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Whoever applies a template for YouTube, personalizes the company channel. However, creating a banner that is attractive and interesting can be a complicated task for some business owners. So, in this post, we raised some sites that can help.

In the largest video search engine – Youtube – the use of impactful images can be a great differentiator when it comes to attracting your audience’s attention. Be the profile image, in the thumbnails and, mainly, the cover image of the channel.

Therefore, knowing how to create an image or use a template for Youtube is an essential step to get closer to your goals of growth and reach in this network.

This element is the banner that appears at the bottom of your channel. He not only personalizes with your company’s visual identity, as well as, it can give information to the visitors (for example: “new videos every Tuesday, at 15h”).

See in the image below the banner applied to the Websites Are Us channel.

Rock Content Youtube Banner

So that you know how to make your banner for free, we have prepared this content that brings you the main sites where you can find free and customizable templates so that the YouTube channel looks like your company. You will find out in this post:

What are the top sites with free YouTube templates?

So that you do not worry about creating a template from scratch, we have prepared, in this list, the most popular sites for creating banners. That way, you can use them in your YouTube marketing, although some also make it possible to create arts for social networks your business.

1. Canva

Youtube cover in Canva

If you don’t have a lot of knowledge about how to make art for your website and online channels, Canva is the most appropriate solution. The platform is free and has several types of layout that you can customize it however you want so that the YouTube channel is in your company’s style.

Canva also has a search engine where you can search for “YouTube channel art” and check out the different templates available. In addition, in the menu on the left, you can create a team within the tool.

In other words, if you want to include other members of the company in projects that involve creating more art for social networks, blogs, email and other media, this is possible.

2. Fotor


Fotor is a photo editor and graphic design and has features such as:

  • editing: just like in Photoshop, you can edit images in order to customize the size, color and brightness of your photos;
  • effects: it has filters for you to give your images the necessary effect;
  • touch-up: the tool allows you to make aesthetic changes to your photos.

It also has a search bar so you can search for templates for YouTube.

3. iPiccy


If you are looking for advanced options for image editing, iPiccy is the ideal tool. Its features are similar to those of Adobe Photoshop, because in addition to the simpler functions, such as cropping and effects, there are deeper ones, such as color control, saturation and hue.

Although the site has the basic effects, without the need to register, others are available only after logging in. Registration on the site can be done quickly from name and email or via Facebook.

4. BeFunky


With BeFunky, you can do everything from basic edits like cropping, adding effects, operating brightness or contrast, to touching up images. Your dashboard is also very simple to operate: all functions are available on the left side of the screen so that you can access them while working on photo editing.

By the way, its base brings more than a million free photos and customizable design templates so that the image is the way you want it, quickly and simply. Therefore, it is also one of the favorite tools of those who seek practicality and quality.

5. Stencil


The Stencil is a tool known to serve well those who do not have design knowledge, but need to create professional quality images. It has more than two million photos in its base, more than a thousand templates available, as well as fonts, icons and formatting for other channels, such as blogs and social networks.

Its free version allows you to create up to ten images monthly. That is, it may not be the best option, if you want to use it to produce many banners. But, if it’s just to create the cover for your YouTube channel or other social networks, it can work very well.

6. PickMonkey

Pic Monkey

PicMonkey is one of the most popular photo creation and editing applications. One of its functions, Clone, copies an image so that you can remove some imperfections, such as spots, smudges and dark parts. In addition, he brings ready-made templates to the ideal size for each social network.

Another interesting tool is the possibility of involving employees from your company. Thus, they can participate in the banner creation process by choosing images, design, and leaving comments on the platform itself.

7. Photovisi


The Photovisi allows you to make montages with your photos from more than 100 models, which are also customizable. The process is very simple: first, you choose the template that best suits your business. Then, add the photos you want and edit them in the well-known “drag and drop” method. Finally, you can save it and download it.

8. Bannersnack


When choosing Bannersnack, you can start with a template from the gallery available on the website. You can also create one in a customized way, which allows you to insert the background of your choice and a palette of different colors.

The editor is easy to use and, through it, you can create not only static banners, but also animated ones, from videos or HTML code.

In addition to templates for YouTube, you can choose template templates for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. One of Bannersnack’s proposals is to save time in building banners, and the money it would take to invest in a professional who would produce it for you.

9. My Banner Maker

My Banner Maker

With My Banner Maker, you can choose pre-made templates for both YouTube and other social networks. So, if you don’t have the inspiration or expertise to create banners from scratch, don’t worry. All themes are fully customizable and changes can be made in a few clicks.

If you have ever tried to put an image on the cover of YouTube, but the size did not correspond to what is necessary, this problem will no longer happen: My Banner Maker brings all the necessary formats for each social network.

In fact, the platform itself presents the main networks with the format ready to create your banner. This includes both the cover photo and profile and thumbnail for your channel’s main video.

10. Bannerwoo

Bannerwoo is the tool most appropriate for those looking to do an objective and quick job. It allows you to insert the text, apply one of the templates and the image is ready. That simple.

However, it is not possible to adapt the image to the format of the YouTube cover. Therefore, we suggest reading this article on covers for YouTube, so that you know how to get them ready to use on Bannerwoo.

What to do after creating the template on YouTube?

Now that you know the top 10 sites with templates for your YouTube channel, you can now choose the one that best suits your needs for creating your banner.

However, remember that just introducing your channel is not enough to make your channel successful. The strategy behind the production of video content is the most important point.

If the production of texts for a blog requires the creation of the persona and the structuring of the sales funnel, aligned with the objectives of your business, why would videos be different?

Therefore, the same precautions necessary for a text to bring results on Google must be applied to audiovisuals made for YouTube.

By the way, YouTube is the second most accessed search engine in the world. The videos will represent up to 80% of organic searches on the internet In the next years. Therefore, your content production on the channel needs to be well built, and that includes points like:

  • fill out your entire profile on the channel;
  • make it clear to the public who you are;
  • insert keywords in your video (yes, there is also SEO on YouTube);
  • maintain a frequency of publishing videos;
  • promote your channel on and off the platform.

The creation of templates for YouTube can be quite simple, but it is essential for your channel to be personalized and attract the audience more efficiently. All of the sites that we present here can help you develop the most appropriate for your digital marketing strategy.

Enough, isn’t it? But do not worry. In order for you to learn all these and many other steps, see our complete Marketing guide on Youtube!