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If you are reading this post, you are very likely to be aware of the importance of a content marketing strategy for your business, right? But maybe you haven’t stopped to think about how, exactly, to produce something besides serious and super institutionalized posts on your blog or social network […]

If you are reading this post, you are very likely to be aware of the importance of a content marketing strategy for your business, right?

But maybe you still haven’t stopped to think how, exactly, to produce something besides serious and super institutionalized posts on your company’s blog or social network.

Do you want to know how to create relevant content while being able to capture your reader while entertaining them?

Do you want to break free from the formality box and bring a language closer to the daily life of your persona?

Do you want to know how to fix your brand in the reader’s mind in a completely natural way?

So today’s post is for you!

Keep reading and discover that, for the production of content, creativity and irreverence may be the missing ingredients in your strategy!

Comedy in Marketing: Is there room for that?

One of the key points of Content Marketing is precisely the creation of bonds, the approach of the public to your company and the building of a relationship based on trust.

This question makes obvious the need for the constant humanization of the content produced, after all, how to approach and generate public identification if your content does not talk to them?

In Content Marketing, humor has plenty of room. But, of course you you need to know how to measure jokes and puns.

In some business models, it is necessary, first of all, to be aware of the type of humor that your audience deals with.

We are led to believe that a funeral home will have less humorous freedom than a nightclub, for example, but that loses momentum if we consider that, in fact, what the funeral home, or any other business that deals with more sensitive issues, needs to do, is if approach your reader to understand what the right dose of humor can be applied there.

Marketing humor doesn’t have to be extravagant.

If you’re starting out, be content with the simple, but without forgetting that you need to be genius, and, in the end, you need to awaken a smile of triumph in the reader when he can understand your joke.

Want examples? Compare the humor of brands and pages like Old Spice, Oreo, Microsoft and the acclaimed Curitiba City Hall on Facebook.

Despite using similar models, the approach is completely different.

The language of these companies is aligned with the interests and demands of their personas, and this is fundamental to be considered when you are putting together a humorous content strategy.

Also be aware of the platform. Your placement and language must adapt to the way in which you share content.

A cutie on Facebook is unlikely to have the same effect on a LinkedIn post.

So, do you want to use comedy, do you want to experiment with funny posts in your business?

Plan, study your persona, analyze the competition and empathize.

Don’t turn your social media into meme stores just because that’s what people seem to enjoy the most.

Mix good humor with relevant content. The benefits of this type of alternative exist, and we will list 4 below.

The 4 main benefits for your company:

1. Persona engagement

Drop the idea that “one size fits all” content will serve your entire audience.

Engagement asks for approximation, asks for relevance and, above all, asks for dialogue between the brand and its consumer (which liabilities have nothing nowadays!).

Articulated posts with an extra dose of humor have a chance to call your persona for comments, shares or simple likes.

Take ownership of humor and turn it into a strategic tool for your business.

Humor is transformative in Content Marketing and, even if it does not have an immediate impact on your networks, it is much more likely to fix it in your consumer’s mind and make the sharing environment more conducive to engagement.

2. Viralization of content

Here is the dream of most of the marketers on duty. Viralizing content means that it generates a repercussions far beyond what was planned, reaching audiences that your strategy did not anticipate, and generating a buzz for your brand.

Unfortunately, there is no formula for viralization, but of course it is much more likely that people will want to share something that has interested them, right?

Humor makes it easier to look for viral potential in each production.

Invest in timming, be aware of social media content trends and, of course, promote your post.

You can’t guarantee viralization, but we can look for some shortcuts, right?

3. Breach of expectation

Breaking expectations is something that all of us consumers seek unconsciously for.

When a brand puts something different from its standards, it is inevitable that it will attract attention. If that point outside the curve is positive, even better!

Take advantage of the possibility of breaking expectations that humor can bring to your blog or social network and use this opportunity to capture the audience in your surprise.

The break, when well articulated, helps to reinvigorate its content and, of course, to attract new people to consume it.

4. Comic relief

When does your persona consume your content?

The answer to that question helps you better understand your audience’s interaction habits, and they can deliver when the best time is to bring that comic relief to the reader.

But, what is the advantage of this?

The advantage is that inserting your brand in a moment of leisure for the reader guarantees a space that is often not sought by other brands (your competitors, above all!), Bringing an advantage in retaining and getting closer to the reader.

What formats can I use for my funny posts?

One of the great advantages of online humor is that it is easily adaptable to any post format.

You can go from intriguing text to a short video in a matter of seconds, or better yet, you can use both at the same time!

Before deciding how to make your first joke, however, it’s essential to understand your persona.

Is she already engaged with your brand?

Are you usually active in the comments?

So posts that work with questions, research, that call for interaction and give space to the voice of readers is something that can be considered.

A very common model for this type of audience is one that makes room for completing a sentence, as in the example below:

funny posts

With good management of social networks, it is possible to promote disputes to select the best answer, giving space for the reader to have a voice on the page.

It is a great way to call the public and show that it is relevant to your business.

But, is your persona more shy, do you choose to stay only in likes and, in the recently added ones, reactions?

So posts that call for voting (the old ‘likes or shares’ on Facebook) will be a big plate to get engagement and, with good monitoring, even bring some insights about the persona.

funny posts

Or, if your audience is a dream of most companies with marketing actions, and is characterized as prosumers (those people who, in addition to consuming, also produce content by reappropriating what is provided), it is a good time to consider giving up your blog and social media space to show how they are participating.

Take advantage of the potential of montages, illustrations, photographs, videos and everything else that your audience share to prove how important they are also in your strategy, without failing, of course, to dose with humor and irreverence within your product proposal.

Of course, there are a multitude of models, so it is very important to be aware of what is consumed by your persona.

Some companies invest heavily in memes and referencing the POP culture, taking advantage of the momentum of commemorative dates (have you seen the WAU Day gif posted on WAU’s Facebook?) Or even trends that appear on networks (already checked the #TrendingTopics of today?).

Bet on audio, video, comics, inspirational and everything else that fits within your strategy.

Don’t know what your persona likes most? So take the time to experiment.

Start with a more informal language, test the reception of emoticons on your social networks, use engagement always to your advantage.

Respect and common sense in online humor

Common sense is the watchword when building something that you consider funny for your posts.

Never approve the publication of content without first asking if it can be offensive to someone.

Seek a second, third and even fourth opinion.

When in doubt, don’t post. That’s better than having to prepare an emergency plan with your Public Relations team, isn’t it?

Of course, you know that, but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce: stay away from the exclusive mood.

Your brand does not need this, quite the contrary.

The better it can embrace consumers on a network or blog, more interested in your business you will have.

And always keep in mind that humor is highly subjective.

Did you test a harmless post and it didn’t work?

Perhaps your audience needs something more sophisticated.

Be smart in your mood, but above all, be empathetic.

Don’t forget that the comedy you create for your posts will have a big impact on the way people view your business.

4 examples of Content Marketing that show how humor is fundamental

Here at Content Marketing you find humor in a series of small details. Do not believe me?

Then access WAU’s Facebook page now and check out the images and calls from each post.

funny posts

No, there is nothing funny about the pavé uncle, but the delicate humor of the images and the pun on the titles are also a subtle way to make a difference in the masses of posts that are posted daily on Facebook.

This individuality is crucial in the reader’s decision to click.

Want something more evident?

The post with the Carreta Furacão Quiz ensured instant engagement and viralization, not to mention the irreverence of the post, published right here, in which Deadpool explains why his post is a bad…

Need a new format? Recently, a video preview was posted on WAU’s Facebook that showed some errors in recording the company’s new content.

The post had no less than 15,000 views in 2 days, not to mention the shares and comments that skyrocketed.

You don’t have to stick to a specific content format, let alone force yourself to be funny in everything you post on the internet.

Talk to your persona and find balance in your content. Look for something that is interesting, that provides a moment of conscious leisure for your audience.

Do not limit yourself to the formality of competition.

Experience humor in your business and find out how it can be incorporated into your marketing strategy.

With good management, you will be able to leverage public interest in your business in no time!

And, if you need more content tips, be sure to access our Content Marketing Encyclopedia and check out all the secrets we’ve set aside for your blog!