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If you already follow the blog, you know how much we hit the key that in order to have a successful digital marketing strategy it is important to follow results. Without this monitoring it is simply impossible to have the correct view of the work done, which makes it very difficult to solve problems and reduces the chances of doing the work. […]

If you already follow the blog, you know how much we hit the key that in order to have a successful digital marketing strategy it is important to follow results.

Without this monitoring, it is simply impossible to have the correct view of the work done, which makes it very difficult to solve problems and reduces the chances of making the planning work.

Thinking about that, learning from a reference on the subject is one of the best ways to prepare to put the best practices in metrics analysis into action.

Few people are as suitable as Avinash Kaushik. Still don’t know who he is? So, learn all about this web analytics master and see what you can learn from him!

Who is Avinash Kaushik?


Image: Quartz

When my mom asks me what I do, I tell her that I help to change people’s minds.

This sentence gives us a sense of the strong presence of Avinash Kaushik as an entrepreneur and marketer. More specifically, Avinash himself describes himself using 3 items:

  • author: he published two bestsellers, translated into several languages;
  • blogger: the Occam’s Razor blog is an important part of his career, opening doors to many professional opportunities;
  • digital marketing evangelist: this is the title he carries at Google, the company where he works solving complex problems.

But it was not always so. Avinash grew up as a poor child in India. Since he was 10, he learned to value work by working (and living) in his father’s modest factory.

From the father’s training, who was a mechanical engineer, there was also the motivation to pursue the same training at the university years later.

That choice would forever change Avinash’s life. Soon, he realized that his interest was more in doing business than in the engineering profession.

As a result, he moved to Saudi Arabia to earn enough money and do an MBA in the United States.

With money for 4 months and a 2-year program ahead, Avinash arrived in the USA and today works for one of the most valuable companies on the planet.

A jealous curriculum

One of the ways to evaluate a professional’s training is to analyze his resume. It helps us to better understand the candidate’s profile and observe his qualifications and achievements.

How about doing a short exercise and looking at Avinash’s “curriculum” to get to know your career a little better?

It is rare to find professionals as complete and with a history as impressive as that of Avinash Kaushik, as he is:

Award-winning professional

In general, Avinash is a very renowned and award-winning professional in his field, which today is not just about the analysis of metrics, but certainly focuses a lot on it.

He received several awards, as the most influential contributor in the industry by the Web Analytics Association in 2011 and rising star of the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation in 2010.


How many people can say that they have spoken to giants like IBM, Unilever, AOL, Time Warner, Toyota and Google? Yes, Mr. Kaushik can!

In addition, he has lectured at several conventions around the world (and continues to do so today), as well as at some of the world’s leading universities, such as Stanford.


Another characteristic of Avinash is his long experience as an advisor in different organizations, including the Web Analytics Association.

He is currently on the board of different educational institutions, including the University of Toronto.

In addition to his role as a consultant for some of the world’s leading brands, Avinash has extensive experience as an advisor, especially in projects aimed at education.

Digital Influencer

The blog Occam’s Razor is one of the leading web analytics companies in the world and this makes Avinash considered one of the leading digital influencers in the field.

In addition, its profiles on Twitter (183 thousand followers) and Facebook (43 thousand likes on the page) show the reach that your message has, especially taking into account a subject as specific as digital metrics.


Currently, Avinash devotes much of his time to digital marketing working within the Googleplex, the company’s headquarters in Mountain View.

Initially, his role was mainly focused on the use of data, but over time Avinash realized that the problem with people is not always with data, but with strategic decisions.

As a result, he expanded his work to solve broader problems.

And, as he says, the word “evangelist” in the title of his job (digital marketing evangelist) is just so he can do what he wants.


Since Avinash’s interest has always been in strategic decisions and in how a business is managed, it is only natural that he should venture down the road in entrepreneurship.

So he founded Market Motive, an on-demand digital marketing education startup. The deal was so successful that he ended up selling the company for $ 10 million recently.

Why Avinash Kaushik is a master of web analytics

You can already see that Avinash Kaushik has a great resume, a lot due to his work with web analytics. But that is not the only reason to call him a master of web analytics.

The guy has not one, but two bestsellers on the topic! Let’s go a little deeper into each one.

So, we can see how Avinash thinks about the subject and, mainly, what we can learn from him:

Web Analytics – one hour a day

Avinash’s first bestseller offers something that every entrepreneur and digital marketer seeks: a step-by-step guide to creating a successful analytics strategy.

The original book even included a CD with more than 5 hours of presentations, Powerpoint presentations and other resources.

Web Analytics 2.0

Avinash’s second book on the topic was also a huge success, and the idea that he addresses part of the principle that web analytics 2.0 comes down to 3 things:

  1. the quantitative and qualitative analysis of data from your website and from competitors;
  2. drive continuous improvement in the digital experience of your customers and prospects;
  3. translate their positive experience in achieving their goals (on and offline).

It is very worthwhile to read what he has to say on the subject. He addresses each of these points in detail and even points out specific strategies you can use to become a true data analysis ninja.

You can learn more about this subject by downloading our Content and Data Marketing ebook!

5 lessons we can learn from Avinash Kaushik

It is not just about metrics analysis that you can learn from Mr. Kaushik. His own trajectory teaches us valuable lessons about marketing, entrepreneurship and even life!

We separated 5 of them, but for sure you can think of more if you research his journey more thoroughly:

Specialization does not have to be a “cast”

Avinash specializes in web analytics, which is a very useful area for any digital business.

But not even when he reached the peak of his career, working at one of the most incredible companies in the world, did he let that limit him.

Instead, he broadened his vision beyond specialization and started to work more widely in the area of ​​marketing and entrepreneurship.

Learning never hurts

Since childhood, Avinash has always said he was restless and fascinated by how things work.

This led him to take different paths throughout his career, which made him one of the most respected professionals in the world in his specialty.

The lesson is clear: no one learns too much. There is no point where there is nothing more useful to learn. It is necessary to remain thirsty for information and for new ways of applying it.

Fear can be a powerful motivator

The poor childhood and the time spent without money while doing his MBA in the United States left a mark in Avinash.

The fear of going through this kind of difficulty again makes him stay motivated to do a better job and never give up.

Difficult experiences can also be used

During the time he worked in Saudi Arabia, Avinash faced all possible discrimination, but he saw this kind of complicated situation as a lesson in humility.

In addition, all the difficulties he went through made him strive to reach new paths and work in an innovative way to achieve your goals.

It is important to create a personal brand

The Occam’s Razor blog served as a starting point for several positive opportunities and experiences in Avinash’s life.

For example, it was from the blog that he received the invitation to publish his first book, which elevated him to a state of authority on the subject.

This helped in his lectures, interviews and appearances at events, which caught Google’s attention.

The truth is that it has never been more important to track metrics than it is today, and Avinash Kaushik is one of the leading names in web analytics. Therefore, it is worth following your work and staying on top of the main trends and good practices on the topic.

Speaking of which, you probably use Google Analytics, right? See how you can get Google certified and further improve your ability to measure results!