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Inbound marketing is a path of no return in terms of winning customers and increasing business. This new methodology, which aims to attract people to the enterprise, instead of chasing them, is extremely effective and has had results that make it an irrefutable reality for those who intend to succeed in […]

Inbound marketing is a path of no return in terms of winning customers and increasing business.

This new methodology that aims to attract people to the enterprise, instead of chasing them, is proving to be extremely effective and has had results that make it an irrefutable reality for those who intend to succeed in the coming years.

However, finding an Inbound Marketing professional to do everything the job requires can be quite difficult.

But don’t worry: even with the shortage of professionals that we live in today, it is possible to get qualified people to perform this function. Just having the right attitudes to attract that kind of talent to your company.

But do you know why?

The new reality and demand of Marketing is not learned at Universities.

This new practice, at least in London, has unfortunately not yet reached the curricula of these institutions. Good professionals in new marketing are formed through practice and search in a proactive and knowledge-driven way.

And how to find them?

I would like to pass on the recipe for pimpim pirilim powder. But that would not be possible. In my daily experience, I learned that we will rarely find this professional inbound ready. Therefore, we must emphasize that the search will have a much greater focus on behavioral skills and ability to learn. Technical skills can and must be trained!

Identify the ideal skills for Inbound Marketing

Looking for a good Inbound Marketing professional will require a good look at the candidates.

Not always the talent you are looking for will have exactly the training in the area, especially in university terms. Inbound Marketing is relatively new and many professionals have managed to show their adaptability and inventiveness to fit into this recent reality.

You will often find the diamonds still rough, and you can London them with training and experience programs in the marketing department. But first, it must meet some prerequisites:

  • Speak English: The vast majority of good references and technical materials on Inbound Marketing are not in London. In general, they come from the USA, where this practice is already much more consolidated and widespread.
  • Understanding of social media, SEO, Google Analytics and other routine practices of a digital marketing professional.
  • To be open to new horizons that go far beyond the traditional marketing stereotypes: with this new marketing reality, professionals need to have a paradigm break with institutional and advertising agency marketing.
  • Having a pragmatic and analytical profile: these are super important skills for anyone who wants to become a professional and work with Inbound Marketing – the content serves to convert leads, educate the market and create authority, as simple as that!
  • Understanding the business of the company where it operates: knowing the soul of the business can change the course of any marketing strategy

To recruit

  • Use LinkedIn to identify professionals: most people tuned into the virtual world have a professional profile on this social media and this can be very useful, because in addition to traditional curriculum information, such as training, courses, congresses and skills, there you can see the individual’s network of contacts and can also see former employers, bosses and co-workers, even looking for people you know and can offer valuable tips on the possibility of having this candidate as a future companion in the company.
  • Promote your vacancy on social networks, speaking in a language aligned with the style of your business and your organizational culture.
  • Make as many technical tests as possible: phone calls, ask to write a text, promote simulations of everyday tasks of the professional. This is one of the most important parts of the process, as it demonstrates how the professional performs in performing routine tasks in the department.
  • Do something and check your candidate’s research ability
  • If your company has a psychologist, apply some behavioral and reasoning tests

Demand certifications

Despite being new here, there are already certifications in Inbound Marketing that will demonstrate, not only that the candidate understands the subject, but also has an interest in learning and updating on it. And as already said, this is an extremely important feature. And they are:

  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification: Hubspot is one of the greatest authorities when it comes to Inbound Marketing. And when presenting his certificate, the candidate already poses himself as someone who understands his methodology.
  • Websites Are Us Content Marketing Cerfication: the certification created by Websites Are Us, a leader in Content Marketing in London, was used to ensure that all of its employees were equally qualified. Now that it is open to the public, demanding it can be a great way to guarantee the professional’s qualification.

Get the interview right

You already know the characteristics you are looking for in an Inbound Marketing professional, now you need to know how you will be able to observe them in the hiring process. While the interview should never be the only source of observation (you need to have your network up to date, communicate with other business people in the industry, keep an ear out for what your own employees can talk about candidates), it will always be critical to decide.

To do this with mastery, choose your questions intelligently, in order to base this meeting on the candidate’s real skills. Test creativity, resourcefulness and propose situations in which valences are properly tested, such as dynamics and propositions of a real nature.

Create a network of professionals

A very common mistake in the most diverse areas is to only look for a talent when you really need it. And then the lack of time can lead to a wrong choice.

Don’t start looking only when there is a real need: map the market and maintain a true network of competent professionals.

Often, the most qualified individuals will already be employed, so you cannot rely solely on incoming resumes. Keep an eye open for people who may be able to reinforce you in the future. With scarce talents and high demand, it is important to have a source of possibilities at your disposal. That way, when there is a need to hire, you have a handful of people to consider for the vacancy.

Communication is constantly changing: adapt

As we are talking about a new area of ​​the marketing world, you need to keep an open mind about how to get to know and reach out to the candidates you want to have by your side in the future.

Communication in the digital age includes e-mails, applications, skype and all types of modernity that are just a few clicks away on your smartphone, computer or tablet.

During the selection process you can experience this candidate’s ability to be available when you need it, to respond in real time and your familiarity with this type of technology. To work with Inbound Marketing, he effectively needs to know what the customer uses and how to use that experience in favor of his company. Check this out before you even hire him: then it may be too late!

Invest in career development

The great talents will be interested in your company when they see the possibility of following a solid career. Consider the succession planning, the benefits offered and understand that the desire to advance will be something very common for creative professionals like those of Inbound Marketing.

Work with them to achieve goals and link all hires to the real business objectives.

To train

As already mentioned, the most important thing is to hire a professional who has the characteristics desired by your company, since the skills can and should be measured.

For that, I suggest some materials that can help in this process:


With these tips you will be much more likely to be successful in your search for Inbound Marketing talent.

As essential as having this type of strategy to attract customers and increase their market share, is to be able to add unique talents who will be able to create intelligent and interesting content for the general public. Eyes open to the market: your organization’s success may depend on it!