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Interactive content can provide valuable insights to make your sales team better prepared. Among the benefits of the strategy, is the reduction of the sales cycle. Understand more in our content!

We thrive on insights. Either when looking for a restaurant outside the usual route, or when searching for a product that we would like to buy, or when planning trips to a distant place.

Insights are the fuel needed to move our decision making forward.

In a sales environment, insights stimulate conversations. Are you looking for a product that makes X, Y and Z? Looking for affordable holidays that fit your schedule?

When a salesperson have early access to this information, conversations become more productive and ultimately more successful for everyone involved.

But how can we get these insights right away? How can our salespeople be informed before they even answer the phone?

In this content we will cover the following topics:

Read on!

The role of interactive content in generating insights

Even if you have not been fully aware of the fact, it is possible to accelerate sales with interactive content. This happens through the rich insights that this type of material provides.

The results obtained with an interactive calculator, for example, can be shared with the sales team, so that they can start the conversation from the exact point that the consumer stopped.

According to Demand Gen’s 2017 report, 77% of B2B consumers have already made their purchase decision even before talking to a seller, after having informed themselves through content.

This statistic further strengthens the role of interactivity in the sales cycle. With so many consumers doing their homework and filtering out options early in the game, engaging the customer becomes more critical than ever.

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How to use interactive content to accelerate the sales cycle

So, how can interactive content be used to empower your team and accelerate the sales cycle? It all has to do with insights.

See three tips for creating better sales with interactive content.

1. Share insights with your sales team

If you created an interactive calculator or an assessment to win the engagement of prospects, all the data collected in this interactive experience is valuable information that your sales team can take advantage of.

Experiences created with ion can track the exact points of engagement, which allows your sales team learn more about customer challenges or challenges.

They can focus on specific points in a follow-up call, eliminating the need to ask questions to which the prospect has already provided answers.

2. Create pieces that ask the right questions

An assessment is great content to use if you want to provide your sales team with targeted ways to start a conversation. Take, for example, an assessment that ScribbleLive created on Content Maturity.

The user gets involved with the evaluation, providing fundamental insights into your experiences with Content Marketing and goals for the future.

Ask the right questions and you will receive answers that will help you personalize your sales conversations.

3. Engage early

Our latest report with Demand Metric found that 78% believe that engaging the user early in the journey is important.

With interactive content, we know that different parts are better suited for different stages of the funnel.

Keep in mind that the sooner you engage the consumer, the better. Use the insights you have gained to offer follow-up content based on the prospect’s goals or needs, and use different types of interactive pieces to support their stage of the journey.

Start generating better sales

We all want to generate better sales. We can accelerate sales with interactive content, through converting insights.

Want to know how to improve your content through the production of interactive pieces? Then get to know our ion tool and see how to create high engagement experiences!