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The RD Summit is an annual event that takes place in Florianópolis and is organized by Resultados Digitais. Considered the largest Digital Marketing event in Latin America, it promises surprises and increases its audience every year. This year, there were 8,000 participants, 150 speakers and 80 exhibitors. Websites Are Us, which is present at […]

The RD Summit is an annual event that takes place in Florianópolis and is organized by Resultados Digitais.

Considered the largest Digital Marketing event in Latin America, he promises surprises and increases his audience every year.

This year, there were 8,000 participants, 150 speakers and 80 exhibitors.

Websites Are Us, which is present at each edition as one of the main sponsors of the event, pumped its booth last year and did no different in 2017. It was one of the most frequented and commented during the 3 days of the event.

The partnership and campaign carried out with the ZUBB agency was incredible and we brought the theme Serial Results.

If you want to know a little more about the theme of this edition and how our campaign was, keep following this post!

Results in Series

Last year we decided to show our intention to not only help companies with the blog, but with the business, so we used the WAU Your Business campaign.

In that year, thinking about a new perspective, we decided to apply the Results in Series concept, that is, to help our customers not only to grow the business, but to have a series of positive results.

To play with this intention, each day we present a different series inserted in the world of digital marketing.

The idea was to draw the attention of the people who passed by and meet the taste of our persona with sensational marketing.

Challenge resolution

The task of structuring this year’s campaign was by Lizandra Muniz (Specialist in Social Networks), Maria Fernanda (Internal Content Manager) and Renato Mesquita (Head of Marketing).

Serial results

The challenge they faced this year was to do something bigger and better. All of this maintaining the identity of the previous year.

Mainly because there are several types of participants in corporate events and it is sometimes difficult to involve everyone.

The series theme was chosen, because at the moment this is a subject that is being discussed a lot and our persona engages a lot with series.

Initially, they chose 15 series, but thought it would be very difficult to make a connection with so many different options.

Therefore, to structure the idea, ZUBB presented us the slogan Results in Series and we decided to adopt the theme of one series per day.

However, the themes of the series would be surprising and every morning we would change the aesthetics of the stand.

To create a context between the series and digital marketing we decided to relate the themes to a lead’s path.

Day 1: How I Met Your Blog

The first day brought all the aesthetics of the series How I Met Your Mother with the theme How I Met Your Blog.

We chose it, because this series is classic and plays with the question of the lead’s first contact with your blog.

Participants loved the theme and were surprised to see the play with the series.

At the end of the day we published a video covering the first day of the event and asked what would be the next series to engage our audience in the campaign.

Day 2: Stranger Leads

The second day played with the name of the series Stranger Things bringing the theme Stranger Leads.

This theme was so successful that the personalized t-shirts ended in 3 hours, early in the morning.

As the second season of the series was to be released the following week, several people wanted to guarantee their gifts.

Regarding the context of the lead path in your business, now would be the time to analyze your behavior and know if it is qualified or not.

Day 3: Game Of Content

On the third day, we decided to use the Game of Thrones series, which is very successful in London and moves the internet.

The idea of ​​using this series was to play with the name using the Game Of Content theme, because Content Marketing is a game to find out who will get the first place in SERP.

At that time, the lead would be a customer who would already be applying the Content Marketing strategy to your blog.


Serial results

The gifts at our stand were divided into two parts.

The first part was the gifts related to the series:

  • 3,800 shirts;
  • 7,500 buttons;
  • 22,500 stickers.

The second part was a wheel of fortune that gave several personalized gifts with the Websites Are Us brand.

The idea was to distribute the maximum gifts for maximum people and make our brand remembered and used throughout the event.

For that, everyone who picked up our shirts wore them on the spot.

Serial results

One issue that Websites Are Us values ​​is that our gifts are always coveted, so we make high quality materials and shirts that serve as collector’s items.

The result was kilometer lines and was the most visited booth throughout the event.


Since the first RD Summit, Websites Are Us has been present at the lectures and is always a highly anticipated moment for the participants.

Check out a little more about how each of our talks at the event went.

Serial results

Vitor Peçanha

The most awaited lecture was that of Vitor Peçanha, co-founder and author of the bestseller “Obrigado Pelo Marketing”. This year he presented at the plenary, the main stage of the event.

Vitor introduced the theme “Mastering Google: the SEO secrets of the largest digital marketing blog in the country” and talked about the skills you need to have success in your blog.

Edmar Ferreira

In the panel “CEO Insights: the lessons of CEOs of high-growth companies” was marked by the presence of our CEO and co-founder, Edmar Ferreira, together with Meetime CEO Diego Wagner and SumOne CEO Lucas Prim.

This panel discussed 4 topics that address the insights they have had over the past few years in their careers. These insights were culture, the CEO’s role in sales and recruitment, fundraising and personal growth.

Matt Doyon

We also had a talk by our Vice President of Sales, Matt Doyon, who spoke about how to hire Inbound Sales Rep and the characteristics of a champion salesman.

Matt, in a relaxed way and using real examples, explained the main characteristics of Websites Are Us’s best sellers and where to find these people.

Diego Gomes

In addition, our CMO and co-founder, Diego Gomes, brought up the theme “Sales <3 Marketing: How to make your sales team love your leads”.

Diego, in a creative and humorous way, explained how the union between sales and marketing is a marriage that has to work.

Check out the full post about rock talks at RD Summit.


We had incredible results at RD Summit 2017 and a very positive impact with our campaign.

Many people commented during the event on how cool our participation was. We are very happy with all your feedback!

Our challenge now is to do something even more sensational next year. We are waiting for you there to share this moment with us.

Keep WAUin ’and leave in the comments what you think of the event!

Serial results