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Indirect Marketing is based on the dissemination of a brand, company, product or service in a subtle way, usually outside an advertising context. It is very common in films, free, television programs, games and events.

One thing we can guarantee for you: after knowing what is indirect marketing and, above all, to know their examples, you will no longer see films, series, soap operas or play a famous game in the same way as before.

In fact, he is even able to watch that striking scene again just to see if there was any indirect marketing action there.

Yeah, this is one of the most subtle types of marketing out there, so much so that it is also known as invisible marketing.

Consumers can often buy a product or service without realizing what led them to remember and choose a particular offer.

Want to know how this can happen? Then keep following this text to learn more about how indirect marketing works and how to notice your actions.

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What is Indirect Marketing?

These are the ways to subtly disclose a brand, company, product or service and outside an advertising context.

In indirect marketing, the advertiser’s promotion object is never the main highlight.

It is positioned in a secondary, subliminal manner and with a milder exposure.

It is a marketing that seeks to leave the consumer less pressured, that is, it seeks to have greater acceptance. Therefore, their actions are characterized by being lighter and less aggressive

By the way, you won’t see any imperative verb in them. Nothing to buy, enjoy or subscribe, because that would already make communication very direct, right?

The purpose of indirect marketing is implant the brand image in the public’s memory.

The result is seen at the front, when the customer is choosing a product in the store or in the market. It activates your subconscious to remember that passage where the brand was present.

Hence we can remove an important aspect of indirect marketing: it usually generates long-term memory and return.

Does Indirect Marketing replace Direct?

Not at all! It presents itself as an alternative to not make a brand saturated by direct, conventional and more aggressive ads.

People are already bombarded all day with invasive advertisements and calls to action. There are many flyers, sponsored posts, pop-ups, spam, commercials, in short, so much that the consumer ends up creating greater resistance to these types of ads – the greater use of Adblocks portrays this well.

In indirect marketing, the actions take place so subliminally that the public hardly rejects that advertisement. After all, who misses a movie just because the actor appeared on the scene over coffee at Starbucks?

Returning to direct marketing, we cannot ignore it because it is still necessary to bring faster results, promote the launch of a product or promote a promotion.

Where does indirect marketing usually go?

We have already talked a lot about your concept. Now, you will see how your actions are seen in practice. For example, we selected 7 channels. See what they are:

Movies, series and soap operas

These are the most classic examples of indirect marketing insertion. Do you know when the actress from the soap opera appears on the scene taking a shower and using L’Oreal’s shampoo?

And the actor in that famous series that appears using a MacBook (Apple)?

Or the guy from a movie who arrives on the scene taking a can of Red Bull?

All of this is very well thought out to make consumers create a connection with the brands, products or services advertised.

Internet videos

The logic is similar to that of films and series, only applied to a resource normally used in Digital Marketing. Porta dos Fundo is a channel that usually performs this with mastery. Just check out some videos where they insert the advertisements in a subtle way, such as “Sales”, “Technical” and “Vaga”.

TV commercials

Commercials can also fit into indirect marketing. Everything will depend on the message transmitted, they can’t look like advertising, You know?

Your content should not explore the product’s features or the reasons why people should buy it.

A classic example of indirect marketing in TV commercials is the film “Adoption – Eating together feeds happiness”, by Coca-Cola Brasil.

Club Shirts

Leaving audiovisual productions aside, there are also invisible marketing actions integrated with sports marketing. Sponsorships that appear on the front, back and sleeves of football teams’ shirts are very common examples.

So, when you watch your team’s heart game on TV and notice the brands on your uniforms, you’ll know that this is a form of indirect marketing.

Advertising actions in stadiums

Stadiums and arenas also tend to be interesting showcases for this type of marketing. In them, advertisers can display their brands on advertising signs on the edge of the field or in spaces around the stands.

Another option that also became common was the adoption of naming rights for the stadiums. Allianz Parque, which is home to Palmeiras, is an example of sponsorship for the names of the arenas.


Backdrops, or pantographic stands, are advertising panels used as a background for events, press conferences, awards and presentations.

They are very common to be seen at sports club press conferences and at the entrance of important awards.

The intention of this piece is to take advantage, indirectly, of the exposure that the media gives to the advertising brands while an athlete is being interviewed or an artist is being photographed.


The gaming universe is also affected by indirect marketing actions. These are the cases of sports games, which expose advertisers on advertising boards in virtual fields / courts and on screen transitions.

Another very common example is racing games, which advertise the brands of car manufacturers when the player chooses their cars.

Anyway, the intention is enjoy a moment of leisure and involvement of the players to gently insert the brands in the context of games. After all, as people usually spend good hours playing games, they will probably have more contact and memory from advertisers.

So, the next time you turn on your TV to watch a football match, Netflix to watch a movie or video game to play that game you just bought, remember the concept of indirect marketing. At some point, you will certainly notice a brand subtly exposing your product or service on the screen.

Just try not to miss that decisive move, an important scene or a difficult phase of the game just because you saw an advertiser promoting your brand or offer there, ok?

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