for example, but never forget that each company has a need.

Do not stick to this if you feel you need more questions and know how to do it in a functional way. Excessively limiting can harm the strategy directed to the sales funnel stage.

Point out errors only after clicking on the CTA

There are some forms that point out the filling error only after clicking on the CTA. This generates rework and more time, when it is possible to automate this appointment.

Thus, errors are shown in real time and the user corrects before submitting, ensuring conversion.

Fail to reinforce that spam will not exist

Why offer “I don’t want to receive spam” checkboxes when you can give the user more confidence? Avoid this, as it can damage the confidence of whoever is filling out this form. Just use messages like “Don’t worry, we won’t send spam!”.

Use generic CTA buttons

Generic CTAs are a problem that, however small they seem, hinder conversion considerably. The greater the specificity, the greater the optimization. Use buttons with messages like:

  • “Download your e-book here”;
  • “Learn now how to manage your money”;
  • “I want to learn everything about Content Marketing”.

Endless captchas

Captchas are important to reduce the risk of robots filling out forms to obtain the material, however, they must be brief and simple.

Your user doesn’t want to spend a lot of time selecting storefronts or traffic signs. Work to optimize the captcha and make this process brief and enjoyable!

What are the good options for existing forms?

Many companies have stood out by presenting forms for generating efficient leads, with different layouts and number of fields, but always with excellent performance.

As you saw in this content, there is no cake recipe to hit the nail on the head. So here are some good examples that may fit your strategy!


eHarmony form


Lyft form


Airbnb form


Broadcast2world form

A lead generation form can be optimized and generate excellent results for your company! Consider the tips in this post and align those ideas with your strategy. So, you have the best tool geared to what you need!

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