Learn how to use Instagram’s Best Friends tool in marketing your business – WAU

The Instagram Best Friends feature was one of the major updates released by Instagram in late 2018 and, more recently, has proved to be a great marketing strategy for companies and digital influencers. Many profiles are already using the “close friends” tool and proving the success of the action!

Since the creation of Instagram in October 2010, we can list a series of features that have dramatically changed the use of the platform.

Direct messages, changes in the chronological order of posts, Instagram Stories and the most recent hiding of likes are just some of the many points that have caused a lot of discussion on the internet. In the corporate universe, the ball is the resource called Close Friends.

The initial intention was to bring personal profiles closer to “friendly accounts”, offering greater freedom for the user to share intimate content. Quickly, companies developed ways to use the resource in favor of Marketing strategies, adapting the way of dealing with the tool.

In addition to introducing the concept of Best Friends on Instagram, we will present the best ways to use the functionality in practice and generate significant results for your business!

What is the Instagram Best Friends tool?

The feature was launched in October 2018, the month of the platform’s 8th anniversary. The idea was to offer a space of greater freedom so that the user could share more intimate content for selected people.

In the past, any moment published in Stories was shared with all followers of a person, a fact that often limited the sharing of images and videos more “real life”.

Along with the launch, the platform released an official note to present, in a very simple way, the tool and its main objective.

“Instagram Stories has become the place to express and share daily moments, but our community is growing, which means that some shared content is not‘ for everyone ’. With Best Friends, you have the flexibility to share personal moments with a smaller group of your choice”.

As much as the resource was initially thought from the reality of personal profiles, it did not take long before companies and digital influencers created a professional outfit.

It is an example of Paulo Cuenca, creator of digital content that accumulates more than 348 thousand followers on Instagram. Recently, he started a great movement on the internet: he just had to print a picture published in Stories and mark Cuenca’s profile to be part of the selection of best friends. There, tips on Digital Marketing, Community Marketing and the universe of advertising would be released, all exclusively and daily.

When asked about the reason for the strategy, Paulo stated that it was a way to “funnel” your audience: among those with more than 300 thousand followers, many of them can probably follow you due to factors such as charisma, quality of images and content published in the feed, but with no interest in consuming professional themes.

With Best Friends, the content producer can talk to an audience that can actually be profitable for him. Instagram is your work tool and the more qualified your audience is, the higher the conversion rates!

How to access Instagram Best Friends?

Accessing the content is very easy. After logging into your Instagram account, go to your profile page. In the upper right corner, you will see an icon composed of three horizontal lines, a space that brings together the main categories of configuration, such as the photo file, activity and discovery of friends.

There is also a tab reserved for the Best Friends feature. After clicking on the section, you can create a list of all the profiles you would like to share private content with. It is also possible to accept suggestions from Instagram itself.

Only you have access to the list: your best friends cannot find out who else was selected. The identification for the profiles to differentiate the content from what is public is made from the green color around your avatar.

What are the best ways to apply the resource in favor of your business?

Now that you’ve learned the key information surrounding Best Friends, it’s no time to waste time! Let us help you structure successful actions at low cost, high potential for return and possibility to build a beautiful proprietary audience.

Define input actions

Initially, the most important thing is to define what actions will be the public’s “gateway” on your Best Friends list. After all, you need something in exchange for all the knowledge and content that will be made available.

The most common action is as follows:

  • make a post on Stories;
  • fancy the visual identity of the banner in a flashy and thought-provoking way;
  • ask the user to share the image on their own profile;
  • in addition to sharing, he must also bookmark the page or mark;
  • point out the main content offered by you;
  • show your difference among other profiles that have been doing the same thing.

Deliver exclusive content

Before going ahead with the strategy, keep in mind something very simple: what content will be offered, in addition to the traditional agenda?

Put yourself in the user’s shoes. To be part of the list of Best Friends of a brand or profile, that person needs to perform an action “in exchange” for the material: either through prints, markings or any other type of disclosure.

That is why, the better the content offered at Best Friends, the greater the desire to be part of the community. If the audience realizes that the content is similar to what is already offered on the timeline, why join the list? What is the difference?

Introduce first-hand news

An idea of ​​exclusive content is the launching new features before they are released to the general public.

Think about it: the first step, which is to achieve a more advanced profile in the purchase stage, has already been done. After that, it is important to look for ways that instigate even more the desire to buy – going beyond the content that is already foreseen in the launch agenda.

Create teasers, announce releases before they are published on other media channels, show unique attributes and, above all, develop the feeling that those people are special and, therefore, deserve to receive a well-curated selection before the others.

After all, they are, in fact, special! When we think that each profile that is part of your list is there by pure and spontaneous will and interest, even if you are willing to publicize your brand, the merit becomes something obvious.

Collect customer feedback

Feedback is always key. Whether in personal life, among employees or in the relationship between the public and the brand, it values ​​a sincere and constructive dialogue.

So, develop direct communication channels: how about taking advantage of Instagram’s own resources? The structure of the social network’s direct messages is intuitive and very simple to use, just have enough attention to respond to everyone and encourage interaction.

Between one content and another, ask your reader what he is thinking, what could be improved and, of course, what are the positive points perceived so far.

Get genuine reports about the value proposal delivered (or even the lack thereof) it will be instrumental in creating effective plans. Based on theories and ideas is interesting to some extent, but when the strategy is already in place, what really matters are testimonials and real experiences.

Educate influencers about company products and services

A good Social Media strategy provides for the creation and development of a content calendar. He, in turn, must be creative and not let matters get “beaten” on the timeline. The feeling that content has been viewed several times can be one of the main evasion points in corporate social networks.

So there are issues that just become too obvious: it’s as if McDonalds still does periodic posts talking about the Big Mac to this day.

The freedom and relaxed content of Best Friends makes it possible for you to create several ways to work on your company’s catalog of products or services.

To exemplify, think of a shoe store. It is obvious that the shoes will already be exposed in the feed, so a cool alternative is to separate some models and give tips on how to combine them with clothes and accessories. In addition to presenting the product in a different way, the brand will offer exclusive content – and authorial curation – to its customers!

Show the “behind the scenes” of your business

Another way to use Best Friends – especially for companies that offer more complex services or products – is explore the day to day business.

Think of a business that works by selling funeral plans. The notion of the general public is, in most cases, very shallow, when compared to the complexity of the services offered ,.

In addition to the farewell ceremonies there is a whole logistics behind it! It has a marketing team at work, an HR that develops talents and promotes hiring, the sales sector with its monthly goals and the maintenance of the customer: those who think that the profit of these companies are made with death are mistaken!

The strategy can be applied to any and all businesses, just look for the main doubts or existing communication barriers and clarify them in a dynamic and attractive way.

Above all points made by us, the main homework is the following: never take ownership of a resource just to be “on the inside”.

Instagram frequently launches several interesting news for everyone, and it is not enough to hitch a ride on success if the strategy does not have well-defined goals. Understand which of them have adherence with your business, invest in a qualified team, work consistently and, above all, deliver a good value proposition to the customer!

If you believe that Close Friends can be the perfect strategy for your business, you must also understand about Stories and how to use this tool. Check out our guide to work with the format in a charming way!