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Social networks are becoming increasingly relevant and, therefore, investing in creating phrases for Instagram is a necessity for companies. After all, a caption can be an excellent attraction to achieve from a like to a conversion.

Managing a company is not simple: be it an e-commerce or a Digital Marketing agency, it is essential to use all available resources to maximize the performance of your business as a whole.

In recent years, social networks have become a great example of this and can strengthen the growth of a brand.

For companies, adopting strategies on these platforms is essential to increase the relevance of their brands. The challenge, however, is not so simple to be overcome and those who think that these channels are only for fun and leisure are mistaken.

Therefore, any detail needs to be evaluated, and even the phrases for Instagram should be planned. After all, what is the point of creating an account on the social network if, in practice, you are not gaining more followers or attracting potential consumers?

And while images are important on Instagram, they are not the only factor that weighs on users. Therefore, we have prepared this complete article in which we will cover the following topics:

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Learn why it’s important to create phrases for Instagram posts

Which manager doesn’t have the dream of carrying out great marketing actions even with few resources available?

The first step is to know how to prioritize campaigns in which to invest and then understand what are the best ways to improve these strategies and be able to generate satisfactory results.

Part of this work is directly related to your marketing plan, that is, the strategic planning to achieve the stipulated objectives.

When we talk about social networks and, more specifically, Instagram, doing a proper job in this area is vital. After all, there are more than 1 billion users on this platform.

In addition, about 80% of Instagram accounts follow a company on the social network. In other words, it is an excellent platform for contact between your customers and your company.

That is why it is not enough to choose the most suitable photos, have a design team or make publications at the right time: captions are also important.

Instagram phrases and engagement

But why are photo and video captions so important? The answer is simple and fundamental on social media: engagement. After all, it is the dialogue that establishes the bridges for the connection between the consumer and the company.

The different forms of media, of course, are extremely relevant, but it is through subtitles that you can get closer.

Within this communication channel, it is possible to better demonstrate your brand’s tone of voice and convey its main values ​​and objectives.

Through the storytelling technique, for example, it becomes easier to attract more users who identify with the purposes and values ​​of your company and with what you propose to improve their lives.

According to the Social Media Trends 2019 survey, the main challenge pointed out by the companies surveyed is to keep the public engaged.

Whether you like it or not, trying to use the concept of Content Marketing a little can facilitate this approach with the user and this goes directly through the proper use of phrases for Instagram.

See the best phrases for Instagram and get inspired!

To inspire you in the search for more creative Instagram phrases, we’ve separated some of the most effective examples and divided them into categories.

Check out our suggestions, start brainstorming to start your own creations and get the few over two thousand characters to help your brand gain followers on Instagram!

Selfie on Instagram

  • “I found it and posted it.”
  • “When I decide to post selfies … safe!”
  • “Do you have an event? There’s a selfie! ”
  • “Our daily selfie…”

Success messages

  • “Success in life depends solely on insistence and action.”
  • “It is not difficult to have goals, but to remain firm until you reach them.”
  • “Be who you always dreamed of being.”
  • “If you accept to lose, you cannot win.”

Phrases with questions

  • “Do you know what goes with a legend of good in the sand? This caption! ”
  • “Left?”
  • “How about sharing the news with your friends?”

Book quotes

  • “Past is a lesson to reflect on, not to repeat” – Mário de Andrade.
  • “It is not in silence that men make themselves, but in words, at work, in action-reflection” – Paulo Freire.
  • “Everyone thinks about changing humanity, but nobody thinks about changing himself” – Leon Tolstoi.

Music snippets

  • “As natural as daylight”.
  • “She preferred the sound of the wind, the taste of the sea and the warmth of the sun …”
  • “It has nothing to do with blood. Family is affinity. ”
  • “You have the right to say what you think, but you have no right to judge who you don’t know.”

Bet on these tips to create amazing captions

Now that you know the importance of investing in creating really effective Instagram phrases and checked out some examples to get inspired, how about staying on top of some tips to optimize this work?

We have separated four practices that you should add to your planning and thus create even better captions. Check out!

Know your target audience

The first step to getting it right when creating phrases for your company’s Instagram is understand the profile of your target audience. Defining a persona, for example, can make this job even easier to do.

After all, knowing what are the desires, preferences and goals of those on the other side, everything is easier.

In addition, it is also important set a goal for each of your posts and follow a plan according to what was stipulated.

If you’re looking for more engagement, you can’t forget about a call to action, for example, while a more informative publication needs to have the right content to convey the planned message.

Don’t get tired of sketching

As much as the space is not so large and you will not always use all the words available to make the caption of a publication, finding the right phrase is not such a simple task.

So don’t get tired of sketching. That is, did you make a line? Don’t stop there and continue to unfold that initial idea.

The trend is that you will be able to find the ideal options for each publication. As much as you find a brilliant idea right away, take a break, work a little more on your development and try to find more options to build a caption that fits your purpose.

Adapt your tone of voice to Instagram

As much as your company has a more serious tone of voice, it is essential make a smoother fit when defining the phrases for Instagram of your publications.

After all, each social network has its characteristics and you cannot let your brand fall outside of what is expected within that platform.

While texts on LinkedIn, for example, tend to be more serious and business oriented, Instagram allows you to adopt a more relaxed tone and interact differently with users.

There is no need to abandon your style – not least because your customers are used to it – just adapt it.

Use CTAs

The secret of social networks is to get more engagement between the brand and users, right? Therefore, it is essential that you try to get the maximum interaction from each person who views your publications.

So, don’t forget to bet on CTAs (Call to Action) to make your texts more attractive and, in fact, generate engagement. In that sense, you can interact with users asking, for example, to like a photo or follow its pages on other social networks.

Remember, you can also use questions to encourage followers to comment on posts. Ask them to mark friends and create sweepstakes and disputes. Anyway, the possibilities are as varied as possible.

Thinking and investing time in creating Instagram phrases does not just mean letting your customers know more about your company, but creating a real channel that brings these two parts together.

It serves to strengthen the authority and reputation of your brand, as well as the relationship with customers, seeking greater loyalty.

Instagram, however, is a huge tool and there are several aspects to be optimized to strengthen the page and the relevance of your company within this platform.

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