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Are you wondering how to finish an amazing email you wrote? Check out our 9 tips for you to close your message with a golden key!

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Email is a versatile communication channel. Through it you can communicate with friends and co-workers.

Because of that, it’s very important to differentiate the audiences you’re going to talk to and tailor your message.

When it comes to friends, there are no rules. But, when we are dealing with the corporate environment, the way you write your message must be well thought out.

Before pressing “send”, take a look at these tips and make sure you finish your professional email in the best possible way!

1. Adapt the language to the recipient

Email is a type of document. This means that you must adjust the tone and language according to the audience that will receive your message.

In the corporate universe, formal language is the most suitable, unless you already have some affinity with the recipient and can escape the rules a little.

2. Be consistent

The first words of your email will set the tone for the message.

If your opening is “dear sir,” the reader will expect a formal message. A text that begins with “hi, friend” allows for a more relaxed interpretation.

Make sure the message is consistent from start to finish, always with the same type of language.

3. Inform about attached files

If you are sending some type of file as an attachment, it is probably important for understanding your message.

In such cases, remember to include this information in your text. This will optimize communication and avoid misunderstandings.

4. Smooth out negative information

Nobody likes to receive negative messages, right? So, if you’re dealing with something like that, don’t forget to soften the impact of information.

A “I am always available to help in future situations” may not solve the circumstances, but it alleviates the unfriendly climate.

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5. Pay attention to the use of abbreviations

Although the internet encourages the use of abbreviations, this practice is not recommended for the corporate environment.

Overcome language addiction and don’t shorten words (like “vc”, “pq” and “blz”). This can lead to misinterpretation and cause embarrassment.

6. Use upper case only when necessary

Unless you want to draw attention to a specific topic, avoid using capital letters. Replace this practice with a different format: bold, italic, highlighted background, etc.

This helps in understanding the message and avoids the interpretation that YOU ARE SCREAMING.

Just remember not to overdo the amount of formatting. Otherwise, the effect will be as damaging as using the upper case.

7. Inform what are the next steps

When it’s about e-mail marketing, it is very common to end the message with a call to action (CTA). This helps the reader to understand what is expected of him and signals what the next step should be.

Even if that is not the case, conclude the communication making it clear the return you expect.

Confirm a meeting? Receive a call? Hear feedback about any documents? Write. The important thing is that nobody has doubts.

8. Choose a suitable farewell

When completing the message, be sure to include an appropriate farewell to the rest of the message. The options are diverse and vary between formal, neutral and informal terms.

Below are some suggestions:

  • hugs;
  • thank you for your attention;
  • graciously;
  • to the next;
  • Best regards;
  • Sincerely;
  • in advance, thank you very much;
  • thankful;
  • greetings;
  • always at your service.

9. Include a signature

Finally, be sure to sign the message and include data such as:

  • name;
  • office;
  • Company Name;
  • telephone;
  • site;
  • whatever else you consider appropriate.

If any part of your message is not clear, the recipient will have everything needed to contact you through other channels.

Ah! In this part, avoid using corporate logos or very large photos. This pollutes the look of the message and can even be blocked by the email server as a preventive measure.

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Ready! Now that you know how to send a corporate email in the best possible way, take advantage and find out 9 surefire tips for your customer to read – and answer – your emails!