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Looking for tips on how to use Google Adwords to generate results for your small business? It’s on time! In this post we will teach you a step by step to not miss out on Google’s famous paid ads or sponsored links. After this post, you can start your own Google Adwords campaigns and […]

Looking for tips on how to use Google Adwords to generate results for your small business? It’s on time!

In this post we will teach you a step by step to not miss out on Google’s famous paid ads or sponsored links. After this post, you can start your own Google Adwords campaigns and attract more customers to your company.

And why should you invest in Google Adwords? Because sponsored links are a great gateway to your website, they generate constant traffic, attract visitors more prepared to buy and do not require large investments. That’s right, the budget is flexible!

Ready to get started? We look forward to teaching you more about this strategy:

Plan yourself

Action is far more exciting, but without planning your goals carefully, your Google Adwords campaigns can fail.

  • Set a goal for each campaign, such as selling a product or service, distributing exclusive content or increasing your company’s visibility on the internet. It is from this objective that you start to create your sponsored links campaign.
  • With the goal in mind, define who you want to reach with your ads. What is the profile of this audience? How does he act on the internet? In this post you learn how to create the personas of your business, that is, representations of your ideal customers, which will help to establish who will be the people affected by your ads.
  • A good sponsored link strategy is based on choosing the right keywords to attract the chosen audience. For example, if you sell dance shoes in São Paulo, you need to insert those words in your ads so that people can find your business more easily.
  • Set your budget to put the Adwords campaign into action. How much can you invest each day to get your ads to appear in search results? 20, 50, 100 reais? Remember that an Adwords campaign should take a few days or weeks, so make sure you have the money to keep the campaign up and running.

Take action

Now that you’re ready, it’s time to move on to action. We will help you get your first Google Adwords campaign up and running!

Create your Google Adwords account

If you already use any of Google’s services, just log in with your username and password.

Set up your campaign

google adwords campaign page

Hey! Here’s where you’re going to get your hands dirty!

The first thing to define is your budget. How much do you want to pay per click given on your ads? And how much are you going to invest each day for them to show up? Google offers the option to set the cost per click itself to maximize your results, so if you don’t feel safe to set a maximum value per click, let Google do it for you, respecting your daily budget, of course.

Then, select your campaign location, that is, in which region it will appear.

Next, you’ll choose how you want your ads to appear: whether as sponsored links in Google’s organic search results or on the Google display network, that is, on partner sites that display ads from Google’s affiliate program.

Create your ads

With the campaign settings in place, you’re ready to create your ads. Each campaign can have several ads, which makes it easier to reach different audiences, test the effectiveness of each message and measure the results.

In the “create a group” tab, give your ad group a name and select the format they will have: whether text, image, display or mobile. Then, create your first ad by filling in the ad’s header, message and destination data, that is, where it will direct when the visitor clicks.

Then you will create a list of keywords with which Internet users can find your ad. In our example of dance shoes in São Paulo, some of the keywords could be: “male dance shoe”, “female dance shoe”, “ballroom dance shoe”, “shoe with suede sole”, among others.

At the end, comes the selection of the cost per click or CPC, where you define what is the maximum you will pay to see your ads appearing in search results or on the Google display network.

Set up tracking for your campaigns

At this point, you will be integrating your Google Adwords with Google Analytics or any other performance analysis tool on the web to monitor the evolution of your sponsored ads and the results obtained.

Follow the steps taken by the platform to finish filling in the data and then launch your Google Adwords campaign. Do you think it’s over? Not yet! Monitoring the data to optimize your campaigns is essential.

Monitor and optimize your campaigns

Google Analytics will bring a lot of data and information to help you understand what is happening with your sponsored links. How many views of each ad, how many clicks, how long you browse the landing page, how many people clicked on the link and then closed the window or left your site.

It will also tell you what the conversion rate is, the cost per click you are paying, how much of your budget is left to be consumed and how many people have been reached with your ads, among other things.

If you follow this data daily, you can make adjustments to your campaigns, modify ads, change keywords, change the format of the ads and even pause the campaign to develop a new approach strategy. This will protect your investment and ensure that the return on it is attractive to your company, bringing profitability.

Can it go wrong and not return?

You can, but only if you are not paying attention to Internet users’ feedback regarding your ads. If during a whole day your ads were shown 20 times and there was no click, you need to rethink your message, make it more attractive or check if you defined the audience correctly.

The more time you devote to understanding your customers’ behavior on the internet, the more effective your Google Adwords campaigns will be, as you will reach the right people at the right time, when they are looking for you.

Ready to start using Google Adwords for your small business? So be sure to check out these 9 tips to get more results with Google Adwords!

Do you have any criticisms, suggestions or tips? Leave a comment in the field below, we love to hear from you!

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