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Periscope is a live streaming app launched for iOS on Twitter on March 26, 2015 and in just a few days has become a huge hit with thousands of downloads (and that number continues to grow). Since then the application has undergone several modifications and updates and has been made available […]

Periscope is a live streaming app launched for iOS on Twitter on March 26, 2015 and in just a few days has become a huge hit with thousands of downloads (and that number continues to grow).

Since then the application has undergone several modifications and updates and has also been made available for Android.

But there are still many doubts on the horizon about how the app works and how it can be used by brands in digital marketing actions.

There are many opportunities for using Periscope. For this reason, in this article, we will help you better understand how the app works.

Come on?

From the beginning: Periscope what is it and how did it come about?

periscope home

Periscope was created to add videos to Twitter.

The microblog is the most dynamic social platform in the world and a haven for major events and happenings around the globe. In recent years, people have discovered the wonders of tracking facts in real time on the web, sharing their impressions through the 140 characters allowed on Twitter posts.

And with Periscope it is also possible to transmit from different perspectives everything a user wants via live streaming video. Just have a hand held mobile device with iOS or Android technology.

This app was also a response to Meerkat (iOS), an application launched in February, which also makes live video streams and has similar functionality.

Both apps capture the movie with transmission via Twitter. However, with Periscope it is possible to create a social profile independent of the account on the microblog to which the app may be linked, including with new followers and a new username.

How to configure and use Periscope?

The application can be downloaded and installed on your phone easily through iTunes and the Google Play Store.

However, to use the application you must create a Twitter account or login with a pre-existing account. Or, if you wish, you can choose to sign up with your cell phone number.


You now create your username – it is possible to have a username different from your Twitter account if you have logged in to Periscope with an existing profile – or you can also choose to keep your account settings. Now you can start browsing.

We suggest that you spend time at this point and choose a good username, either for a brand or for personal use. Also write something in your bio, so that there is not just a blank space.

Believe! Many users have downloaded the application, logged in with their Twitter accounts and forgot that, despite the integration, Periscope is an independent social platform in several aspects and that is why the profile has to be thought out separately, according to the specifics of the app, so that a strong image is created in this new tool.

edit periscope profile

Image: trafficgenerationcafe.com

To edit your profile, just select the small pencil in the right corner of the page (as shown in the image) and fill in your photo, name and bio.

It is worth mentioning that if you have a good base of followers, the ideal is to keep your Twitter username so that your followers can easily identify and locate you.

In the settings, you can choose to be notified when a new user starts to follow your profile and also check the “auto save” option, in case you want to save your transmissions in your smartphone gallery. This option is highly recommended, because Periscope does not usually save and maintain transmissions for a long time.

As for notifications: if the stream of transmissions from the users you follow is very large, it may be interesting to think about what types of notifications you want to keep connected. In addition to choosing the form (vibration, sound, light) of alert.

Below “settings” you will find the “Share Periscope” button. It is an option that allows you to share a link to your channel on other platforms.

The platform layout is well designed and easy to use. And, because it is integrated with Twitter, as soon as you perform the previous steps you can see a list of people you follow and use Periscope, in addition to seeing who is online and who is not.

Image: blog.kissmetrics.com

Also on the main screen you can see lists related to video streams: you can check streams being made between online users followed by your account and the “global list” (just click on the globe, shown in the image) with the streams of videos that are being made by different users in different parts of the world. You can also see the “most loved” videos (which received the most hearts) by users.

There are three options to start using Periscope: Follow people, Start Broadcast (start a broadcast) and Watch other people’s broadcast (or watch other users’ broadcasts).

Live Streaming: watching live streams.

If you are new to the platform, the first thing I suggest you do is: watch, watch and watch many broadcasts around the world.

See what people are transmitting, identify trends, themes or subjects, shapes and aesthetics that users are enjoying watching and how videos are viewed in the app.

Understanding these aspects will help you define how you want to start broadcasting your own content.

When you open a stream, you will have access to a loading screen (how fast it will depend on your connection) until the stream actually starts. As soon as the video starts playing, you will have access to the “say something” option that gives you the possibility to post messages about the video you are watching. The messages are displayed in small boxes (boxes) on the screen, as soon as they are posted.

  width =

Image: beebom.com

Depending on the number of users connected to the same transmission, the “say something” option is overloaded and does not appear. Instead, you will see only “broadcast full” written.

If you want to demonstrate that you liked the video and the “say something” option is disabled, you can touch the screen (Fav buttom) and send “hearts” to the videos you like, without having to type anything else. The hearts will appear on the video.

Image: trafficgenerationcafe.com

Broadcasting: broadcasting your own videos

To start transmitting videos is easy, just click on the “broadcast” button, an orange icon located at the bottom right of the page.

When pressing the button a text box will appear to give a title. If you start the broadcast without writing anything, your video will not have a title and this will have a very negative impact on the broadcast, attracting less users.

The title and your username are the only things people will see while scrolling the Periscope bar to find current and recent videos. So be careful with this step.

periscope 2

Image: trafficgenerationcafe.com

Spend time thinking about an attractive and clickable title that draws your users’ attention to your broadcast.

Also, consider using emojis in the title if the subject allows (for more comical or less formal videos) and that may represent some information about the content that the video is about.

A good title should describe what that broadcast is and why a user should see the video.

In addition, by clicking on the broadcast button you can choose to make a broadcast with or without restrictions, using the “Public” (public) and “Private” (private) buttons.

There you can invite all your followers and leave your broadcast open to interested parties or opt for private broadcasts, with invitations. In several situations this can be the ideal option for brands and companies in certain niche markets to speak directly to a selected audience.

Ready! You can start capturing and broadcasting your videos live.

However, even though it is still very early and there are no concrete rules or indications of what and how you should broadcast your videos, there are a few other factors that you should consider before putting a broadcast on the air.

  • Consider the duration of the transmission: remember that people are quite dispersed on the web and this increases when we think of smartphones.
  • Consider the audience: research your audience and their preferences. Remember that Periscope broadcasts via Twitter. For this reason, you will have an excellent base on “when” (at what time, day of the week…) your followers or target audience have a higher engagement rate with your posts. This and other data from your followers’ browsing behavior can direct at what times and ways you should choose to broadcast.
  • Follow the basic filming rules: even if using only one camera on the phone, think about the audio and video quality, choosing to shoot in locations with less noise and interference. Before you start shooting, identify the best position to hold or place the camera so that the image has the best frame and is not too shaky. Betting on this care to better transmit your content will help you win many users’ hearts.

How to build advocates for your brand

Other tips for you to attract more views (viewers) and please your followers:

1. Mark the location of your video. Especially if it is a specific event like a congress, seminar, lecture, festival or others. Do not worry! The location that will appear to the user will be general only and not the exact address of the streaming.

2. Respond to user comments during broadcasts. You just need to tap the box for a particular comment and type the answer.

This type of behavior shows attention to users and makes people loyal to their transmissions.

3. Block people who cross the line or are offensive in comments. The “Blocking followers” ​​option is posted in the chat and everyone can see who the problem users are blocked.

4. You can limit chat to users you follow. Think about this possibility a lot, it eliminates many negative comments and the dreaded trolls.

Just leave the “Speech Bubble Symbol” option on in your settings.

5. Periscope is designed with vertical transmission (portrait mode). However, thinking about Apple TV, the app received an update (1.2) for horizontal broadcasts (landscape mode), which usually have a much more pleasant view. So now you can choose between the two transmission formats.

6. You can choose to delete the videos after the streams. But if it is not a restricted event or a situation with strict limitations (that do not allow reruns) think about leaving your broadcasts in “replay” mode. This option in Periscope keeps the video for 24 hours so that users can watch recent streams.

That way, your followers who missed a live stream can watch the video at another time.

7. Promote your broadcasts. Keep the “Twitter Post” option enabled in your settings. With it, an announcement of your broadcast that is starting will be automatically posted to your account.

Update 1.2 also included changes that allow users to share referrals and send links via Facebook. Promote it that way and encourage your network of followers to do the same. This possibility makes it easier for users to find and watch a broadcast that has already ended, using the replay option.

8. If you want people to interact with your broadcasts, a good start is to also interact with others. In the case of brands, it is important to be connected with issues connected with the segment and its main influencers.

Distribute “hearts” and comments on broadcasts you like. This type of attitude encourages reciprocity and their transmissions can rise to the ranking of the best rated.

9. Be consistent and think about the frequency of your streams. No one will follow a phantom and inconsistent account. However, do not fall into sameness! Having a coherent page does not mean that you cannot mix things up or bet on creative ideas that go a little beyond the range of actions you have planned for Periscope.

10. Don’t forget the essence of Periscope: “real time moments”, that is, real-time transmissions. Therefore, try to take people on real tours (explore the broadcasting environment), create interesting, engaging, unexpected or creative experiences and sensations that can win, engage and keep people’s attention.

Do not forget that the platform allows interaction with users throughout the process.

Now you know how Periscope works. We hope that the app can bring you good results!

Liked? Do you have any tips or suggestions? Share with us in the comments!

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