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The name of a brand is the most widespread message about a business. Therefore, it is important to know the Naming process and to know how to perform it accurately.

You must choose a title suitable for your brand. That way, when consumers see or hear it, they can identify the product and attribute its qualities and differentials – the central objective of a Marketing strategy.

The choice of name must obey a series of attributes, emotions and experiences that a business seeks to transmit to its public. Just as the brand design is associated with your company’s visual identity, naming represents your verbal authenticity.

Do you want to know more about choosing a good name for your brand and gaining a competitive advantage? So, read on and you will see:

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What is naming?

The translation of the term “naming” literally means to name.

In communication, it is a set of techniques used to develop and create names for products, services, companies, events or, even, a project in general, with the objective of differentiating it from other actions or campaigns.

Remember that every name gives the user a mental portrait. Therefore, we must consider that the image and the sound of the chosen name give concrete characteristics to the brand.

A relevant aspect is to predict where the brand will be implemented, to which sector it belongs, and to which target audience or persona it is intended.

You must have a language with strategic criteria and communicative objectives to be able to give the brand a positive value.

What is the importance of naming?

The naming process can use different strategies that will facilitate the work of brand management, always with the objective of making it known and remembered by consumers. Between them:

  • analysis of internal and external factors;
  • identification of the market share that is planned to be obtained;
  • analysis of the brand’s target audience.

Thus, naming allows you to discern which are the differentials that make a brand unique in the face of the competition. The use of these techniques reduces the margin of error in the way a project is perceived by consumers when it reaches the market.

What are the 9 main steps to create your brand name?

To choose a name that describes your competitive advantage, it is recommended to consider the following factors.

1. Ability to make an impact

You should look for a name that has something particular: a unique, flashy and different touch of others.

In this way, a very serious mistake is avoided: choosing a name similar to another, causing the consumer to become confused and fall into your brand by mistake.

Being original and not deceiving your potential or potential customers is the first step in determining the success of your Marketing strategy.

2. Conciseness

The name should express the idea with few and appropriate words to make it easier to remember, for example: Nike, Facebook, Instagram. They are short and quickly enter the consumer’s mind.

3. Ease of writing and pronunciation

In this step, you must have studied in depth the target audience for which the action is intended. It is essential to consider how they think. In this way it is possible for them to identify themselves and consequently become leads.

4. Pleasant sound

For the naming to be efficient it is essential that the brand has a pleasant name until considering how the advertising that is planned to be done in the future will be heard.

It is important to enjoy the benefits of hearing: it increases mutual trust, favors calm, limits errors, and thus increases productivity.

5. Transmission of the message

As far as possible, look for a name that somehow conveys what your brand wants to communicate, but that does not say everything you are going to do. We must leave room for some expectation for a better effect.

6. Ease of memorization

Considering the previous steps, the direct effect should be that people remember the name of your brand and associate it with its value.

The restoration of ideas will be made from all the material acquired about your brand. They can be its differentials, the conciseness of the name, the sound pleasant to the ears and its way of being transmitted.

7. Innovation

Trying to innovate or look for a trend moving away from what is traditional is a good technique for your brand name to achieve its goal.

For this reason, it is necessary to keep up to date on the names of new companies or projects – in the same niche – that are being developed to keep in mind the focus they are having.

This way, you can guide yourself and create the most effective and correct name, which will give your brand an exceptional designation with greater chances of success.

8. Ability to use acronyms

Acronyms are the initials of a series of words that form a new one, so it will be simpler to convey a more complete idea, but in a more summarized way.

9. References from other languages

This is a widely used technique, as searching for words in another language further increases the possible word framework.

Using translation tools, you can hear how to pronounce the name you want to use in another language.

In addition, you should also study other companies that have done the same and were successful. As an example we can mention “REEBOK”: it is an African word that describes a type of antelope.

Although it has been rewritten, its pronunciation is the same, although the company “Reebok International Limited” is from the United States.

A creative mind represents an important collaboration to create the name of your project and, in this way, guarantee the success of your Marketing strategy.

An effective name expands the factors that determine business productivity, since it has the possibility to increase the likelihood of conversion of the target audience.

We hope our article has been helpful and that you can put these tips into practice as soon as possible.

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