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The Copywriting Course at WAU University teaches you how to write texts that attract your persona and convince you to take action. In this article, we point out how this technique works and how this free course will help to execute it.

Most Digital Marketing strategies have tools that have the purpose of attracting the right audience, in order to engage them and convert them into leads or customers.

One of these tools is text. However, just writing good textual content is not enough. For this reason, WAU University has just launched the Copywriting Course as part of your free certifications.

However, before we talk about the course, if you still have doubts about the real concept of Copywriting and the differences that exist between it and Content Marketing, we invite you to continue reading this text. Come on?

What is Copywriting

Some professionals conceptualize it as writing text focused on conversion, but that’s not all.

Copywriting is a technique in which content is produced in order to convince the person who reads it to perform a specific action, such as: downloading rich material, signing up for a newsletter, accessing a blog post, among others.

Therefore, the main tool of Copywriting is text (commonly called “copy”) and, despite being a communication technique that has been around for a long time, it has been perfected in marketing to fulfill the objective of attracting the right persona.

What is persona?

Confusing the buyer persona with the target audience is a mistake that some people still tend to make.

Therefore, we bring here the correct concept: a persona is the semi-fictional representation of your ideal client.

Thus, all marketing actions must be done based on it to attract people who have the greatest potential to become customers.

How to start doing Copywriting?

According to John Emory Powers, known for being the first copywriting professional, the first step to be taken when using this technique is precisely to be able to attract the reader’s attention and have a true and sincere communication with him.

Thus, if you are going to talk about a product or service, for example, it is essential that the text talks about its real characteristics, features and benefits.

How important is Copywriting in Content Marketing?

Although some people think that the concepts of Content Marketing and Copywriting are the same, they are not.

After all, while Copywriting involves writing techniques aimed at engaging readers and convincing them to take action, Content Marketing uses a strategy aimed at attracting and educating the persona to lead them from the top to the bottom of the sales funnel.

In addition, the content produced in a Content Marketing strategy is structured for SEO, that is, for online search engines like Google.

How are SEO-optimized content made?

Before starting to write the first line of content, it is essential that the agenda is made, as it points out to which persona the text will be written and which keyword should be in focus.

Keywords are terms that people enter into Google when they do a search, so the importance of having them at strategic points in the text so that it is indexed in the results of those searches.

Some of these points are: title, first paragraph, intertitle and last paragraph.

What are the benefits of producing such content?

Once these texts are found in the search results, they can strengthen the brand of the website or blog on the internet, in addition to improving the relationship with the public and generating new commercial opportunities.

For this reason, it is common to say that the more content a website or blog has, the greater the chances of attraction, engagement, conversion and retention, in addition to achieving the goals that led this website or blog to be created.

In short, while Content Marketing focuses on strategy, Copywriting is geared to technique. Both are complementary, as they help to structure the Digital Marketing planning.

How is the Copywriting course at WAU University?

In the Copywriting course at WAU University, Professor Amanda Albuquerque teaches how to execute this technique correctly and accurately, just as we do at Websites Are Us.

Check out the course modules below.

Module 1: Course presentation

Here, the teacher presents the structure of the course, what are the five modules and how the test works so that you can get your certification.

Then, she conceptualizes what Copywriting is, how it should be done to attract the persona and the care that needs to be taken with clichés.

Module 2: Copywriting Resources

The second module begins by addressing persuasive writing and how you can make use of social evidence, mental triggers, storytelling, data and research to write the text.

Module 3: How to use Copywriting

Here are seen the most varied types of copys for sales funnel, rich materials, focus on conversions, in addition to tips on how to create an irresistible copy.

Module 4: Journalism Techniques in Copywriting

To write a good text, some points are essential, such as: context, mustache and title. The module also teaches you how to train and improve your copy.

Module 5: Professional market for Copywriter

Finally, the fifth and final module brings the main operating niches for professionals who want to pursue a copywriter career, as well as tips on how to build a portfolio and sell this type of service.

How to register for the Copywriting Course at WAU University?

The course is completely free, so your registration is very simple: you need to access the course homepage and click on “start for free” – if you don’t have a registration yet.

If you are already a student, you just need to login to the platform and start classes. In both cases, just click here to start learning.

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We hope you make good use of the Copywriting Course! Good studies!