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The creation of a corporate blog can be the solution to strengthen the relationship of companies with their prospects and customers, in addition to being a high performance channel for lead generation. So, check out how to use this tool in your Digital Marketing strategy!

Creating a corporate blog aligned with the company’s Digital Marketing brand and strategies is a challenge that requires time and planning.

If you already own or launch a blog, don’t worry: it is never too late to find out how to attract more hits and arouse internet users’ interest.

We know that the creation of a blog establishes a two-way street, in which customers can make their wishes and opinions about the products and services they consume public.

As frightening as it may seem, this aspect also allows the company to respond directly to its customers’ inquiries, creating a exclusive communication channel.

The corporate blog also works as an excellent way to personalize the company’s communication, as it allows the use of a simpler and more informal language.

Why create a corporate blog?

Currently, many companies post their main executives to post on their blogs or publish testimonials from customers, seeking a closer relationship with their stakeholders.

Did you know that companies that have corporate blogs can receive up to 55% more traffic on your websites? That 57% of businesses won customers through your blog?

With so many advantages and opportunities, creating and maintaining a blog on the internet is an issue that must be taken seriously in your company.

So, check out a small guide that we have prepared for your corporate blog to become a success:

Make a good planning of your content

Before posting news and information on your blog, ask yourself what your company’s persona is and what kind of information it is looking for.

Only then will it be possible to establish criteria for the publication of posts, defining the subjects that can be addressed, even if comprehensively.

If your company won an award, it can be a reason for much pride and celebration internally, but it may not have the same relevance for readers.

Therefore, the ideal is to publish valuable and useful information for your audience, such as tips, advice and guidance on topics related to your area of ​​expertise.

For example, a children’s toy store can provide childcare tips or cultural events for moms and kids.

Although blogs are useful for promoting products and services, avoid using it only as a simple promotion mechanism: successful blogs are those that are able to educate, inform and influence their readers through current discussions that pique your interest.

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Remember that the tool can also be used for the internal communication of your company, stimulating the dialogue between senior management and employees and promoting greater interaction.

In the internal corporate blogs, it is possible to publish the latest events of the company, strategic decisions and news of interest to employees, who, in turn, can interact through comments.

This helps to assess the perception of employees in relation to the news published and the company as a whole, contributing to internal communication and human resources actions.

Value different formats

Corporate Blog

Videos, webinars, podcasts and shorter and faster texts (such as lists and tips) can be extremely useful not only to attract new accesses, but also to give more dynamism to the blog and keep the interest of readers alive.

Another interesting strategy is link building based on the publication of posts and references to news and articles from other blogs and portals, as long as they are within the criteria established for your blog.

But remember: subjects should align with those discussed on your own blog. After all, being a construction company, having a decoration blog and linking to a discussion about the nutritional qualities of leeks doesn’t make much sense.

Create quality content

A corporate blog will never achieve the proposed objectives if it is just another task in an extensive list of activities of the professional responsible for its maintenance.

To avoid this type of situation, it is necessary to have professionals who are interested and feel comfortable writing about the subjects that will be treated in the posts.

In addition, commitment and dedication to everything that is happening in your area of ​​activity is important, updating on the best practices in the market, the formats that are attracting attention and the solutions that the company can adopt to attract more traffic to your Web site.

Another critical factor is the definition of a publication calendar, so that the blog is updated with the ideal frequency, as we have already said in another text.

Create real relationships with your readers

Corporate Blog
Starbucks: Successful interaction with customers.

Opening comments on corporate blogs can scare many executives. However, this resource can and should be used in favor of the company, as it is a good way to strengthen the relationship with potential customers and loyal consumers.

In this way it is possible to follow their opinion, listening to their ideas, promoting debates and evaluating what actions can be implemented to improve your strategies, through that feedback obtained.

Be aware that, by opening the blog for comments, you will receive praise and suggestions, but also comments and criticisms, often aggressive.

Thus, it is necessary to develop a response policy so that the team responsible for moderating the blog is consistent in its returns and knows how to act in the face of each manifestation of customers.

This point is extremely important, as a poorly elaborated response can lead to numerous disorders, while a well-answered comment can lead to very positive repercussions.

These are just a few general principles so that you can understand the role of corporate blogging in a company and start planning how to use this powerful marketing tool. So, does your company already use corporate blogs? Tell us about your experience.

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