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Facebook’s Business Manager was created to facilitate the work of agencies and entrepreneurs who need to manage different profiles and ad accounts. Through this tool, these professionals can create organic publications, manage media libraries, create paid advertisements and measure results.

Facebook has revolutionized the way of advertising online through Facebook Ads. However, even those who already work in the area still usually have some difficulties in dealing with all the tools provided by the platform. How and where to make an announcement? How and where to track the results?

Well know that this is what Facebook Business Manager exists for. It is a platform that encompasses all other Facebook tools. Through it is possible manage ads and organic publications, as well as act with different ad accounts simultaneously.

In other words, Facebook’s Business Manager allows you to optimize all your Digital Marketing work on that network. Want to know more about the topic? So come with us! In this text, you will discover:

  • What is Facebook Business Manager?
  • What is the Facebook Business Manager for?
  • How to use Facebook Business Manager?
  • How to measure results through Facebook’s business manager?

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook’s Business Manager, also known as Business Manager, is the platform that allows the management and creation of organic and paid publications for the brand’s social networks – Facebook itself and Instagram. It was developed with the main purpose of assisting agencies and entrepreneurs who need to manage profiles and ad accounts from different customers.

Through it, it is possible to schedule pieces to be published, segment the audience to be impacted by an ad, as well as stipulate the duration and budget to be invested in each campaign. In addition, the tool allows the organization of everything that has been published (organically or not), which facilitates the measuring results later.

What is the Facebook business manager for?

The Facebook Business Manager has several features. The tool has undergone some transformations over the years and Facebook always implements new features to improve the work of its customers.

Currently, it is divided exactly according to the production stages of a campaign: planning, creating and managing and measuring results (in addition to having specific tabs for parts management and payment information.


In the planning tab it is possible to track insights about the audience of your page, in addition to creating ad templates. The “Creative Center” tool is especially used to facilitate the internal campaign approval.

Create and manage

The second tab is where you do the upload your adverts and also organic posts:

  • the Business Manager provides an overview of all account activity;
  • the Ads Manager allows the creation and analysis of the performance of the ads;
  • the Commerce Manager integrates the results and orders received into specific ads aimed at selling.

Measure and report

Perhaps one of the most important tabs of the Facebook Business Manager. In it, you can extract reports of the ads made, as well as have access to Analytics, which allows for a broader analysis of access through different devices. This is where you add the Facebook pixel, for example, to monitor traffic to your website from the network.


In the last tab it is possible to manage the billing information of your account (how you will pay for the ads made) and also to define the people who work in that profile. It is possible to delimit functions and accesses, according to the responsibilities of each member of your team.

How to use Facebook’s business manager?

When Business Manager is set up correctly, you no longer need to ask for permission to access customer pages, avoid having to share passwords and logins frequently among your team and dispense with third-party tools to schedule and manage your publications.

They are just advantages to your business! Want to know how to do this? Then follow the step by step below.

Create an account

The first step is create an account on Facebook Business Manager website. Note that it is possible to select “Login” and, thus, already associate your profile with a Business Manager account. In any case, it is mandatory to have a personal Facebook account.

Associate a page with the Business Manager

After login, the next screen shows the businesses that are already associated with your profile. Therefore, you must have already been included among a page’s administrators before creating the Business Manager for that customer in question.

Include an Ads account

The next step involves associating an Ad Account with that Business Manager. A Business Manager can support different Ad Accounts. See what the options for this configuration step include!

Add an existing ad account

Some agencies choose to have a single ad account for their client letter. In this process, it is as if you took the account to the customer’s profile.

Add someone else’s ad account

It is necessary to request permission. This is the most used option when the client already had an Ad Account before even hiring a consultant or an agency.

Create an ad account

Option in case that profile has never made an announcement. Here, the Ads Account needs to be set up from scratch and payment information must be included (the options offered by Facebook are: credit and debit cards, PayPal, bank slip and local card from Banco do Brasil).

Determine responsibilities

The next step is to assign responsibilities. You can create roles such as: administrator, editor, financial analyst and financial editor. Each of them has access to different features and information of the tool. The invitations are made by Facebook itself, so everyone involved must also have a personal profile on the network.

Remember that the accesses in question in this step are related to the Business Manager, not necessarily to the management of the page itself.

Include an Instagram account

To make using your Facebook Business Manager even more effective, it is possible to include the Instagram account in the profile. This especially facilitates the creation of ads that will run on both networks and allows the measurement of results in the same way.

In “Business Settings”, access “Instagram Accounts” and include the profile to be associated. Until today, with the exception of the newly created “in paid partnership with” model, most Instagram ads happen in the dark post model – which means that they will not necessarily be visible organically to your followers.

Having the Instagram account associated with the Business Manager allows overlapping audiences and a approximation between paid and organic content (since only when accounts are linked, you can go directly from the ad to the brand profile).

How to measure results through Facebook’s business manager?

The measurement of Facebook results is done through the Ads Manager. The tool allows you to monitor the development of a campaign throughout its execution and not just at the end. Like this, you can edit your campaign for improvement while it’s still live.

In addition, another possibility is to perform A / B tests. This methodology provides for the creation of two similar campaigns, with only minor changes – most commonly applied to titles, CTAs, URL or images.

The ad is aimed at the same audience with the same budget and a partial evaluation is made (before the end of the campaign) to identify which of the options presented the best result. Thus, one of the ads is paused and only what brought more conversion remains on the air until the end of the campaign.

Last but not least, Business Manager also allows you to extract an ad report. It is possible to select what you want to evaluate and, thus, generate specific reports according to what needs to be evaluated. In this same tab, it is also possible to have a account overview, with information such as: reach, impressions, frequency and amount spent on the first screen.

As you’ve seen, Facebook’s Business Manager is an extremely useful and practical for those who manage different customers and acts simultaneously with more than one Ad Account on the platform. It facilitates the upload of paid and organic publications, in addition to allowing the creation of A / B tests and the measurement of the results of these campaigns.

Do you want to continue on the topic and go even deeper on Facebook? So continue with us and download our ebook now on how to optimize conversions with Facebook Ads. Good reading and see you next time!