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We have separated here everything you need to know about Nostalgia Marketing in order to implement it in your Digital Marketing strategy!

Do you know that thing you feel when you arrive at your parents’ house and smell your mother’s food?

Or when you turn on the TV and you are watching that cartoon you watched when you were little?

And when you open your old stuff drawer and come across a tamagoshi? And maybe that song that was “A” music from a past relationship?

All of this brings us to the famous nostalgia. That good feeling that we carry in the memories of our life.

And nostalgia sells and attracts consumers. Do you doubt?

What do Stranger Things, Pokémon Go and the Harry Potter play have in common? That’s right, nostalgia marketing.

Everyone awakens in us that little nostalgia for the old days and that frenzy and desire to live it again, even for a short time.

But is this type of marketing really effective? How to create nostalgic content? And how to apply them in your strategy?

I’ll show you all of this here! Come on?

What is Nostalgia Marketing?

nostalgia maketing

Itubaína, Lollo, Mirabel cookies and that Genius toy from the star (if you don’t remember, it’s the one in the photo above!)

In addition to being part of the past of many people, all these things mentioned have already been or are being relaunched.

But a pause.

They are not being relaunched with current designs or anything like that, the responsible companies are making use of vintage / retro design in their launches.

But why?

Why it sells. As I said in the introduction, nostalgia sells.

And that’s what nostalgia marketing is, using themes and products from the past in your current strategy to awaken in their consumers that desire to kill homesickness by buying their products.

On-call marketers have already realized that nostalgia goes beyond the hashtag #throwbackthursday on social media to something much bigger, attracting much more attention and consumers.

Why is Nostalgia Marketing so powerful?

According to Dr. Constantine Sedikides of the University of Southampton, who led a team of researchers, they found that nostalgia can attack loneliness and anxiety.

And it has been found that this feeling is normally used by the body to react in stressful moments and major transitions.

In addition, the researchers found that people usually feel nostalgia at least once a week!

Incredible, isn’t it?

For marketing, nostalgia creates an emotional bond between the brand and its consumers, that’s why it becomes so powerful.

Because it is a feeling that fights bad feelings, such as loneliness and stress, consumers who are faced with nostalgia marketing usually they associate the brand with something good and tend to be faithful to it!

Millenials and nostalgia marketing

Millenials are the generation of meaning.

This means that they are not looking for brands that sell products disconnected from their consumers.

They do not look for brands that do not support something social or that are distant from the environment.

It is the generation that tends to connect emotionally with products and services that you use in an intimate way, as if creating a relationship.

And nostalgia marketing responds precisely to this generation.

The creation of Pokemon Go, for example, was an incredible insight.

Combining the feeling of familiarity and nostalgia with the modern world, such as smartphones.

nostalgia maketing

Another incredible current trend is the Stranger Things series, which managed to combine the charm of the 80s (with countless references to the time) with a Sci-Fi plot that makes anyone spend the night watching.

nostalgia maketing

Nostalgic Content

If you work with content marketing, betting on nostalgia can be a way to get more visitors.

Creating funny content that creates a connection with the reader by reliving things from the past is an alternative.

You can do this through blog posts, quizzes and even videos.

The important thing is that you relate your persona’s nostalgia to the type of content you offer.

Buzzfeed is king when it comes to creating nostalgic content.

A good example of content that they have already created and that is a good example of creating nostalgic content is 28 situations that only those from Belo Horizonte will understand.

An example of content similar to that of Buzzfeed London but that was created by a brand and posted on American Buzzfeed is 14 Things Everyone Who Grew Up In Canada Will Remember, (14 things that anyone who grew up in Cánada will remember).

It was an incredible marketing trick as the company that made the post, McCain Cakes, is part of Canada’s tradition and fits perfectly in the context of the post!

We here at WAU for example, bet on content that mix nostalgia with Digital Marketing to reach our persona in a fun way.

Two examples of our content that you can check out are:

They are contents that associate the current interests of our persona with interests of the past and that cause nostalgia, longing.

Nostalgia on social media

Nostalgia is incredible for generating engagement on social networks.

But how to do it?

One idea that you can do to generate engagement with your visitors is to recreate images with backgrounds and sources with old movie posters but with your company name.

nostalgia maketing

Or recreate a funny video that was hit in the past and put your team as the protagonists.

They may seem silly ideas, I know, but believe me, generate engagement and fun!

Another good solution to use nostalgia as a strategy in your social networks is to repost those posts that had a good performance, and maybe even promote it?

And if you need examples from the old days to be able to set up a nostalgic campaign you can access Instagram Velhos Tempo, there is a lot of cool stuff from the past!

nostalgia maketing

Ahhh, I was almost forgetting! Do you know who has used the nostalgia strategy on social networks? Netflix!

Yes, and they obviously rocked! (and how can you not rock?)

Look at the video they made with Xuxa to promote Stranger Things! Pure nostalgia!

Take advantage of this incredible cue in this video and discover that it’s you in marketing in this Stranger Things quiz !!

Stranger Things - Stranger marketing

What to do and what not to do in your nostalgia strategy

Well, as much fun as it is to create nostalgic content campaigns it is very important to do this in the right way.

The biggest benefit that nostalgia marketing brings is the ability to connect with the reader and create a stronger emotional relationship.

And just as there are good memories there are also bad memories, and you don’t want to wake them up.

So, make sure that your campaign is not bringing any bad memories to not boycott the entire campaign.

Another very important point is: do not do anything illegal.

The use of images that are not yours, or any action on the internet that may harm others should be banned from your campaign.

We have separated some more things that you should and should not do below.

Come on!

What to do in your nostalgia marketing strategy:

Let’s go to our list of things you should do!

Good sources

First use reliable sources.

If you’re going to write a post about the best toys from the 70s, it makes no sense to have someone who was born in the 90s to write, right?

Your post will be much more real if you use fonts that have gone through what you want to post.

Special dates

Special dates are great for generating nostalgic content.

For example, on children’s days, you can put a picture of your team members when they were young.

Look what a dough!

Focus on the persona

Consider the age of your persona. For each stage of life the nostalgic moments are different.

So assess the age of your persona to know which memories to resurrect when creating your campaign.

What not to do in your nostalgia marketing strategy

Now on to the things you should NOT do at all!

Passing the limits

Do not force the bar. Just because something is a trend is not worth pushing your readers over.

Evaluate your persona and don’t create nostalgic content just because it’s fashionable.

Copy the classmate

Do not copy other companies!

Never, NEVER, copy what other companies are doing. You can get inspired but not copycat!

Be original!

Give a ball away

Search before creating a campaign.

As times have changed, it may be that what was once good today can be considered terrible.

Remember, you don’t want to arouse a bad feeling!

For Marketing professionals, nostalgia can be an incredible tool when creating campaigns that can generate high engagement.

But remember, nostalgia marketing it’s about arousing those good feeling in the readers, so do not force the bar and do not step on the ball!

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Oh yes don’t forget to leave in the comments those campaigns that made you miss you the most of someone or something!

To the next!