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Social networks are a fundamental part of every digital marketing strategy. Good content allows you to reach the persona easily, without major complications. Even more so if this content is in video format. So it is essential to know how to make a video on Facebook!

Facebook is a great ally of Digital Marketing strategies, allowing any brand to reach its audience in a massive way. It doesn’t matter if they are simple publications or paid advertisements, each one is responsible for bringing the brand image to its consumers.

Thinking about that, uniting Facebook’s potential with the engagement power of videos is almost like a recipe for success. Let’s see a little more about their importance and start to consider inserting them in your strategy.

Importance of videos in a social media strategy

One of the trends that is growing more and more on social networks is the use of video. Besides transmitting a message better, the probability of viralization of audiovisual content is much higher.

If you still have doubts, see the 6 reasons why videos are important in any social media marketing strategy.

1. Have more prominence

In August 2017 Facebook signaled that it would prioritize video content over images on feed news from network users – this because this type of content was already showing good public acceptance.

Other social networks also give priority to videos. So, if you appreciate the organic distribution of your content, invest in the power of videos.

2. Generate more engagement

It is proven that users of social networks like videos, so delivering what they like to the public, brings them even closer to the brand. And, as logic dictates, when we publish content that interests the public, the interaction is considerably greater, as well as the engagement.

The video has the ability to be more personal than a simple text or image. Through it we reach the public in more ways than one, further expanding this idea of ​​approximation.

3. Increases brand authority

A video made by your brand with an industry expert conveys trust and authority. Demonstrating that your company really understands the subject.

In addition, the fact that video content is easily consumable, allows this knowledge to reach a large number of people much more quickly.

4. Makes your content more didactic

There are themes that, to be clear in texts, would need many written words. However, video content can explain this same subject in less time and in a much more didactic way, associating images with sounds and facilitating the understanding process.

5. Communicate information quickly

You do not need to create an extensive video to transmit information. Videos have the ability to transmit a message in just a few seconds.

6. Bring variety to publications

The greater the diversity in publications, the greater the dynamism of your page on social networks. Don’t limit yourself to just one format, diversify.

How to make a video on Facebook?

There are several tools that can help make a video look professional. One of them is Lumen5, with it you can create online videos simply and without the need to download any programs.

Creating an account in Lumen5

Creating an account on Lumen5 is extremely simple. And, despite being in English, the platform is very intuitive.

You just need to click on “Sign up free”In the upper right corner and fill in your data. To create your account you only need a name, email and password.

Creating videos on Lumen5

You can create your videos from a post or from text.

If you choose to create a video from a post, enter the URL of the chosen post, then choose the format. To publish a video on Facebook, the ideal format is landscape (landscape).

After this choice, a page will appear for you to create your content. To do this, select the fragments of the post you want to appear in the video. 0

You can use the images available on the platform, and if you want to search for new images, just search in English. In addition, it is possible to upload your own images.

You can edit the letter, the size, the position of the text, the images, everything.

Make videos from 1 to 2 minutes maximum, so you can achieve a good amount of views.

Choosing music

Before finishing, choose a song. For this, you can either use the ones available in the tool’s audio library or upload a track from your own computer.

Be careful when uploading a song that has copyright, this can result in the video being removed from the app and even punishing your profile.

Finishing the video

Having done all that, you will be able to finish your video. Before confirming the finalization, you can still click on edit to continue making changes.

When the video is finished, it takes a few minutes for the platform to do the processing, but once it is finished, you will receive an email.

How to customize and publish your videos on Facebook?

Did you receive an email saying that your video is ready? Great! Now just click on it to start sharing your video.

Posting the video on Facebook is the easiest thing, just click Upload to Facebookand authorize the tool to make publications. After that, you just need to put a title on the video and you’re done.

Also download the video to use it on other platforms.

As you have seen, it can be quite easy to make quality video with this tool. Take advantage of its features to generate more engagement with your audience and encourage your followers to interact more with your brand.

Now that you are ready to create a professional video for your Facebook strategy, what do you think about taking the Social Media Management course at Websites Are Us University and becoming one? expert on the subject?

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