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Umbler is a startup hosting websites and selling domain. With data centers based in London and with an ambitious growth proposal, it offers low-cost, highly scalable and on-demand plans.

Umbler is a relatively new company with a leaner proposal: your accommodation and additional services are entirely in the cloud, which requires a high-performance IT infrastructure to ensure speed, uptime and scalability.

Quality is a premise for the services provided, as well as the collection of lower than market prices.

The hosting is contracted on demand, that is, the user pays only for what he actually uses. Its portfolio is focused on clients with no programming experience, but also agencies and developers.

In this article, you will understand better:

What is Umbler?

Umbler is a startup in constant growth: it has more than 100 thousand users, whose accounts are hosted in two Diveo data centers, located in the city of São Paulo.

With offices also in Orlando, in the United States, and in Gravataí, in Rio Grande do Sul, the company founded in 2015 has an ambitious plan to be global, through partnerships with Digital Ocean and Amazon.

umbler hosting

Its infrastructure has:

  • high hardware redundancy;
  • storage offered is 100% SSD for all services;
  • scalability: unlimited downgrade and upgrade;
  • management and support of additional domains and subdomains;
  • Temporary URL;
  • e-mail accounts available only from additional payment;
  • FTPS access for more than one user;
  • full SSH access;
  • External SSL;
  • ease in viewing server error logs;
  • MySQL database with 1 GB dedicated, remote access and native PHPMyAdmin for management;
  • DNS editor and support;
  • support for GIT and synchronization with GitHub;
  • Cloudflare and New Relic add-ons.

What services are offered?

Integrates Umbler’s portfolio with hosting sites, CMSs and managed cloud databases. The company also performs domain registration and configuration directly from the panel.

More than 200 extensions are available. Through the panel it is also possible to effect all changes and updates to the contracted plans, in a simple and intuitive way.

Hosting prices vary according to the resources needed to meet customer demand, but for all plans the monthly traffic is unlimited, what varies is the performance and data storage space, which directly interfere with the performance of the website or blog.

umbler's plans

Website hosting

The aspects that differentiate website hosting plans are processing capacity, amount of available disk space and memory, so the plans are categorized into PP, P, M, G and GG.

Basically, the features of the plans are:

  • 100% managed server;
  • 1 to 8 Core processor;
  • 1 GB to 16 GB of memory;
  • 60 GB to 320 GB of space for websites;
  • Let’s Encrypt add-on for creating and installing an SSL certificate;
  • Cloudflare CDN;
  • New Relic performance monitoring.

Hosting for CMS

Umbler’s hosting makes it possible to installation of CMS tools in any of the available cloud plans: in this way it is possible to manage websites and blogs using the same account and platform.

The user can also change the PHP version of the application, which guarantees compatibility with versions 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.2 and 7.3.

The server logs are made available in real time, which makes it possible to monitor the resources consumed by each page.

The customer can quickly install the main CMS – WordPress, Laravel, Joomla, Drupal, among others. The features are the same as in the previous plans, except for the New Relic add-on.

Hosting for developers

Plans for developers, with a customized environment for the programming languages ​​PHP and Node.js.

To use Node.js, for example, just install the frameworks and modules via Yarn or NPM and send the package.json file for the Umbler team to install the resources automatically.

It is also possible to schedule charges, send messages or reports through the CRONs configured in the management panel itself, or work in a shared way on the project by allowing access with individual permissions to other users.

Site Pro

Site Pro is a shared hosting option, but with isolated environment, which guarantees more security to users. But the option is only indicated for smaller demands, since the availability of memory and processing resources is limited.

The biggest difference to other shared hosting services is the ease of upgrades or downgrades of the plans: with a few clicks it is possible to change resources to meet a new demand.

The configuration available for each site with a monthly cost of R $ 8 covers 256 MB of memory (distributed in 4 processes), 15 GB of SSD storage and shared processing.

Email plans

Corporate email plans include AntiSpam, content filters, disk space monitoring and automatic configuration. The monthly fee for each account is R $ 0.90 with a space of 1 GB and R $ 18.00 per month for 20 GB.

Another differential is the Microsoft Exchange service, aimed at controlling agencies, consultants and developers. In this configuration, the plans cost R $ 11.00 per month for 25 GB of space per account and R $ 17.00 per month for a space of 50 GB.

What is it like to host with Umbler?

Umbler is committed to providing quality service at an affordable price. But, to really evaluate the aspects of a hosting service, the user need to consider support, security and performance.

Their servers are 100% managed, that is, the user does not have root access to the server. This can interfere with the customization of the solution, but it makes it much easier for people who do not understand development. Despite this limitation, the customer has the flexibility to make changes to the plan at any time and in a very practical way.

The company has its own platform, unlike other providers that use cPanel.

In it, it is possible to find, in an easy way, graphics and performance control tools, in addition to information such as the amount of disk space and RAM used.

Through the platform it is also possible to control sites and domains simultaneously. It can be connected via secure FTP, with TLS / SSL and integrated with Git.

Regarding service, Umbler is limited, since does not have a phone number to contact and provides support only from Monday to Friday, via chat and tickets sent by email.

Despite this deficit, it offers other solutions for solving small problems, such as the possibility of participation in the community and documentation, including tutorials, in which it is possible to consult from common to even the most complex issues.

The company also has the Umbler Academy, where materials such as podcasts, e-books and webinars are offered to complement this educational process.

Regarding performance, Umbler does not guarantee uptime and loading speed, but it does offer features that enhance page performance, such as Cloudflare CDN, cache and mimic static files.

In recent tests carried out by review sites and through the online tool UptimeRobot, the result of the uptime was satisfactory, 100% and without disconnection.

As for security, it is not clear what are the measures adopted by the company, but backups and file restore point can be accomplished with one click.

In addition, Mod_Security is native and can be activated and deactivated.

Below is a summary of these pros and cons of Umbler.


  • ease in controlling and monitoring the environment through Umbler’s own platform;
  • possibility to subscribe to free services from partner companies;
  • satisfactory uptime and speed;
  • support material for self-service support;
  • free trial period with accumulation of credits to be converted into benefits.
umbler platform


  • limited support, only by email and chat, and low response rate, due to unavailability on weekends;
  • no guarantee of uptime on the site;
  • email service is not integrated with hosting plans.

It is easily noticeable that Umbler focuses on serving users without programming experience, but with a profile that is attentive to changes in the market: its page makes young references, and with clearer language the company is willing to surpass traditional accommodation offers.

Some of the portfolio’s services, however, are recommended only for customers with small demands, due to the lack of resources. Despite this, it also has options that cater to developers and agencies. The proposal entirely in the cloud is innovative and the objective is to expand the offer to the international market.

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