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On a gloomy Friday night, while most people lie around the city amid ballads, doom, parties and Netflix, one professional in particular finds himself plunged into the deepest demands and ambitions – personal or from his bosses. He needs results. You need to show your worth. The marketer, or publicist, […]

On a gloomy Friday night, while most people lie around the city amid ballads, doom, parties and Netflix, one professional in particular finds himself plunged into the deepest demands and ambitions – personal or from his bosses.

He needs results. You need to show your worth.

The marketer, or publicist, or marketer (as you prefer), washed down with their cups of coffee, investigates the best way to fight your worst nightmares.

In this haunted world of Digital Marketing, there are many legends and tales about the most terrible events and monsters that this professional needs to face.

In today’s post you will find yourself face to face with the most terrible aberrations that are capable of terrifying any marketer.

Turn on the lights, hide under the covers and meet these terrible creatures!

Samara – Delivering late

Seven days! (Seven days)

Surely that sentence has already housed all the hair on your body. Who didn’t die of Samara in childhood?

But these words can be just as scary today as that phone call.

It is one of the most terrible phrases that a marketer can hear. And one of the biggest fears that we all have is fail with the deadline.

And this monster has been jumping from our computer screens every day reminding us that the deadline is coming to an end.

That Called you can’t refuse, and not delivering on time can take you to the rock bottom!

Blair Witch – Not to be found (Bad SEO)

The scariest movie of his life was also the most frustrating. Worst of all, you never see the witch.
Hours of branches, screams, maps and fights, for nothing. The proof of this is that the scene that most marked you was that of a runny nose.

But our point is the trauma that this terrifying monster left and reappears in Digital Marketing: the fear of never being found.

Not having a good ranking on Google, not appearing on the first pages and having flawed SEO strategies take the sleep of any professional.

Nobody wants to never be found, like the kids in the movie, so find the right tools to analyze and identify your SEO mistakes that, like the witch, are often overlooked.

Carrie the Strange – Social Media Crisis

If you have seen a crisis in the social networks of any company, you are surely terrified that it will happen to you.

That moment when you are stained red, in the center of attention, being the target of protests, mockery and curses from all sides. Sometimes even the closest persona will stab you in the back.

Dealing with this is not easy. And despite your wishes, killing customers with your mind is never the best option.
Be patient! AND never ignore criticism!

Leatherface – Not having a well-defined visual identity

Your content is good, but the face of your blog still doesn’t convince you, is it? Or this template on your website.

And what a monster is in your head right? Having a bad look doesn’t help anyone. And don’t try to go around trying to get a little bit of the face of each blog to build yours!

Have your own identity and authenticity!

Pennywise – Shoot email to the wrong base

Clowns are fun, funny, understanding and child-loving creatures. They bring joy even on the darkest day.


Not in the case of Pennywise. The scary clown is a murderer!

Of course, I couldn’t be left out of that list. This big monster that plagues the lives of marketers consists of send emails to the wrong base.

After all, the clown should shoot funny things at the base of children and not put terror in the lives of adults.

Pay extra attention to your targeting and for sure you will have less chances of tearing up and more chances of generating smiles.

Chucky the Killer Toy – losing position to the competition

Chuck was the story of a murderer trapped in the body of a cuddly doll called “Good Guy”.

Chucky’s big goal was to steal the boy Andy’s body.

In the world of Digital Marketing, fearing that someone will steal your place permeates everyone’s mind. If you have achieved a good position on Google, you are certainly afraid of losing it.

And there are always some voracious predatory competitors disguised as cute posts for your persona and when you least expect it … you are trapped in a lower position than you were before.

Stay tuned! Defend yourself from Chuck. Follow your competitors’ footsteps to learn how to overcome them and what you can learn from them.

Jason Voorhees – No more talking

Friday the 13th was one of the great landmarks of terror for those who grew up in the 80-90s. Jason Vorhees is one of the most remarkable villains of all time.

And even after dying and resurrecting more times than Krillin, one thing is certain: you don’t know what Jason’s voice is like.

Another monster that appears for anyone who has a blog is to have nothing more to say. No more subjects, no more keywords, etc.

Jason reinvented himself, went to the future, fought with another famous monster, started running … now it’s up to you. Escape this monster by reinventing yourself and finding new types of content to address.

Freddy Krueger – Being good on just one channel

You have an excellent blog. Very good posts, a high authority, receives good links, but…

Your website is bad, your social networks are not functional, you have a terrible Email Marketing.

That’s how the monster Freddy Krueger torments you. On your blog, in your dream world, you are excellent. But it’s your only channel that works! Outside of them you are easy prey for your competition.

It is no use having a dream channel if everyone else is a nightmare time.

So have a complete strategy and invest in multiple channels relevant to your persona.

Michael Myers (Halloween) – Getting fired

Michael Myers is one of the worst monsters for any marketer.

He does not have much scruple, nor is his family safe from his cuts. When the resignation monster arrives, there’s no way. You want to cry, run away, but you have nowhere to run.

The secret is to stay away from him. Especially close to the Halloween. Be the best professional you can, with goals achieved, effort, attention and data!

Mr Hyde (The doctor and the monster) – Post to company profile

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde are / are iconic characters. And who among us has never had a bit of a double personality, isn’t it true?

When we are managers of a company’s page, we go through this. At work we are Dr Jekyll, in the personal profile we are Mr Hyde!

And if there’s a monster that scares you, you end up confusing your personalities and post something personal on the company’s profile!

Very careful! Have a doctor to reverse some embarrassing situations created by the monster.

Jigsaw – Don’t hit goals

I want to play a game! You need to generate 5,000 leads and increase blog traffic by 70% in that quarter!

If you use practical black hats the search engine called Google will drop all your rankings, culminating in the end of your job.

Next to you are the resources to achieve this goal: you must use efficient keywords, good content, good SEO practices and your social networks.

If you don’t make it in time, the Samara monster will jump out of that computer.

Hit goal or street! Make your choice!

Ghostface – Do not generate qualified leads

Since the advent of Vendarketing, the marketing team sends the most qualified leads to the sales team. But the two teams are very afraid of a common monster. Unqualified leads.

They seem to be what they are not. And during the phone call, when the subject seems to be flowing, this monster cuts the call and stabs you in the back, saying it doesn’t need the service right now.

It is to leave any professional in Panic.

So invest in your leads and create the best possible materials to educate them to your market.

71 Witch – Being Misunderstood

71 Witch is the most iconic witch of all time. Much more frightening than the Blair Witch, much more feared than Elvira and more imposing than Maleficent.

On the other hand (SPOILER ALERT) she is just an ordinary woman.

And that 71 Witch Witch torments your life. The fear that your persona will see you in a worse way than you really are.

Nobody wants to be seen as a witch, when in fact she is the misunderstood and friendly Dona Clotilde.

Avoid promises you can’t keep, misleading titles, clickbaits, etc.

Scooby Doo Monsters – Lack of Planning

You would have been able to complete everything you had planned had it not been for your clutter and that stupid calendar!

A monster that is likely to pester you is fail to do good planning. He usually appears at the beginning of a month and sabotages his entire strategy.

Usually he doesn’t put fear on anyone, but when he uses the legend of other monsters like Samara (deadlines) or Jigsaw (goals), then you realize that it was that monster, at the beginning of the month, which is now using these masks to torment you. So get organized!

Edward Cullen – Not having authority

To close the list, comes a monster that scares many people.

Calm! Not his figure, but what this monster represents.

The fear of not having any authority! As much as you wanted to be a vampire, no one sees you as such. Nobody respects you in your market.

And authority comes with the sum of all good deeds that keep all other monsters away. They are the garlic and crucifix you need!

Trick or treat?

Now that I brought you this fun and nostalgic post and cheered up your Halloween I will give you two options:

Either you share this post or I will ask one of these monsters to show up in your room tonight!
Make your choice!

P.S: if you know any more monsters that scare any marketer, share them in the comments and if he goes through the scrutiny of our judges, it will be incorporated into the post!