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Uol is one of the largest content providers on the London internet. And Uol Host is a great hosting option to start producing your content and structure your business. Find out, in this post, the pros and cons of this service!

The process of building a website for a company involves several steps. One of the most important is to obtain a service of accommodation, a virtual space where you store your business website data and make the necessary adjustments. However, choosing the best provider can be a very difficult task.

There are many options on the market, each with its pros and cons. If you want to make the best decision, then you need to know these differences and consider them in your decision making.

Therefore, in this article we will talk in depth about Uol Host, its advantages and disadvantages. See what will be covered:

Follow up and check if this is the hosting service you are looking for to set up your website.

What is Uol Host?

Uol is a well-known content company in London. The Host is your website hosting service, through which the user can create a website for your company, register your domain, set up business emails for your team and use various cloud computing tools to optimize your work.

The service originated in 2008. It presented some difficulties in the initial period, but the company as a whole has matured a lot. This made all the work more agile, making Uol one of the largest hosting providers for websites across the country.

What features does Uol Host offer?

Before deciding which host service you are going to choose, the main thing is to know what are the benefits you can get. Especially when it comes to something as important as the foundation for building your website.

With the Uol service, you have access to several features in any subscription plan. Check it out below!

Creating multiple domains

Some providers limit the number of domains that you can register according to each subscription plan, requiring an upgrade before using the benefit. In the Uol hosting service, this is not a problem. You can register as many domains and subdomains as you like, without having to overpay.

Website performance statistics

Another fundamental resource in practically every website development is the possibility to monitor the performance of your page. If you are studying how to create a blog for your business, for example, you may have already seen how important it is to follow the views of each post. Through the Uol Host platform, you can also view and analyze this data.

Integration with GitHub

For those who don’t know, GitHub is a platform that allows the same digital project to be accessed by multiple users simultaneously, allowing several people to work on it without generating a version conflict.

The Uol platform has direct integration with this tool, allowing you to include different editors on your page more easily.

Backup your sites

It is not uncommon that, while you are making changes to your website, a connection problem, power failure or computer error occurs that compromises your files. At these times, it is very useful to have access to some form of backup for all your data. And Uol’s hosting system offers this service as part of the package.

Easy file management

A good cloud computing system makes all the difference in managing your website and your information. Thus, you can keep all your website data organized and share them as needed. With the Uol Host interface, it is much more practical and simple to do all of this, even if without much experience.

Built-in website builder

The company also has a very useful tool: a website creation system included in its platform. That way, you can make edits to each page quite easily, without having to open multiple tools. In addition, the interface does not require you to have programming knowledge, which makes the whole process easier, even for those who have no experience.

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What plans are available?

To meet customer demands, Uol Host has three different subscription plans for hosting websites, each more suited to a type of use. But, regardless of which plan is signed, everyone has the following benefits:

  • unlimited data transfer;
  • backup of sites included;
  • Let’s Encrypt certified.

See each plan individually below.

Plan P

This is the smaller plan, which has a good cost and benefit ratio for those just starting out. It has some limitations, but they are not usually relevant for micro and small enterprises. See what is offered:

  • free “.online” domain for 1 year;
  • 384 MB memory;
  • 10 GB storage space;
  • 30 email accounts of 12 GB each;
  • 1GB of space for MYSQL;
  • up to 2 hosted sites;
  • price of R $ 9.90 per month.

Plan M

It’s the intermediate plan, suitable for smaller companies, but who already have a broader team and some more robust investments in Digital Marketing.

If you are expanding your business, this plan may also interest you:

  • free “” domain for 1 year;
  • 512 MB memory;
  • 30 GB storage space;
  • 60 email accounts of 12 GB each;
  • 2GB of space for MYSQL;
  • no limit on hosted sites;
  • price of R $ 34.99 per month.

Plan G

It is the most robust plan, with support for larger companies and more ambitious strategies. Suitable for companies already consolidated:

  • free “” domain for 1 year;
  • 768 MB memory;
  • 50 GB storage space;
  • 160 email accounts of 12 GB each;
  • 5GB of space for MYSQL;
  • no limit on hosted sites;
  • price of R $ 44.99 per month.

What are the pros of Uol Host?

The real value of a hosting service depends mainly on the benefits it offers your business. Here are some of the strengths of Uol’s product!

Servers located in London

Access to any website has a latency period, which is the time required for information to circulate between your computer and the server where it is located. When the site is hosted far away, as in another country, this latency tends to be much higher.

Fortunately, Uol has servers located in London. This means that the national public will be able to access your page quite easily.

Support for Windows and Linux

Windows is the most widely used operating system on personal computers around the world, and it is quite common for hosting tools to be designed for it.

However, some companies work with Linux, a free and open source system. If you chose this alternative for your business, then Uol Host is a good option, because has support for both operating systems.

Two sites in the basic plan

Many hosting systems usually limit the number of their clients’ sites in the most basic plans to just 1 site. In general, this is not usually a problem, but it can compromise some more elaborate marketing strategies.

If this is your case, you will be happy to know that even the basic plan of Uol allows you to create 2 sites. That way, you can have an official website and blog side by side more easily.

More practical website builder

As we already mentioned, the website creation system integrated to the Uol platform is well structured and practical at the same time. With it, it is possible set up your website without prior knowledge of HTMLor other type of code, which saves a lot of time and energy for anyone just starting out. Other services offer similar features, but it is always worth having everything on the same platform.

Easy access to website development professionals

A final benefit for anyone interested is the hiring of page development professionals. If you don’t have time to devote to web design for your website, you can hire a member of the Uol team for a much more affordable price.

And what are the cons of Uol Host?

Of course, this service also has some weaknesses that must be taken into account. See here what they are and how they can impact you.

Migration is up to the customer

The Uol does not offer a fast and free website migration service for people who already have a domain registered with another hosting system. This means that in order to maintain structure, you will have to seek outside help or do everything on your own.

Limited disk space

Other hosting services already offer plans with unlimited data storage space, while Uol still has a limited system. Even at its highest plane, the default is still a predefined disk space.

With this information, you can now compare Uol Host with other options and see if it is the best hosting choice for your website. Remember: the most important thing is focus on the features that most generate value for your strategy, not just in the amount of benefits.

Want more information to make the best decision? Then see our article on the best website hosting in London and take our quiz to discover the ideal service for you!