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Need to increase sales for your clothing and accessories brand? Learn here how to do digital marketing for fashion in the best way!

In an era in which buying products online is growing it becomes more than essential to highlight your brand in the crowd, and the best way to do this in the online world is with Digital Marketing.

When a Digital Marketing strategy is designed and put into action in the right way, the results for a brand can come, for example, in the form of a greater online presence, public recognition, increased sales and, above all, better targeting of your campaign investments.

In this post we will cover the main points necessary for you to be able to develop a good digital marketing strategy for your clothing or accessories brand.

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Learn all about Digital Marketing

This comprehensive guide will teach you everything about digital marketing and how to apply it.

What is Digital Marketing?

First of all it is very important that you understand what Digital Marketing is.

The concept of digital marketing is:

Digital marketing is the set of activities that a company (or person) performs online in order to attract new business, create relationships and develop a brand identity. Among its main strategies are SEO, Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing.

How to develop a Digital Marketing strategy for your Brand

Now that you understand a little more about what Digital Marketing is, the first step is to elaborate your strategy, that is, it is now that all the crucial points will be determined and the marketing actions will be planned.

We will list the main points to be defined in a marketing strategy.

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1. Define your persona

In every digital marketing strategy it is essential that you define your company’s persona. A company can have one or more personas.

But how to do that? Well, one of the best ways to define a buyer persona is through research. Yes, surveys!

You need to know your audience to be able to define your ideal buyer and thus be able to create well-targeted campaigns that really impact the right people.

Guide to creating personas

2. Define your goal

It is in this part of your strategy that you define what are the goals you intend to achieve with your digital marketing campaigns.

Always remember to set goals:

  • Reais;
  • Measurable;
  • Achievable.

In addition, it is essential that your entire team is aligned on these goals and that they are willing to work on their behalf.

3. Set goals

It is extremely important that you set goals.

When you set goals, you let everyone involved in your project know exactly what to do and what are the deadlines for delivering their respective tasks.

With this, you not only define the roles that each professional will have in your strategy, but also make it transparent and measurable.

4. Define which channels will be used

After everything that was defined in the steps above, it is time for you and your team to define which digital communication channels will be used.

And by communication channels we mean:

Remember that you do not necessarily need to use all channels in your strategy, only those that suit your persona and goals.

5. Define the language to be used

Another very important point in your strategy is knowing how to define which language will be used to communicate with your persona.

For example, if you work in the marketing of a menswear brand with a very beachy and adventurous style like Richards, your language will be totally different from that used by Vetements, which is more urban.

Both are men’s clothing brands but have very different personas.

It is also worth remembering that when we talk about the language to be used we are not only referring to the written language, but also the visual one.

The power of social networks in Digital Fashion Marketing

Many people think only of social networks when in Digital Marketing, but despite being a flawed thought, they are a key point in a digital communication strategy.

Even more because it is about fashion – an area where everything is aesthetics – social networks can be a powerful ally for your clothing brand.

Let’s give you some tips that can help you to boom your fashion marketing strategy on social networks.

Social Media Marketing Kit

1. Have a color palette

Ok, this is not a rule, especially since it is very difficult to align posts from new collections with promotional posts about past collections, but if your brand manages to maintain a palette, it will ensure a very beautiful and organized feed, in the style of a magazine!

Some examples of companies that do this:


trendy digital marketing

Double Trouble

trendy digital marketing

Be Flower

trendy digital marketing

2. Take professional photos

One of the biggest mistakes that many brands make when arriving on social media is: not investing in good photographs.

There are two primary reasons why you should spend a little more on photographs for your brand:

  • Everything on social networks are images;
  • Beautiful images attract more attention.

They look like silly reasons, right? But these are basic premises that any digital marketer will tell you about.

So instead of posting poor quality photos in your brand’s feed, always remember that consumers may not be attracted and even stop following your page for that reason.

3. Use Stories to show behind the scenes

Instagram Stories is an excellent tool to show your followers what happens behind your brand’s feed.

With this tool you can film the creation of the pieces, a making off of a shooting that your brand is doing, post photos of your customers wearing brand clothing and many other alternatives.

trendy digital marketing
trendy digital marketing

Also, when you update your brand’s Stories you don’t let your customer forget you, after all this is the last thing you want, right? Even more on the internet there are countless other brands.

But a warning: do not overdo the posts!

4. Use retargeting in your ad campaigns

It may be that a customer is not prepared to buy your product when he enters your website or interacts with an advertisement of yours.

Using this in your strategy you can convert sales that might not happen.

A good tip is to give a discount on the retargetting ad to those people who arrived at the cart but did not complete the purchase!

5. Give style tips

How many times have you liked an item but stopped buying because you didn’t know how to use or compose it? Well, a great solution for this is to post style tips on your social media with pieces from your brand.

You don’t have to be a fashion expert to do this, but it is always good to work with qualified professionals.

6. Work with digital influencers

You may have heard about digital influencers, but here’s a brief explanation:

Digital influencers are people who, in addition to having many followers on social networks, have the ability to arouse the desire of these same followers to purchase the products they consume.

That is, they convert sales.

Working with these digital influencers can be a great alternative for you to expand your audience, but remember if you work for a party clothing brand what is the point of hiring a digital influencer fitness?

But how can I work with them?

Well, there are several ways. The most common are with product disclosure in their personal profiles and Stories TakeOver.

When promoting products, you send a product of your brand, as a form of gift, and the digital influencer is posted on your social networks. Both in Stories and in your feed, depending on the influencer.

Stories TakeOver is when a digital influencer takes on the profile of your brand to cover a special event by giving tips and sharing moments on your brand’s Stories.

Digital marketing actions that can improve your relationship

In addition to social networks there are other ways to interact with your customers and thereby improve your relationship and increase your sales.

But what are they? Let’s show you now!

1. Remember your customers’ birthday

Yes, this is very important.

You can send a monthly email to the birthdays of the month wishing a happy birthday and offering a discount coupon.

It is important that you make your customer feel special.

And who doesn’t like discount, right?

2. Nourish those customers who haven’t bought yet

This part is basic for content marketing and is a strategy that should be used in your store.

It is important that you get the email of the people who accessed your page but did not necessarily buy something.

It could be a pop up, for example.

With this you can start a lead nutrition strategy, that is, you will nurture those customers with relevant information and content that can make them convert, that is, they buy your products.

3. Email reminders

How many times have you left items in an ecommerce cart and went to do other things and ended up forgetting?

Thinking about it, a great tip for your brand is to send reminders by email to those customers who forgot their products in the shopping cart, increasing their sales accordingly!

Or use the email tool to ask your customers the reason for giving up on buying a product.

This can help you point out mistakes that you may be making and are not aware of yet!

4. Have a blog

In addition to being a great way to increase your chances of being found on Google when you have a blog, you can communicate better with your persona.

The blog allows you to create content that responds to the pain and questions of your readers and for the fashion segment this is essential.

On your brand’s blog you can give tips, solve your readers’ problems and increase your brand awareness.

How to build advocates for your brand

Brands that are rocking out with trendy digital marketing

We couldn’t finish this guide without showing some brands that are showing good service in the digital marketing area for you to be inspired!

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The luxury brand is putting on a show in the internet world.

In addition to working with wonderful digital campaigns, the brand’s website is extremely self-intuitive and easy to navigate, making the user find everything in the best possible way.

In addition, the brand is super present in social networks and is one of the most present in Stories!

trendy digital marketing

Louis Vuitton

Another luxury brand that gives a show in digital marketing is Louis Vuitton.

The brand bets on a very clean Instagram feed and with incredible art direction.

With a website as intuitive as Burberry’s, the brand still has a tab with news in which it shows new collections, collaborations and interviews, LV Now.

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