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Organizing the Instagram feed is a strategy capable of involving the audience and gaining new fans for the profile. However, it is necessary to combine strategies with creativity. So, see some reasons to update your feed and learn 7 ways to keep it organized.

Achieve good results in social networks requires more than creativity. You need to keep an eye on features and trends to gain more followers and attract more clicks.

One of the strategies to engage the audience and win fans for your brand is to organize the Instagram feed.

There are plenty of reasons to look after your brand on Instagram. Currently, there are more than 1 billion active users on the social network!

That is why, who wants to stand out in the app needs to combine quality content with a pleasant aesthetic. That means doing a thorough curation of content.

Data from the Social Media Trends 2019 survey indicate that Instagram remains the second most used social network in the country by companies – with 89.4% coverage. When the presence of users is analyzed, the number jumps to 92.5% of preference. The best? Instagram emerges as the social network that has the greatest impact on Marketing strategies.

Convinced that it is important to take good care of your company’s image on the platform? Then it’s time for you to discover 7 essential tips for organizing your Instagram feed, boosting engagement and improving your profile results.

3 reasons to organize your Instagram feed

A company’s success in the video and photo sharing platform may be linked to a harmonious profile. Symmetrical, organized and well-balanced appearance appeals aesthetically and also helps to make publications more coherent.

But, thinking about business, there are other reasons why it’s so interesting to take care of the Instagram feed. We separate the main ones.

1. Strengthen brand identity

The caprice with curating images for Instagram publications is linked to brand identity. With an aligned aesthetic, which conveys a single message and communicates in a cohesive manner, it is possible to convey exactly the sensations that are desired.

Besides that, organize the Instagram feed increases the company’s sense of originality. It also makes your publications more easily identified.

Likewise, it is also linked to:

  • customer loyalty;
  • consistency of communication;
  • branding.

2. Attract consumer attention

Having a visual timeline for posts and getting them to talk attracts subscribers. The logic behind this is that the aesthetic organization holds the attention of the follower, as well as the feeling of greater organization.

As a reflex, the brand identity, or the so-called branding, are also reinforced – since they are points that talk directly.

This is because the impression that the client has of a company passes through elements such as organization, seriousness, professionalism and authority. All are factors that, directly or indirectly, can be communicated through an organized Instagram feed.

3. Differentiate yourself from the competition

Having an online presence is not enough to achieve good results in a Digital Marketing strategy. We must do it well and, above all, differentiate ourselves from the competition.

When organizing your Instagram feed, you can show exactly how your business differs from the competition. Thus, the posts are easily identified from elements of the aesthetic chosen for your business.

Among others benefits of keeping your feed organized, we can quote:

  • greater engagement;
  • strengthening digital branding;
  • more coherent visual communication.

But how is it possible to organize the Instagram feed?

7 ways to keep your Instagram feed organized

There are several ways to keep your feed organized. We have separated some points that will enhance the success of your profile!

1. Define the aesthetics of the posts

The aesthetic for Instagram can be compared with the decoration used in the office. The factor is directly linked to consumer perception – in this case, the follower – towards the brand.

For this reason, the color palette, shapes and even the style of the images need to communicate the same as the brand communicates on its other platforms.

Some points to be analyzed when building the aesthetic of the Instagram account are:

  • What is the source to be used in publications?
  • Will images of people be used?
  • What is the color chart?
  • What kind of images should be avoided?

With a small checklist it is possible to make the feed more harmonious and with publications that complement each other and tell a single story.

2. Work with quality images

Poor quality images can damage your entire Digital Marketing strategy. Therefore, focus on quality and care when selecting visual elements.

For that, it is not even necessary to make high investments. There are free stock images in high resolution and hundreds of free stock images that deliver great quality images – perfect for Instagram.

The next step is to make a plan that allows the posts to have uniformity.

3. Plan the posts

The planning of publications when organizing the Instagram feed is what ensures the balance of visual weight. In this case, it is worth thinking about the posts not in isolation, but in groups of three.

For it to work, create a monthly or weekly calendar and organize publications according to the visual proposal. For example, work with:

  • phrases, texts or quotes;
  • photos or images of people;
  • ambient images.

So, according to the frequency of publications designed for your strategy, make a division in which the feed is seen as a set, and not as a single publication.

Another advantage of planning is that it allows the follower not to be bombarded with just one type of publication from your company.

With the feed idealized in large blocks, the persona has access to various contents, each of which can have an objective, such as sharing, interaction by comment or like.

4. Use a single type of filter

A simple but very efficient feature for the feed to be organized is to use only one type of filter.

With photos with the same tint, you can strengthen the connection between the posts. This can also be done by choosing the shade (hot or cold) or even by the incidence of applied light. The important thing is to maintain the logic.

The use of the same filter also allows images obtained in different contexts to start to talk better. With a preset for the strategy, the visual settings are unified with a single click.

5. Choose a theme

A feature that works very well for organize the Instagram feed in commemorative seasons is choosing a topic, as in seasonal marketing.

The strategy can be very positive in strengthening a context – such as year-end parties, sales seasons, among others.

That is, the choice of a topic must be linked to subjects that are relevant to your business. Thus, it is possible to tell stories, have a trigger for interaction in the tool and make a direct link with other strategies explored in marketing.

6. Keep a single format

currently Instagram allows posts to be made in square (square), landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) formats. As for the sizes of images are varied.

It is a fact that some types of image work better in certain patterns, but evaluate what will be displayed at the end.

For this, focus on the mosaic that is obtained by publishing a larger number of images. In addition, keep the main content centralized, so that it can be viewed when the Instagram feed is accessed.

7. Make use of applications

For the visual language of Instagram to have all the coherence that we have explained so far, several applications can be used. This, incidentally, is the resource used by many companies that have a good visual aesthetic.


Visual alignment of the Instagram feed can be done with the help of VSCO. The application offers a series of color and tonal filters that help in the aesthetic balance of publications.

To do this, access your phone’s photo library and search for the ones you want to work with in your future posts. Apply the filter chosen for the theme or moment of your strategy and make any corrections of tone or intensity that are necessary.

Then just save and share, which can be done directly with Instagram.


UNUM, available for iOS, is a great ally for a successful digital strategy on Instagram. Just access the app, log in to the app account and simulate upcoming publications.

UNUM’s goal is to provide the user with a clear view of the Instagram feed. Thus, it is possible to assess balance of visual weight and harmony between colors, as well as the balance between the types of posts.


Another application used to organize the Instagram feed is Preview. The tool allows you to preview in advance a group of nine images, which shows what the final result of a publishing strategy will look like.

One of the advantages of Preview is that it allows automatic publication and assists in posting mosaics.

Anyway, taking care of the aesthetics of a strategy on Instagram is a differential that contributes to the strengthening of the company’s brand and visual identity. But it is constant work.

Therefore, it is important to vary the styles and themes of the publications so that the follower does not get tired of the approach.

Organizing your Instagram feed is just one way to grow with the help of the app. Want to check out others? Download our complete kit to build a fantastic strategy on Instagram.