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When it comes to getting traffic to a blog, we can think of many options: Google, Email Marketing, Facebook, Paid Media… and Pinterest? Have you ever thought that the social network of pins can be an incredible source of traffic to your blog? Wait … are you serious? Pinterest is not just for […]

When it comes to getting traffic to a blog, we can think of many options: Google, Email Marketing, Facebook, Paid Media… and Pinterest? Have you ever thought that the social network of pins can be an incredible source of traffic to your blog?

Wait … are you serious? Isn’t Pinterest just for specific images and segments, like fashion and beauty? How could I use Pinterest in my area?

This thought has already crossed the minds of many marketers when Pinterest is mentioned. AND this mistake is costing you many valuable visits to your blog.

Pinterest isn’t interesting just because it already has more than 170 million users. It is interesting because we are talking about a highly engaged audience.

People use the social network to plan their lives, events, dreams, future purchases … this list is huge! In addition, Pinterest has a very high potential for viralization with the images you put there.

There is also another important reason (and perhaps one of the most interesting factors): your competition is probably not there.

What does that mean?

That’s right what you’re thinking.

Less competition, more chance to reach your audience and spread your content. Think of the number of London companies you know who use Facebook. How many London companies do you know that actively use Pinterest? You must have thought of a small number, right? That’s my point!

Using Pinterest is get ahead. It is a golden pot of visits to your blog and we will teach you how you can turn Pinterest into one of the main sources of traffic for your company.

If all this has not yet convinced you, we have some other relevant data (taken from here):

  • 93% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases
  • 87% of Pinners bought something due to the content they saw on Pinterest
  • 72% of Pinners stated that Pinterest introduces them to new brands and services
  • 10 billion recommendations are made every day

Let’s find out how to generate traffic with Pinterest and use it in your Digital Marketing strategy?

Let’s start from the beginning… is your profile already optimized?

Optimizing your profile is the first step. After all, it needs to be found by users and by Google. Use the name you normally use in your other social media profiles. If this is not possible, choose a username that is easy and simple to be found.

The profile image you choose should also make the user easily recognize your brand.

Your Pinterest profile must have focus. This means that you shouldn’t shoot everywhere. If your blog is about Marketing, you won’t be creating pins about fashion or food just because they are some of Pinterest’s most popular topics.

You must bet on a specific niche and create content on the social network that speaks to that niche.

Another important point is that you must create your profile as a corporate profile. In addition to creating more authority than a personal profile, with a corporate profile you can verify your account (that is, prove that that profile is really your company) and have access to Pinterest Analytics, which gives you valuable data with the main metrics that you should review on your profile.

Gold tip: Pinterest has a blog dedicated to companies, Pinterest for Business, where they post tips and updates on the social network. It is worth keeping an eye there!

Image size on social media

Understand how the Pinterest algorithm works

Yes, Pinterest also has an algorithm!

It is not just a social network. Pinterest also has a search engine called a Smart Feed, it determines what the user will see in your feed.

Pinterest chooses between repins of the users you follow, related pins and pins that may be of interest to you.

But how does he decide what to show? Basically, Pinterest takes into account a few factors:

  • Domain quality (Use a Pinterest business account and check your site!)
  • Pin quality (which is determined by the popularity of your pin)
  • Pinner quality (are you posting good pins? Do you have a posting frequency? Do your followers like your pins?)
  • Relevance (are your pins important to the user? You can create more relevance for your profile by optimizing your pins for SEO. Let’s talk about that in a moment!)

Ok, so far you have already understood what Pinterest considers in its algorithm to show its pins to users. Now let’s learn how to generate traffic with Pinterest!

Top 10 tips for generating traffic with Pinterest

First of all, keep in mind that on Pinterest you need to think strategically about your content.

People can pin your content even if you don’t have a social network account, so plan your content and have an effective Content Marketing strategy.

1. Optimize your images for SEO

Make a description of your images, offering context and a bit of information. This is what we call in alt tag SEO. The Pinterest algorithm will read this alt tag and better understand the content of your image, so it is very important that all of your images are optimized with a brief description.

Don’t forget to add the relevant keywords as well! It is through them that the user will find his image on the social network.

SEO 2.0 Guide

2. NEVER forget to redirect the user to your website

Many companies make mistakes here! When uploading a pin on the social network, never forget to fill the pin’s source with your blog’s address.

If you forget that, you will lose all traffic and visits that that pin could bring you!

3. Bet on vertical images

Most Pinterest users use the social network on their smartphones. In this way, vertical images are more interesting because they perform better on mobile.

In addition, in vertical images you can put more information and tell better stories, as in infographics, which are a content format that bring very cool results on Pinterest!

4. Engage with your community and listen to what they are saying about your brand

Pinterest is a social network where people tell stories. Of course, you can upload pins and control what you’re posting, but you can’t interfere with what other Pinners are posting about you.

Since Pinterest is based on creating content pins that users find interesting, what you can do is find out what content on your blog is most pinned by users.

And here comes the golden tip! Using www.pinterest.com/source/url (replace url here with your blog address. If I want to find out what users are pinning on us, for example, I will access https://br.pinterest.com/source/marketingdeconteudo.com/)

Ready! Now you know what Pinterest users are saying about you within the social network. Use this as an opportunity to listen to your community and create similar content that you know will be of interest to your audience.

5. Create a posting frequency

Pinterest’s algorithm takes into account if you’re frequently active on the social network, so spend about 10 to 15 minutes a day creating pins and interacting with other users.

According to a Quintly survey, an average user makes about 18 pins a day! That’s a lot more content and a lot more time on the site than on other social networks. Take advantage of this issue and put your brand in there.

But be careful not to spam, huh? You need to have a frequency of use, but that doesn’t mean you need to create pins every minute of the day.

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5. Create interesting descriptions

We have already talked about the importance of optimizing the images you upload on Pinterest for SEO. Usually, putting the post title and a short description is enough, but you can do more than that to get even more engagement on the social network.

Make a useful description that helps the user to understand objectively what is the content that he will find in that pin. Explain the main information of the blog post in two sentences and then include a CTA inviting the user to read more about it on your blog.

You can also use hashtags that you find interesting and don’t forget the keywords!

After all, we want visits and traffic, don’t we?

6. Include text in your images

Let’s agree: just like on other social networks, on Pinterest you will also need to fight to get the user’s attention. A good idea for generating traffic is to add text to your images, as in the example below:

Images with text on Pinterest

Image via Persuation Nation.

This helps the visitor to know exactly what your text will be about and draws much more attention than a simple image. And it’s still very easy to do! You can use tools like Canva to help you with this task.

7. Include a Save button on your blog

This tip is also very easy and simple to perform!

If you want traffic on Pinterest, encouraging the sharing of your content is essential.

And one of the coolest formals to do is add a Save button to your blog!

Pin Button

The Save button will appear like this on your blog images:

Pin button on blog images

The Save button works almost like word of mouth marketing. It is a way for users to say that they liked your content so much that they decided to share it with their followers on Pinterest. In addition, according to Pinterest, it can bring a LOT of traffic to your site. Very simple, right?

Here you can see how to add the Save button to your blog.

9. Think about color psychology

In a social network as visual as Pinterest, you need to think hard about what type of content you will be showing to your audience. Understanding the color psychology will help you choose your images better.

Curalate analyzed more than 500,000 pins. See in the infographic below what they found:

In other words: the look matters. Much!

10. Follow influential people and brands

It is already proven that when you follow and create interactions with a user on a social network, their chances following you and engaging with your content back are MUCH bigger.

Select an interesting list of companies and people to follow and share their content as well. Don’t make your profile just a way to promote your brand: by sharing interesting content from others you will attract many more users interested in what you post on Pinterest.

Pinterest itself will make suggestions as to who you can follow, based on content similar to yours. Interact with these profiles!

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Final bonus: Don’t forget to review all of this!

Ufa! You have reached the end of the text and I am sure that you are now much more prepared to start generating traffic with Pinterest.

I just have one final tip to give you: don’t leave Pinterest Analytics aside! It can give you very valuable information about your strategy on Pinterest and there you will find out if your efforts are paying off.

It gives you general metrics of reach and profile growth. You can also further investigate your impressions, saved pin data, clicks to your website and the interests of your target audience:

Metrics on Pinterest
Metrics on Pinterest
People reached on Pinterest

I hope you learned a lot about Pinterest! Always remember:

Keep calm and start pinning

To the next!