meet the new Websites Are Us teaching platform – WAU

WAU University offers Digital Marketing courses that teach the same strategies and techniques that we use at Websites Are Us to lead students towards success. In this article, we tell you all the details about this incredible launch!

Increasingly, companies of all sizes have realized the importance of doing Digital Marketing. However, both business owners and professionals in the field find it difficult to do it the right way and with a focus on results. To remedy this problem once and for all, we launched WAU University!

Although many people who accompany us already knew the Websites Are Us University and its Digital Marketing courses, the new format brings news capable of guiding students towards success!

And, to let you know everything about this launch, what are the platform’s Digital Marketing courses, who are the teachers and how you can enroll, continue reading this post until the end!

How did the Websites Are Us University come about?

When Websites Are Us was founded, we needed to teach what Content Marketing is through our blog. After all, this was a type of marketing whose strategy the market did not yet understand very well.

However, over time, we saw that it was also important to teach Digital Marketing in a practical way and with a focus on results. Thus, the Websites Are Us University emerged in 2016.

At first, “Content Marketing” courses, whose teacher is Vitor Peçanha, co-founder of Websites Are Us, and “Web Content Production”, taught by Luiza Drubscky, marketing manager, were added to the platform.

However, as Digital Marketing is broad and has areas such as SEO, email marketing, social networks, among others, more courses were created, this time under the premium category.

Since then, more than 130,000 people have enrolled in both free modules and premium courses. In addition, the certifications have been of great value to those seeking marketing and sales opportunities in the market, since more than 200 companies in the country require Websites Are Us certificates in their selection processes.

How is Digital Marketing taught in Websites Are Us courses?

As soon as we made the decision to start Websites Are Us University, the first question that came up was: how can we help students succeed?

After all, one of the biggest pains that people who consume our content and courses is exactly how to do Digital Marketing in the right way and have results.

Websites Are Us was able to develop strategies and techniques in this direction that brought us the following victories:

Soon, through the Websites Are Us University, we decided to teach students the same strategies and techniques so that they too are successful in their careers or business.

And to determine the right path of studies, the courses were created from the stages of Inbound Marketing:

  1. attraction
  2. engagement
  3. conversion
  4. retention

Why did the name change from Websites Are Us University to WAU University?

Just as Websites Are Us has clients outside of London (more specifically in Spanish-speaking countries prospected through our Spanish blog), the University also has students of this profile thanks to the Content Marketing course (taught by Vitor Peçanha, co- founder of Websites Are Us and bilingual teacher).

Therefore, the change to the name WAU University was not for nothing, as there are many professionals and companies around the world who have not yet discovered us and we want to impact them all! And the first step was to adopt the name in English.


– Learn from Websites Are Us experts the ways to master Digital Marketing

The first change that WAU University brought was its mission: in addition to helping students achieve real results for their careers or business, guide them on the path towards that success.

For that, we kept the free courses free and divided the premium courses into knowledge trails so that everyone can learn Digital Marketing in a practical way from the phases of attraction, engagement, conversion and retention. Check out each of the trails and their respective courses below.

Track 1: getting started in Digital Marketing

This is the ideal trail for beginners, as we teach everything necessary to get started with this type of strategy. It includes the following courses:

Track 2: creating digital presence

After taking the first step in Digital Marketing, it is necessary to start building authority through tools and practical actions taught in the courses of:

Track 3: engaging the audience

Once the learning of your previous tracks has been successfully applied, you will already have an audience arriving on your digital channels. Therefore, it is time to engage you through the courses on this trail which are:

Track 4: delighting the customer

And finally, the customer conversion phase has arrived. This trail teaches the techniques used to turn opportunities into sales, in addition to retaining the customers won. The courses are:

What are the other news from WAU University?

In addition to the trails of knowledge, WAU University brings many new features compared to the old format of Websites Are Us University. Here we point out the main ones:

  • a new platform to offer students the best study experience;
  • new content formats (such as audio classes);
  • personalized coaching to guide premium students to success.

And more! Very soon, we will still have:

Who are the professors at WAU University?

Now that you know everything that the courses at WAU University can bring, we present the team of professors that make up our faculty.

Free course teachers

Vitor Peçanha, professor of the Content Marketing course

Peçanha is co-founder of Websites Are Us and the greatest authority in Content Marketing in London. In addition to impacting more than 100 thousand students enrolled in this course, he also gives lectures on the subject in different places in the country.

Luiza Drubscky, professor of the Web Content Production course

Luiza is the marketing manager at Websites Are Us, responsible for all B2C strategies that involve both WAU University and the Websites Are Us Community (blog for freelance writers) and WAU Jobs (marketing and sales vacancy portal).

With over 5 years of experience in producing content for the Web, Luiza participated in the creation of various content formats for both Websites Are Us and partner companies.

Fabiano Cancela, professor of the Inbound Marketing course

As co-founder of Websites Are Us, Fabiano had the opportunity to participate in projects such as the creation of the Customer Success area, the beginning of the freelance writing community and the development of WAU’s data analysis.

This range of knowledge made him acquire advanced knowledge in Inbound Marketing to the point of being chosen to be the teacher of this course.

Vinícius Mayrink, professor of the Outbound Marketing course

Vinícius is the largest outbound marketing representative in London from his blog Outbound Marketing. He is CEO of Reev, the largest Outbound and Sales Engagement platform aimed at helping companies accelerate their business results.

Content team, Web Content Review course teachers

To teach this course, members of Websites Are Us marketing, planning and content teams were invited. Are they:

  • Laura Bernardes
  • Arthur Minoves
  • Moema Vianna
  • Rafael Silva
  • Lívia Chaves
  • Vivaldo Coelho
  • Sabrina Sânde

Matheus Clemente, WordPress course teacher at Prática

Matheus is a Growth Hacker and WordPress expert at Websites Are Us. Therefore, he was called to be the teacher of this course and to teach students how to take their first steps on WordPress, one of the largest CMS in the world!

Premium course teachers

André Mousinho, professor of the Corporate Blogs course

André is the SEO specialist at Websites Are Us and one of the biggest experts on the subject in London. Graduated in Advertising, he is the person responsible for managing the content production of Websites Are Us blogs.

To give you an idea, after taking over the frontline of this blog you are reading now, he managed to increase the number of visitors by 200%!

Renato Mesquita, SEO course teacher

Graduated journalist, specialist in Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing and SEO strategies, Renato is CMO at Magnetis Investimentos and has also been Marketing Director at Websites Are Us.

He was responsible for the composition of WAU’s marketing team and the development of strategies such as the one that led the company to win the first position in Google for the disputed term “digital marketing”.

Talita Batista, professor of the Customer Success course

Talita has been working in the Customer Success area since 2014, a time when the sector was taking shape at Websites Are Us and starting to grow in the London market.

It was she who idealized Websites Are Us’s onboarding system and acted as a successful manager for clients of various sizes, both Mid and Enterprise companies and partner agencies.

Dimitri Vieira, professor of Personal Marketing on LinkedIn

Dimitri is an engineer by training, responsible for the blog Community Websites Are Us and one of the greatest connoisseurs of LinkedIn in London, so much so that the social network itself recommends his articles.

By using the techniques he teaches in the course, in less than 1 year, he managed to make his profile on the platform grow by 6000%.

Maria Clara, professor of the Inside Sales course

Maria Clara has a degree in business and is passionate about sales. She is currently a commercial coordinator at Hotmart. Previously, at WAU, she was responsible for managing the Inside Sales teams and partnerships.

Lizandra Muniz, professor of the Social Media Management course

Lizandra has a degree in Social Communication from UFMG and has worked with social networks for over 5 years.

He is currently the communication manager at Websites Are Us, responsible for creating growth strategies for social media, events, and generating new business opportunities.

Clara Borges, professor of the Email Marketing course

Clara has a degree in Advertising, with a focus on Media, from the University of Texas at Austin.

At Websites Are Us, she is the marketing manager responsible for email marketing strategy, lead generation and nutrition. Therefore, his team is focused on product marketing and generating new business for Websites Are Us.

Paulino Sulz and Pedro Galvão, professors of the Marketing course on Instagram

Paulino is responsible for Websites Are Us’s brand management, taking care of visibility, image management and employer branding strategies.

Pedro is in charge of WAU’s social networks. He works on the elaboration of the editorial calendar, content scheduling and strategic results analysis.

Carolina, Marina and Iara, teachers of the Video Script course

Carolina is responsible for supervising the SEO planning team at Websites Are Us, whose strategies to increase customer results are developed. She has a degree in Journalism and a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing and Social Media.

Marina is supervisor of the Content Production team at Websites Are Us, so her main role is to assist analysts to create, review and deliver content that is relevant to customers.

Iara is the supervisor of the Content Production team at Websites Are Us, so her team is in charge of the success of the clients’ strategy. She has a degree in Literature and is certified in Content Marketing.

Hugo Dias, professor of the WordPress Developer course

Hugo is a software engineer at Websites Are Us, a member of the WAU Stage technology team (the WordPress solution for professional blogs developed by Websites Are Us) and creator of WAU Convert, the best WordPress plugin focused on conversions.

Marina Cordeiro and Gustavo Grossi, CRO course teachers

Marina is Marketing Supervisor at Websites Are Us. During his career, he was responsible for attracting clients from medium and large companies, managing email marketing strategies, optimizing conversions and product marketing.

Gustavo is a growth hacker at Websites Are Us, he is part of the product development team whose actions combine marketing, engineering and design in order to create new growth opportunities.

Carlos Nascimento and Pedro Gonçalves, professors of the Marketing course on Facebook

Carlos is an expert in Digital Marketing at Websites Are Us and one of the company’s greatest Facebook connoisseurs.

Pedro is a Digital Marketing consultant and a specialist in paid media, which includes Facebook Business strategies and actions.

Maristela Leão, teacher of the Customer Experience course

Maristela is a Customer Success manager at Websites Are Us charged with leading the CS team and guiding each of its members to manage their clients’ content strategies so that they are successful.

How to enroll at WAU University?

To enroll in Digital University courses at WAU University is very simple. You can click on the links below to choose which of the learning trails you want to start.

If you want to take a course individually, you can click here and choose which one you want to start with. And more: this week of launch, we have 40% discount for you to start on the right foot!

Good studies!