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Discover the best logo making apps available on the market and get your brand off the ground! Meet each one of them!

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O logo it is a very important element for a company’s visual identity. It is through it that the company differentiates itself from its competitors and transmits ideas and concepts quickly.

However, not all companies can count on the help of a professional to develop their visual identity. Therefore, many entrepreneurs end up looking for more economical alternatives, like using an application to make logo.

And, contrary to what many people think, this practice is common in the market. World famous brands – such as Google and Twitter – started their work with simple logos and updated the brand when they had a bigger box.

Guide to creating logos

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We have listed the 9 best logo making apps available on the market. Check it out:

1. Logaster

O Logaster is a great option for those looking for an application to make logo quickly and at an affordable price.

With it, you can develop logos in a simple way, without the need for technical knowledge or mastery of image editing tools, such as Adobe Photoshop.

And, in addition to creating logos, with Logaster you are also able to create business cards, envelopes and other basic stationery materials for the communication of a company.

Best of all, with Logaster you can create a logo without paying anything for it. Charges are made only if you want to download your logo in higher resolution or wish to purchase other materials for your company.

2. Power Draw

Another application that can help you create a logo for your company is the Power Draw. As its name suggests, this application has a very similar look to Corel Draw, which can be useful for those who have already had contact with the tool.

The software is completely free and has several specific tools to help in the creation of logos, being a good option for those who do not have time to master all the features of the application.

It also makes it easy to create 2D drawings and GIFs, being a very complete tool, although free.

3. LogoScopic Studio

Logoscopic Studio app

Have you ever thought about creating a logo and other materials for your company using a mobile device? Nowadays this is totally possible, and there are several useful options for those who use smartphones in their daily lives.

And one of the best mobile apps available for creating logos is the LogoScopic Studio, app available for iPhone that offers several features, templates and color options available, at no cost.

If you are looking for more features, you can purchase a paid version of the app, allowing your company to develop even more interesting graphic materials for your brand.

5. Makr

Makr Logos

O Makr is another application for smartphones that is increasingly being used to create materials and graphic elements that are indispensable for the promotion of companies, such as logos.

With Makr it is possible to create an attractive logo in a few taps on the screen. And in addition to creating a logo, Makr also supports basic stationery creation, such as business cards, event invitations and other important design elements for any business.

The cost to use Makr is small, and the platform has a basic plan starting at $ 6.99.

6. Logo Maker

O Logo Marker is another excellent option for those looking for an application to make free and efficient logo. It is a completely online platform, which can be used directly in your internet browser.

Like other apps mentioned in this post, Logo Maker also offers the option of creating materials such as folders, business cards and even promotional banners.

But, to download your logo and use it in your company’s communication pieces, you will have to pay a small fee.

7. Logojoy

O Logojoy is another application option for creating logos completely online. Working in a similar way to Logo Maker, with Logojoy you can create, with a few clicks, an attractive logo for your company.

And Logojoy’s differential is the possibility of making small changes in the color, font, icons and even the shape of the logo suggested for you.

However, not everything is flowers: the application allows you to work on your logo as you wish, but only authorizes the download after you pay a fee for it.

8. Design Mantic

With a proposal that includes the creation of a logo and the design of a website, images for social networks and even the email signature, the Design Mantic it is the ideal option for anyone who is investing in a digital business.

And, in addition to helping with the development of images for your digital marketing campaign, Design Mantic also supports the creation of your basic stationery – such as business cards, letterheads and even t-shirts.

As well as several alternatives that we list in this post, with Design Mantic you will be able to create your logo directly from your website, excluding the need to install any software on your computer or on your cell phone.

However, all of these features come at a cost: to download the logos and other materials created by you, you need to pay a small fee.

9. Foundry logo

O Foundry logo it is another option for those looking for an application to make a logo that can be used using a smartphone.

Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems, the application offers several tools that allow the creation of a custom logo that meets the requirements of your project.

The software also offers support for layers, allowing you to add more details to your creation.

But, precisely because it offers several features, the application is a little complex – which can hinder the creation of some people. In addition, you will have to pay a small fee to download your work.

With the applications listed in this post, you will be able to create a very attractive logo for your company, making your brand differentiate yourself from your competitors and win the attention of your customers.

And now that you’ve already chosen an app to make a logo for your company, get to know the 14 best apps for the marketer and optimize your work!

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