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Entrepreneurial women show how creativity, vision and courage allowed them to build innovative businesses in different market segments, and how this performance can be used to empower and inspire those who seek a more egalitarian world with more leadership opportunities!

Entrepreneurship is more than just opening a business. It consists of identifying an opportunity for performance and profit, and goes hand in hand with creativity, planning and discipline. In this competitive scenario, women entrepreneurs are highlighted.

The female performance stands out for its leadership, organization and success in ventures. With that in mind, we will now show 13 women entrepreneurs with stories that are worth telling!

Follow and discover these inspiring trajectories!

The growing presence of women in the entrepreneurial market

Initially, it is necessary to exalt that women gain more and more space in the business world. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2016, in London, they represent 51.5% of those who start a new business.

However, among consolidated entrepreneurs, they are still a minority, representing 42.7% compared to 57.3% of men.

In addition, most of them are at the head of MEI or as partners of micro and small companies, representing 98.5% of the female performance in the business world, according to Serasa Experian.

Discrimination is still present, and only 0.2% of London entrepreneurs are partners in large companies. This demonstrates the many challenges of women entrepreneurs in the search for space in a predominantly male environment.

Thus, knowing the history of women who took risks and pursued their dreams is an inspiration, especially in the month of March, which marks the international struggle of women.

10 enterprising women to be inspired

Entrepreneurial women are in all segments, identifying opportunities for innovation and profit, even in those considered as masculine and that give less space and opportunities for them, such as design. Check out!

1. Zica Assis

The first example of an entrepreneurial woman is Heloísa Helena Assis, known as Zica. She worked as a nanny and housekeeper and had the inspiration that transformed her life in her curly hair.

With the intention of developing quality products aimed at curly, curly and wavy hair, Zica took a hairdressing course and used this space to test the products that most generated results in these types of hair.

Realizing the lack of suitable products in the market and the interest of the acquaintances, Zica joined with 3 more friends to open the salon specialized in curly and wavy hair in 1993, the Instituto Beleza Natural.

In addition to customer service, the project also focused on formulating products for this niche market. Currently, there are more than 40 units of the Institute throughout London and Zica was recognized as one of the 10 most powerful businesswomen in the country, according to Forbes.

2. Maria José de Lima Freitas

The change in the life of Maria José de Lima Freitas, known as Mazé, came through sweets and at 44 years of age. After losing her job as a cleaner and spending more than a year unemployed, she decided to start selling sweets to generate income and support her two children.

The first pot of peanut jam yielded R $ 20 in 1999 and, since then, the business has grown with the courageous confectioner in front of him. Currently, Mazé Doces produces more than 100 tons of sweets annually, with more than 25 employees and revenues annual revenue of R $ 1 million.

3. Ana Fontes

Entrepreneur Ana Fontes is an inspiration for women who want a professional change. After 17 years as an executive, her unhappiness led her to resign and start her own business.

The challenges of being an entrepreneurial woman made her realize this emptiness in the market, which gave rise to Rede Mulher Empreendedora, an online network focused on female entrepreneurship. Like this, in addition to empowering herself, Ana paved the way for other women to follow her example.

Currently, the network has more than 57,000 registered women who can count on various services, in addition to training initiatives for women in vulnerable situations.

4. Sarah and Julinha Lazaretti

One of the differentials of female entrepreneurship is seek opportunities that mainly affect women’s lives. This is the case of the sisters Sarah and Julinha Lazaretti who created Alergoshop, a company focused on solutions for people with allergies.

The idea came when Sarah’s daughter was born with several allergies and the mother had difficulty finding specific products. Her sister, Julinha, was studying allergies and together they started the business in 1993. Currently, Alergoshop operates with more than 280 items and is present in several London states.

5. Cecilia Prado

Cecilia Prado was born in the interior of Minas Gerais in a family that worked in the area of ​​knitting. To expand the simple business, the stylist joined the family tradition with technology and innovation, combining craftsmanship with contemporary design.

Success came soon and, since 2006, the brand that bears the name of Cecilia started to be exported to department stores in more than 20 countries in America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.


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6. Mônica Burgos

Born in Itabuna, the entrepreneur Mônica Burgos founded Avatim, specialized in olfactory marketing, after abandoning law and moving to Rio de Janeiro to study fashion. Mother of three and divorced, Mônica did not allow the challenges to prevent her from opening her own business.

By knowing the flavorings of environments, she identified that there was a gap in the market. With that, she joined a friend to open Avatim, which currently has more than 50 franchisees, 6 own stores and a millionaire billing.

7. Sônia Hess

The example of entrepreneurship by Sônia Hess passes from mother to daughter. Dudalina started when Seu Duda, the father, bought excess fabric for sale, which would be a loss if Dona Lina didn’t use the leftovers to make new shirts that started to be sold in the family business.

Sônia is the only woman among 12 siblings and took over the family business started in 1957, making Dudalina the largest exporter of shirts in London.

8. Alcione Albanesi

Alcione Albanesi is an example that the entrepreneurial spirit can appear early. With an interest in fashion, the first business started when she was 17 and the clothing company worked with 80 employees already at that time.

Searching for new challenges and entrepreneurial ideas, she sold the garment and the new venture came about when she first saw low-cost fluorescent lamps in 1992.

The Chinese product sparked the interest of the businesswoman, who has since traveled more than 70 times to China for new business and enabled the growth of FLC in the national market, which dominates 35% of the marketing share of lamps.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Alcione Albanesi is also the founder of the organization Amigos do Bem, an initiative that has already impacted the lives of more than 60,000 people in Northeast London through volunteering and initiatives to combat poverty.

9. Márcia Tozo

Márcia Tozo is an example of how entrepreneurship can help women overcome adversity. When she was a mother at 16, she had to leave school to dedicate herself to motherhood.

Years later, she resumed her studies and graduated from the advertising course. From there, she used her undergraduate knowledge to develop an online course to teach people how to make gourmet brigadeiros, especially the female audience.

The course was a success and started other digital content – such as her own blog – that made Márcia a reference in the area and a nationally recognized entrepreneur.

10. Luiza Helena Trajano

One of the greatest examples of entrepreneurship and women-led companies in London is Luiza Helena Trajano, president of Magazine Luiza, a store that started in the interior of São Paulo with her uncles.

By taking over the store in the 1990s, Luiza caused the business to expand nationally, with more than 700 stores, in 16 states. The entrepreneur’s financial assets exceed R $ 1 billion, including her in a select list of successful billionaire entrepreneurs.

In addition to being a reference as a businesswoman, Luiza stands out for its inclusion and incentive policies for female entrepreneurship, empowering other women.

Bonus: 3 international entrepreneurs

As it never hurts to talk about successful women entrepreneurs to inspire our lives, we completed this list with 3 more international entrepreneurs.

11. Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington is a London-American entrepreneur who founded The Huffington Post, the news site she created to publish personal columns and became an internationally recognized site, selling for $ 300 million. Currently, she is also an Uber advisor and one of the most influential executives in the world..

12. Mae Jemison

Dr. Mae Jemison is recognized for several achievements as an entrepreneur, doctor, astronaut and scientist. She was the first black woman to go to space in 1992. The following year, Mae resigned from NASA to found his own company, Jemison Group.

The company’s goal was to implement advanced technology solutions in people’s daily lives, such as solar energy projects in developing countries and satellite telecommunications to improve health in West Africa.

13. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is only 21, but is already the youngest billionaire entrepreneur of the world. That’s because, in 2015, she launched a cosmetics line called Kylie Cosmetics and, since then, has accumulated an estimated net worth of $ 900 million, a success she attributes to digital entrepreneurship.

According to Forbes, which included the young woman in the most recent edition of its annual ranking of billionaires, the company, which has Kylie as sole owner, ended 2018 with revenues of approximately $ 360 million.

As we have seen, there are plenty of inspiring and transformative examples of women entrepreneurs who used their creativity, business acumen and drive to achieve their dreams and encourage the empowerment of other women! Let’s go together?

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