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A long time ago, before likes and shares, before tweets and retweets, before creating work connections, before snaps and stories… there was Orkut! To be more precise, 12 years ago we were all connected in a very different way than we are today. And you can even think: what […]

A long time ago, before likes and shares, before tweets and retweets, before creating work connections, before snaps and stories… there was Orkut!

To be more precise, 12 years ago we were all connected in a very different way than we are today. And you may even think: what does this have to do with Marketing?

Now. All!

Orkut was the gateway to major social networks in London and we should be grateful to him.

His life was like a dog: 7 years in 1. Quickly, that newborn baby was conquering London and with a few years old it was already unanimous.

Everyone was there! And Orkut has built its empire.

But as we well know, no empire lasts forever.

An inheritance of the rich young people who made exchanges began to appear in the London lands. The Facebook guy. And that’s when our best friend’s decline began. Our digital dog.

And like any good dog, Orkut missed him. I don’t know about you, but when I lose a loved one I like to relive my best moments with him.

Today is his last day of life. The last day to get that photo or memory that you want to keep forever.

Here is the reason why Orkut was so remarkable, the main memories and, of course, some lessons in Content Marketing.

Check it out and at the end leave me a scrap (my eyes are already watered just by reading that word).


“Me at the top! Nobody takes me from here!

Kukut flame is more difficult neh! But intaum. What is going on in this social network that affects my life?

KUKUT! TE AMOOOOOOOOO! You too! I hope you are mtoooooo felix there in the sky of social networks.

Facebook will never replace you.

You are my best friendoooooooooo!

Bjoooooos from your friend Dedezinhoooooooo! ”

Well, I wanted to start with the testimonials to leave my pro Kukut here! How will that be missed!

Get to your Orkut and read that testimonial under free and spontaneous pressure? Who never heard the phrase:

“Send me a deposit! Come on! I already sent you 3. ”

Those were good times. And if Facebook gave us Messenger, Orkut was much better.

If you wanted to send secret messages to your friend, just send a statement with the phrase “DO NOT ACCEPT”.

And they ended up polluting the page because everyone had a friend who exposed you in such a way that even today it is difficult to forgive – no, Bernardo, I am not talking about you!

But it was legal to risk sending the message without knowing if the friend would expose you or not. Facebook doesn’t give you that adrenaline rush!



It was good that you had that phrase in your scrapbook! Certainly this feature was largely responsible for ending several friendships.

“I can’t believe you deleted my scrap!”

It was a weekly obligation to leave a scrap for the closest people.

Scrapbook is much cooler than mural!


Lucky of the day

You will overcome the loss of Orkut.

Profile views

Ready! Now it is certain that that person is in love with you! After all, she viewed your profile!


Now yes! We got to the part that everyone wanted to see and remember!

If there’s one thing you miss on Facebook, it’s the communities. How cool it was to know that you were not alone in the world.

How cool it was to discover that another 600,000 people had never finished with rubber. Or see that hint of “I’m cool, I’m not giving you a hard time”.

Or other, much more specific things. Everyone had their favorite community.

And others loved to create communities! It was very rewarding when people entered our communities.

It is even more exciting to publicize our communities in the communities of others, hoping that they will not erase the forum we created.

Creating forums was a lot of fun. Follow the fights, the discussions, follow that favorite band of yours, curse the moderators, dream of being in their place, etc.

Anyway, let’s remember some communities that have marked our lives.

Best Orkut Communities

I hate waking up early

Orkut’s largest community was a prelude to Content Marketing. There, it was already shown that quality content generated revenue. The community was sold for 5,000 reais.

I was part of it! Is that you?

USB cable

No comments needed!

Passions: eating, my friends

Humor was indispensable for the creation of communities.

I never ended up with an eraser

What’s up? Would you still be in that community?

I wanted ice cream, but it was beans

Me. Every Saturday.

I’m cool, I’m not giving you soft

The community was so popular that it gained two famous derivations:

It’s my favorite:

Tyrannosaurus doesn’t clean its ass

Created by the probable paleontologist Rafael Fanganiello.

It wasn’t me, it was my lyrical self

Happy harvest

I have to confess. I woke up early just to steal my friends’ harvest.

Who never?

This game marked a generation! As big as Mario, Zelda, Tomb Raider and God of War was the Happy Harvest.

The game was so big that it was possible to transfer it to Facebook later.

Here is an image for you suffering from homesickness:

Decline and death

As we mentioned at the beginning of the text, a new social network arrived and everyone started to migrate to Facebook.

Orkut gradually lost its strength and as a dog that has aged and strengthened so quickly, its longevity was not so great.

At the age of 10, in 2014 Orkut’s disease was announced. Their services would be closed. Now he would only rest until the end of his life.

And that day has finally arrived. Today is the funeral of our dear Orkut.

All I have to say is: thank you!

You marked our lives! September 30 should become a world holiday.

Orkut deserves.

Now wipe away the tears and move forward. Orkut doesn’t want to see you sad because of him. He never made you cry and it is not now that you will cry.

He did not leave that option. And he didn’t want to leave her.

And farewell you can go over there and get your photos and memories. Today is the last day. Don’t let him be buried, tomorrow will be too late!

Follow the link to get your photos: Google Takeout

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Comment and talk about how Orkut marked your life and what was your favorite community! This post was already my tribute and Websites Are Us!