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LinkedIn recently reached 15 million users in London. There are 15 million people connected to network, prospect customers, generate more leads and make contacts that may be important for your career or for your company, mainly aimed at the B2B market. That’s why LinkedIn is the biggest […]

LinkedIn recently reached 15 million users in London. There are 15 million people connected to network, prospect customers, generate more leads and make contacts that may be important for your career or for your company, mainly aimed at the B2B market.

That is why LinkedIn is the largest social business network in the world and it is necessary to understand how it works, to better take advantage of this tool so used by sales professionals worldwide.

But and you? Do you already know how to use this powerful tool to leverage your business?

I’ll give you some tips in this article, so that you use LinkedIn correctly to sell more!

Have a “platinum” LinkedIn profile

You may have noticed that many people in London still have a chaotic LinkedIn profile, right? You are walking backwards not having a responsive profile.

There are several options to be filled in a profile on LinkedIn, but here are some options to pay more attention:

  • Skills and recommendations
    Why? It is essential to demonstrate credibility to whoever you are trying to attract attention, be it an important lead or a good networking contact. So it is essential to have a good number of recommendations.
    Tip to get it: Ask everyone in your company, friends to send you a written recommendation, to upgrade your qualifications.
    Another important point to use this weapon! Recommend important contacts, even before closing the deal. Doing this demonstrates that you believe in the work that your contact is doing, demonstrates confidence.

Skills and recommendations

Skills and recommendations

  • Additional information: Tips for getting in touch.
    When promoting your product or service, either through Content Marketing, publishing in groups or to your network of contacts, also expose the means for interested parties to be able to contact you. Example:

Tips for getting in touch

Tips for getting in touch

  • Summary or experience:
    Make a brief and objective outline of your current job, qualities, what are your tasks within the company and what are your specialties, but with great caution!
    Always remember, your LinkedIn can be used as your resume and also for evaluating prospects who are listening to your advice when they are closing with your company!

Linkedin Marketing

The ideal tool for a responsive network

If you are responsible for the commercial area of ​​your company it is essential that you have contact with your customers and attract the maximum attention from those who can close a deal, right ?!

But how do you find these people? I recommend Rapportive, from LinkedIn itself.

Using it, you can add on your LinkedIn network, the person you are exchanging emails with! Use it to add prospects, important contacts and customers to your network.

How to convert your contacts into customers

Be the spokesperson for your company! If you are the source of contacts, and will also work with leads to convert them into customers, use your personal profile to publicize all the content of your company.

Make striking calls when publishing an article, participate and disseminate its content in groups and debates, answer questions and interact with your reader.

Focus on participating in groups that are your personas and work on your content! Example of groups I participate in:

Target audience: Marketing Directors, CMO's and CEO’s.

Target audience: Marketing Directors, CMO’s and CEO’s.

Network with whoever you want as a customer. Send suggestions, help him until he can demonstrate the importance of your service to him.

From the moment you have the target in your network, just manage it so that it sees you as a reference and then schedule a meeting!

sales library

LinkedIn Premium, is it worth it?

I imagine that many people have this doubt. Yes, it is! Sometimes it is necessary to take an approach even before adding a person to your LinkedIn network, or even to try to schedule a meeting with someone important, who is not yet in your network.

With LinkedIn Premium you can send InMails, which are messages via LinkedIn, when the person is not yet in your contact list. Do this, send a brief summary of your company, some cases, show the person where his company is sinning and show that your company is the solution. From there, open the networking, keep talking, until he has your confidence and try to make the meeting!

Another positive point is, being able to see a larger number of people who saw your profile. This can help you with an important transaction or reach out to someone who is interested in your product. Keep an eye on who sees your profile!

Content Marketing and LinkedIn walking together

Generate content to create engagement within LinkedIn groups, to generate authority within your professional network, disseminate content and convert readers into leads.

I do this job today, within Websites Are Us to network and get more contacts on LinkedIn. Be sure to follow our company page and join our group, Content and Marketing.

Is that you? Do you have any devastating tips to share with us? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, and of course, you can add me on LinkedIn by clicking here.

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