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Finding healthcare professionals today is quite different from what happened some time ago. Covenant books and phone books come out, the internet comes in. This happens through social networks, opinion sites or even appointment scheduling applications, which have gained a lot of popularity. In any case, it is a fact […]

Finding healthcare professionals today is quite different from what happened some time ago. Covenant books and phone books come out, the internet comes in.

This happens through social networks, opinion sites or even appointment scheduling applications, which have gained a lot of popularity.

In any case, it is a fact that more and more technology plays an important role in the search for patients by someone who can help them.

This means that there is a relatively new opportunity, that of doing health marketing. Have you thought about that possibility?

So let’s show you everything you need to know to execute a successful strategy – and without violating legal limitations!

In this post you will see:

  • 4 benefits of investing in healthcare marketing;
  • How to plan your marketing strategy;
  • How to structure what was planned;
  • How to execute your strategy successfully.

4 benefits of investing in healthcare marketing

Before moving on to tips on what you should do to plan a healthcare marketing strategy, let’s first focus on why it’s worth doing.

What are the benefits of investing in an initiative like this, since professionals in the field, in general, have always acted without the use of marketing?

See at least 4 reasons to do this, both for your practice and for the patients you seek to attract:

1. Offer access to quality information

Quality information is important in any sector, but in the area of ​​health, this fact is even more relevant. Why?

Any information can help the population to remain alert to follow good practices and heed important warnings. This behavior, in turn, can prevent serious problems and contribute to the cure of several diseases.

Since digital marketing is, in essence, about creating closer relationships with the public, everyone that your content attracts will be more inclined to take good care of their health.

Just for that, you will be able to help many people, even those who do not become your patients.

2. Make the public aware of the importance of seeking health professionals

The increase in searches and, consequently, the volume of health information on the internet indicates a very positive aspect: people are more concerned with health, in general.

But this also raises an alert, since much of the information released on the subject on the web is unreliable.

So, all the benefits we talked about can be thrown away.

More than that, many people today tend to think that one consultation with an old friend Google is enough and all their problems and doubts about health will be solved.

But when the content is produced by professionals, one of the first recommendations is with respect to the importance of make an appointment to address each specific case.

This is extremely important, as it helps to make patients aware that they should not treat themselves, or they will be at serious risk.

3. Get more patients

If helping to inform and raise public awareness are already great reasons to invest in marketing for the health sector, there are also benefits to your practice.

By increasing visibility and establishing yourself as an authority for creating quality content within your specialty, you will certainly be able to win more patients.

This can happen in two ways: first, by those who already consume its content and start to trust their experience and knowledge to the point of becoming their patient.

The second way is through indications. Perhaps the person who follows your content does not decide to count on your help yet, but knows someone who needs a doctor with their specialty.

4. Loyalty those who already consult with you

If it is possible to get new patients through digital marketing, it is certainly also easier to retain those who already consult with you.

It is clear that being a good professional, who takes good care of the needs of patients, will continue to be the main factor of loyalty, but it costs nothing to have all the help available, right?

Through such a strategy you can, for example, keep patients informed and up to date with treatments at all times.

Since a return sometimes takes more than a month to happen, using digital marketing as a way to keep in touch is a valuable resource.

How to plan your marketing strategy

Now let’s start to understand better what you need to start your planning. There are several steps to follow, and it is important not to skip any of them in order to succeed.

Basically, there are 5 steps you need to take. They are:

Look for reliable partners

You have gone through years and years of study. Then he learned in practice under the supervision of experienced professionals, until he was ready to exercise his profession fully.

That means you haven’t had time to study digital marketing, and you certainly won’t now!

Therefore, it is essential to seek reliable partners who have the necessary knowledge and experience to help you promote your services effectively and ethically.

Finding reliable partners will help you follow the next steps on this list with confidence and accuracy, and will increase your chances of success.

Know the legal limitations of health marketing

Doctors and other health professionals can advertise their services very effectively, but they must not forget the legal limitations for doing so.

It would be useless to create the best marketing strategy for your clinic if it violated the limits set by the Federal Council of Medicine.

So, be aware of what can or cannot be done before thinking about any marketing initiative.

Otherwise, it may be necessary to redo some of the work and waste precious time that could be used more productively.

Define your goals

Even within a marketing strategy for an area as specific as health, there are several goals that you can pursue.

It is important to define which ones will be the main ones for your clinic and, from there, direct the efforts to conquer them.

Among the goals that are worth pursuing, we have:

  • winning over patients;
  • retain current patients;
  • educating the population about certain treatments or diseases;
  • disclose a new approved procedure.

Decide the tactics you will use to attract the audience

What channels and tactics will you use to impact your audience? There are plenty of options to choose from.

Here are some of the main ways to attract patients and other stakeholders to your clinic:

Choose good performance indicators

Once you know what the objectives and channels used in your strategy will be, you will be in a good position to choose good performance indicators.

In digital marketing, we often call them KPIs, and they are critical to how much of your plan is working or not.

From data collected in each channel used, it is possible to determine the planning points that need to be adjusted to give the expected results.

Your campaign can have primary and secondary KPIs, and they range from very specific aspects to the progress of the clinic, as a whole.

How to structure what was planned

After planning your first steps well, we will learn how to structure everything that has been defined and prepare your health marketing strategy.

After following the steps below, you will be ready to execute your plan and start to feel the results in your clinic:

Prepare the chosen distribution channels

Decided to use a blog? It’s time to create it. Have you already chosen which social networks you will be attending? Create profiles and get them ready to receive updates.

The same should be done with all channels, such as your website and email marketing software.

In addition, it is important to choose good tools that facilitate your day-to-day marketing work in each of these channels.

Hire more professionals if needed

You must already have at least one person working in your office, but it is good to think about the possibility of hiring more professionals.

This is because the number of patients will be greater, as well as contacts through different digital channels seeking more information.

Having a well-prepared team from the beginning will have a positive effect on patients, and will prevent problems from occurring due to the lack of humanized care with the potential to damage the reputation they have earned.

Use a marketing automation solution

Marketing automation will greatly facilitate your marketing work.

With it, it is possible to increase your capacity to nurture the interest of a large volume of people while still dedicating yourself to the most important: medical practice.

Good automation software can do the job it would need several well-qualified sales and marketing professionals to perform.

How to successfully execute your strategy

You know well that it is useless to prepare well if the strategy execution is not done well, right?

Once you’ve done everything right, we don’t want it to happen to you. So, let’s look at 3 essential attitudes to prevent your clinic from taking any risk with digital marketing:

Don’t deviate from the plan

After you have made so many preparations and put together a good structure to put your strategy into practice, you may find that you have a fail-safe plan in hand.

However, what many fail is precisely to maintain what was planned when a barrier appears.

To avoid this, resist any temptation to change what has already been defined, out of pure fear that the results will not come.

Use performance indicators to make adjustments

If changing out of fear is not a good idea, making adjustments based on performance indicators is not only normal, but highly recommended.

In fact, that’s exactly what KPIs are for, to help you see what needs to be changed and do it as quickly as possible.

Don’t lose focus on the most important

The most important thing for you is still to take good care of your patients and keep up to date with the latest medical information and procedures.

You will also do well to better understand some of the concepts highlighted here, and you can even take a medical marketing course to delve into them.

This will help you to not get lost in the middle of the actions that need to be taken and will allow you to stay focused on the practice of medicine.

For the more conservative, it may seem strange to talk about health marketing. But as we have seen, this practice is already quite common, and it brings too many benefits to be ignored.

So do not waste time following the tips we present, and you will see great results for you and your patients.

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