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Not even the largest social network, with more than 2 billion active users, is immune to the sweeping trends of the digital world. An example of this is that some very popular functions in other tools have appeared on Mark Zuckerberg’s network, and one of them is Facebook Stories. If you were used to using Instagram stories […]

Not even the largest social network, with more than 2 billion active users, is immune to the sweeping trends of the digital world. An example of this is that some very popular functions in other tools have appeared on Mark Zuckerberg’s network, and one of them is Facebook Stories.

If you were already used to using Instagram stories or WhatsApp status, you can waste an attractive marketing channel if you don’t give Facebook Stories the same attention.

This feature, which has been native to the network for a while, has some interesting features that can help enrich your Digital Marketing strategy.

Whether you don’t even know the tool yet or just don’t have a clue how to use it, you’re in the right place. I’ll explain all of this and show you why it’s a good idea to use the feature!

Don’t you know Facebook Stories yet? Understand what it is!

Facebook Stories is a feature of the social network that allows publish photos or short videos that are only in the air for 24 hours and then they are deleted, unlike conventional posts, which are permanent.

If you are already used to using WhatsApp Status, know that it is the same thing.

It is true that the resource has not yet gone viral on Facebook as on other networks, but even so, it adds several legal features that are worth exploring, such as:

    • short videos: can be up to 20 seconds long;
    • varied filters: several filter colors to make the photos more beautiful and professional-looking;
    • animations: you can include animations in a photo or video, to make the post more interactive and informal;
    • stickers and markings: you can mark a day and time, the location of the photo or catch phrases to get attention.

Discover 4 benefits of Facebook Stories for your digital strategy

You may be wondering why it would be worthwhile to use the same feature that already exists in several other places.

This is a valid question, but you can change your mind after thinking better about 4 benefits that Facebook Stories brings to your digital strategy. Check it out below!

1. Chat directly with your audience in a light and fun way

The story is a direct conversation between the company and the public. The functions offered were designed to humanize brands and strengthen relationships with customers and fans.

Therefore, each story is a chance if connect more deeply with your audience and invite you to interact more.

2. Improve the feeling of transparency

Usually, stories involve some kind of behind-the-scenes look at your company. Whether showing photos of the team, videos of the day-to-day work, or revealing clues about future news or about new content that he published on his blog, there is a feeling of intimacy with the audience.

This gives an idea of ​​transparency, very important for deepen ties with your fans.

3. Use an easy and proven marketing channel

Who doubts that Instagram stories are beneficial for increasing engagement within the network and even for driving qualified traffic to a website?

If that channel has already proven to be useful, why not use it on Facebook? This will not require much effort, especially if you already use Instagram. Just publish the same content on both platforms.

Ebook Instagram Stories

4. Increase organic reach without spending anything

Facebook’s organic reach has declined dramatically in recent years. Any way to increase this reach, even if only temporarily, is a victory.

And that’s what happens when you use stories. After all, your brand will appear in your followers’ feed and you will have a better chance of attracting his attention.

If your competitors didn’t adopt Stories, even better: less competition and more opportunity for your page to stand out.

4 steps to use Facebook Stories the right way and generate more results

Now that you are convinced that Facebook Stories is worth including in your content planning for social networks, the question that arises is: how to do it right?

As much as the posts are spontaneous and seem to have no previous preparation or planning, it is always better when we follow a clear process. Therefore, you must follow the 4 steps below:

1. Learn how to post an update

We couldn’t start any differently: the first thing you need to learn is how to post an update. Fortunately, it is quite simple.

If you already use Stories on Instagram, even easier, because the mechanics are practically identical.

In both the desktop version and the mobile app, just press the round button with the caption “Add your story”, which is at the top of your news feed.

After that, there will be several post options to choose from: phrases, photos, uploading videos already recorded or making a live. In addition, you can choose from several post customization options.

It is also possible to mark places or people you want to mention in the post, add the animations, effects and filters already mentioned. Finally, just confirm that you really want to share the update the way it is and check the result.

2. Publish posts of varying styles

Variation is important to continue to draw public attention on social media.

If you only publish one type of content and never change, your followers will soon get tired and stop paying attention.

So try to keep a standard post type, but use variations from time to time. Also, remember that it is possible to publish multiple stories at once. Like this, mixing videos, photos and even text phrases can be a good.

Just be sure to do everything in a coherent way, according to a plan and in a way that makes sense to those who will watch your stories.

Besides that, test different types of stories will help you see what works best with your audience on Facebook.

3. Take tests to find the best frequency and times to publish

How many stories to publish per week? And all at once? And which times are most effective in reaching your audience? This type of question can only be answered as you take tests. That is why, test different days and times, in addition to switching the frequency between one post and another.

Over time, you will be able to know what works best in general, and to replicate that model. As a starting point, it is worth following the tips of posts about frequency and time.

But take into account that some of these surveys were done in other countries, and may not reflect the reality of London.

The niche you belong to can also have an influence. So, use the available data, but don’t take it as a rule.

4. Access engagement data and adapt accordingly

Facebook Insights, which offers metrics about your network performance, is an important ally when you decide to use Stories. In fact, the information offered is quite specific and is able to show whether your stories are relevant to the public or not.

First of all, you need to be a page administrator and activate the information about Stories in Insights.

To do this, just do the following:

  1. Enter your page, click on “Contact Information“, on top;
  2. In the left column, click on “Stories”, And then“Activate”.

After that, you will have access to information such as:

  • when a story was created;
  • how many people opened a story;
  • how many skipped to the next part of an update;
  • how many went back to the previous part of an update;
  • the number of people who skipped your story completely;
  • the number of people who left the story and returned to the feed.

Bonus: study other profiles and learn from them

How about a bonus tip to learn how to use Stories even better? Enough study your competitors or influencers operating in your market and see how they use this tool.

If you still don’t do that, there’s a good opportunity to start at the front. If you already use it, learn from your mistakes and successes to make your strategy more accurate.

Facebook did not include Stories in its network for nothing. There are opportunities to explore in this simple tool, such as the increased organic reach. Now just follow the tips you saw here to start seeing results from your posts.

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