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Digital personalities have changed the way companies communicate with their audiences. However, before negotiating with digital influencers, and testing this strategy, it is important to know the types of influencers and how each one can help your company gain authority and increase your sales. […]

Digital personalities have changed the way companies communicate with their audiences.

However, before negotiating with digital influencers, and testing this strategy, it is important to know the types of influencers and how each can help your company gain authority and increase its sales

It is not enough to have an affinity with the influencer and to know how many followers he has.

You need to understand and define what the brand’s goals are then look for influencers with the type of profile that will help you get the results you want.

What is a digital influencer

Before we talk about types, do you know what a digital influencer is?

Digital influencers are people or groups of people who produce content (text, video, image) on different types of channels and who are able to reach, delight and influence the behavior of a certain segment of the population.

What types of influencers

At the beginning of the year, Comunique-se launched an infographic showing 5 profiles of influencers.

But recently, youPIX co-founder Bia Granja delved a little deeper into this topic and categorized influencers into 7 types.

Both surveys take into account 3 factors to make this distinction:

  • scope: audience size;
  • resonance: repercussion and ability to engage with the audience;
  • relevance: fit with the subject or values ​​of the brand.

Below, you will see the 7 types of digital influencers, examples and how each can help your company.

1. Top Celebrity

The “Top Celebrities” have enormous reach and resonance power, but the relevance is low.

This type of influencer usually talks about different subjects in a more general way and manages to please people with very different tastes.

A good example of an influencer with this profile is Whindersson Nunes. With more than 20 million followers on his YouTube channel, this irreverent and cheerful boy helps companies to talk to a large number of people at the same time.

Whindersson Nunes

For you to have an idea, he was already signed by Bob’s, by Oi, and now he will be the new “guy” of Tele Sena.

So if your goal is to make your brand known, this is the type of influencer you should be looking for.

But remember: this influencer has no direct relevance to the subject of your product or service and, therefore, is not the most suitable to generate sales.

2. Fit Celebrity

This type of influencer has a very high reach, resonance and relevance!

In other words, it is the dream of every company: talk to a large audience, generate engagement, leads and sales.

Thássia Naves has a large number of followers on its blog and social media and has participated in some TV programs.

Thássia Naves

It is focused on the fashion segment and, therefore, companies in this niche that partner with this blogger are able to speak and engage several people and still have a quick and direct response in conversion.

The biggest problem is that, due to their size, influencers of this type charge a high price when negotiating with brands.

3. Authority

If your goal is perception of the brand and also conversion on a smaller scale, but very qualified for your product or service, invest in the “Authority” profile.

This type has a low audience, but it generates a lot of engagement and has high relevance.

The influencer with these characteristics dominates a certain subject and, therefore, is highly respected within a segment, community and even region.

An example within the Content Marketing segment is Vitor Peçanha.

He is one of the founders of the largest content marketing company in London, Websites Are Us, and he also writes, gives lectures and talks with people interested in this subject.

victor peçanha
victor peçanha

But if you don’t work or are not interested in Content Marketing, you’ve probably never heard of it, have you?

4. Ecosystem

In this case, it is not just an influencer, but a set of influencers within a niche that can promote the same brand, reaffirming it as sovereign within this segment.

This type of influencer has a very low range and medium resonance, but high relevance. These are small influencers who make content that is segmented and has a good fit with companies in the same niche.

Today there are several influencers who talk about the same subjects, such as decoration, entrepreneurship, sports, games, etc.

The blogs Casinha Arrumada, Limão na Água, Homem da Casa and Organize without Freshness are some examples that deal with decoration, design and organization of houses. They can partner with the same brand that offers products or services for that niche.

neat little house

Thus, this company can work on its positioning and present itself as ubiquitous in this segment, since several content producers will be talking about it, reaching an engaged and extremely qualified audience for conversion.

5. TrendSetter

This type of influencer is known to be a leader of causes and discussions.

That is, he is an authority on a given subject. Therefore, he is usually the first to defend a point of view and propose an attitude.

Brands that plan to work on their positioning can partner with this type of influencer to reaffirm values.

However, “TrendSetters” are unlikely to link up with companies that do not demonstrate that they actually have principles equal to theirs.

Youtuber Jout Jout became known for being the first to speak openly about an abusive relationship. Today, several companies want to have her as an ambassador for their brands due to their high power of engagement.

6. Journalist

The journalist has a high reach, as he can cover a wide range of topics and work for major media, but the resonance and relevance depend on how engaged he is with a certain topic.

In 2015, economic journalist Ricardo Amorim was elected by Forbes Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in London and chosen by LinkedIn as the biggest influencer in London.

ricardo amorim

This type of influencer is usually more analytical about the issues it addresses and can help the company work on awareness actions, with unpublished information from your market.

The problem is that not all journalists like to risk their impartial status.

Thus, the company must position itself in a friendly manner before the Journalist and demonstrate to him that the brand is authority in a certain segment, and can be a source for some subjects when they appear on the agenda.

7. Internal public

The Internal Public is nothing more than the company’s own employees. They help to humanize and disseminate the culture and values ​​of the brand.

Without a doubt, these are the first influencers to be worked on in any company.

If a company does not have employees who believe, trust and disclose the company itself, something is very wrong.

The reach and resonance of this type of influencer is very low, but it is highly relevant. There is no other influencer in the world who knows your brand so well and has so much authority to talk about it.

In this case, effective internal communication, clear policies and career and monitoring plans are essential for your employee to wear his shirt and influence other talents to want to work in your company and other people to consume your product or service.

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Other types of influencers

Today there are more than 60 thousand digital influencers around the world.

To stand out from the crowd and retain a certain audience, you need to be creative, sincere, consistent and frequent with the content you propose to do.

On the other hand, there is a type of influencer who gains fame and captive public for the mere work of destiny: memes.

That’s right! People who for some single situation shared in a photo or video, usually comical, receive a flood of followers almost instantly.

Most of these people did not create this type of content with a clear purpose. They just shared a common situation in their daily lives that was massively recognized by other people who appropriated the theme, making it viral.

Brands are already recognizing these famous snapshots and taking advantage of O frisson of the moment to interact and chat with a large engaged audience.

Who doesn’t remember Candace Payne crying with laughter while wearing a Chewbacca mask.

Facebook took advantage of the moment and invited the young mother to take a tour of the company and further promote the modality of transmitting live content through this media.

In London we have the case of cousins ​​“taca-le pau“. With a home video and a spontaneous narrative of the descent of cousin Marcos in a roller car, they won the eyes of Formula 1.

More than immediately, the boys were hired to record the commercial for the GP Petrobras do Brasil F1 2014 season.

So, don’t worry if that influencer that you sympathized with the most does not fit into these profiles mentioned above.

Understand only if that person – or group – has potential to help achieve your company’s goals.

In the end, this type of partnership aims to talk to an audience through people and content that are closer to their reality, so that they generate authority, engagement and sales for the brand.

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