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Instagram is one of the most important social networks for the practice of Digital Marketing. Today, a company that does not invest in an account on the network is essentially nonexistent on the internet. In this post, we will talk about good practices to enhance your Instagram profile.

Instagram already has more than 1 billion active users. Acquired by Facebook in 2012, the network has been gaining more and more space in digital marketing, given the power of reach and engagement it exercises over the public.

Still, Instagram is a stumbling block for professionals looking to include their accounts in search engine results.

The fact is that the network blocks personal photos from being ranked on Google. This is mainly because most users do not post with the specific objective of promoting themselves.

So, how to optimize your Instagram for search engines? It’s possible?

In this post, we list 6 essential tips for you to perform this optimization and increase traffic to your company account. Stay with us and read until the end!

1. Make your profile public

Now, we can’t talk about SEO techniques if your profile is configured to be seen only by your followers, do you agree?

When the profile is created, the default setting is for your posts to be public. If you haven’t changed this privacy option, it’s probably already the way you need it.

Still, it is worth checking twice. Go to your page’s preferences, click on “Account Privacy” and make sure the “Private Account” option is disabled.

After ensuring that you have the profile visible to any visitor, it is possible to work on strategies for its optimization.

2. Make good use of keywords

Do you already know the importance of keywords? As the name suggests, they act as keys that reveal your content to the interested audience.

Therefore, to get the best out of your function, first of all, you must have defined exactly which audience you want to reach, to choose relevant keywords.

An interesting feature of Instagram is the use of keywords in a hashtag format. This format, according to this research, can increase engagement by up to 12.6%.

So, after defining the most relevant hashtags for you and the audience you want to attract, use them intelligently in photo captions, comments on posts, Stories and in your profile description, known as bio.

The use of keywords in the bio

Your page bio is a short description – no more than 150 words – that appears just below your profile photo.

The importance of this text for the optimization of your Instagram is greater than you think. It turns out that, unlike the photos and videos posted on the page, the bio is accessible via search engines.

This characteristic makes the description deserve enormous attention. There are 150 words that must be arranged in a clear, informative and attractive way. In general, it is the only text content in an Instagram profile, which further elevates its importance for optimization.

Be careful not to leave this technical description too much, in an attempt to write a text with attractive words.

Remember that your audience will not evaluate your brand based on how the account is optimized. This is just one way to get you to her. Therefore, it is important that the bio communicates the personality you want to convey.

To achieve this, as we mentioned, it is essential to know your persona in depth. This knowledge will determine the language used and the type of information available. Depending on the characteristics of your audience, it is even worth using emojis – without exaggerating, of course.

The use of keywords in captions

Writing smart captions for your posts will not take your image up to the Google ranking, but it will allow it to be found in searches within Instagram. Captions can be up to 2200 characters long, including emojis and up to 30 hashtags.

When writing captions for your images and videos, remember to put the most important words at the beginning.

It turns out that, after a certain point, the text is cut off and, to continue reading, the user needs to select this option. With that in mind, focus the first lines of your caption on the main information you want to convey. Leave mentions and hashtags for the end.

3. Link directly to your posts

The integration between your channels is essential for the success of your digital marketing strategy. Therefore, use your website and other social networks to promote your favorite posts on Instagram, as these posts themselves are not ranked by Google.

So, if the goal is to give search engine users direct access to these posts, make your links available on other channels. For this method to work, you need to be sure to copy the correct link.

To do this, click on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner of each post. Then, just click on “copy link” and it will be ready to be made available.

Creating a blog is an interesting way to optimize your Instagram profile. There, in addition to generating content relevant to your audience, you can insert links to your posts on the social network, enabling your ranking and increasing engagement.

4. Use Instagram Business and its tools

Since it was acquired by Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram has been receiving updates increasingly focused on making life easier for companies. This does not happen by chance.

According to information from the network itself, 80% of users follow at least one company profile. Perhaps the most impactful change so far has been the introduction of Instagram Business.

Launched in 2016 and known in London as Instagram for Business, this feature brought some remarkable news:

  • creation of business profiles;
  • sponsored posts;
  • generation of metrics.

Using the novelty has become practically mandatory for brands present on the network. The creation of the company profile allows, for example, to connect your page directly with your fanpage on Facebook. In addition, your website, address and contact phone number can be arranged in an organized manner in the profile description.

Among the novelties, what really revolutionized the use of the network was the provision of metrics for analysis. With them, the marketer can view:

  • how many people accessed the profile in a given period of time;
  • the level of engagement of each post;
  • demographics of the public;
  • Among other things.

Analyzing this data is essential to optimize the strategy.

Boosting posts

Instagram for Business tools allow you to create targeted ads. These Ads can be targeted to a personalized audience by you, according to the type of profile you want to reach.

Be sure to use this feature to increase engagement on your most important posts and boost your page traffic.

5. Invest in influence marketing

Introduced by Philip Kotler, the concept of Marketing 4.0 argues that we have gone through a process of horizontalization of the relationship between companies and consumers. Essentially, this means that people today are more inclined to trust referrals from other individuals than advertising content..

With the development of this phenomenon, digital influencers emerged. These personalities have great power to influence certain groups of people, for different reasons.

Some have intellectual authority on the subject, while others are celebrities. There are still those who simply achieved this status by using the network to present service and product tips.

Therefore, partnering with an influencer can have a great positive impact on your brand. In addition to generally being great at creating content, the mere indication of your page by one of these people can significantly increase your traffic and reputation.

Like everything that involves Digital Marketing, we must remember: make sure the influencer chosen for the partnership is relevant to your persona. It is useless to join a profile with millions of followers if they are not interested in what you have to present.

6. Run sweepstakes with interesting prizes

When a person follows a brand on Instagram, they are not only interested in seeing your products and services.

If you use your profile only to advertise and post things that are clearly aimed at converting sales, you will see your audience decrease engagement. The public does not want a catalog, but a profile that provides good experiences.

And what experience can be better than winning a gift? In addition to public satisfaction, drawing lots on Instagram guarantees visibility gains and generally covers the return on investment.

You define the rules, which may include the obligation to follow partner pages and mark the profile of friends in your publication.

To carry out an efficient draw, choose an interesting product for the public and for your strategy. It can be a voucher for your products, a small gift from the company or even a free visit to your establishment. It all depends on the characteristics of the brand and the people you want to reach.

The use of Instagram is basically mandatory for any brand that seeks to establish its presence online. The ease of interaction and public engagement makes the network an excellent tool to build your image, gain new followers and keep existing ones close by.

Due to the characteristics of the network algorithm, ranking your profile on Google is not an easy task. With the tips presented throughout the article, we hope you have more knowledge on how to optimize your Instagram for search engines.

So, are you ready to boost the reach of your Instagram profile? Enjoy being here and learn more about how to improve your organic results on this social network!

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