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Our marketing manager Renato Mesquita tells the truths about SEO that he learned working at Websites Are Us 2 years ago. Check out!

Writing another SEO article to talk about “5 incredible tips that will help you get results” or “10 jaw-dropping reasons that get in the way of getting to the top of Google” is not really my intention.

After two years of Websites Are Us and a beautiful collection of articles written for the blog I decided to do something different.

The idea of ​​writing this article came after recalling some facts from my 2 years of Websites Are Us. Many calls with partners, reports made, published posts and a considerable amount of reading.

When we talk about a content marketing strategy or even just an SEO strategy there are some points that can confuse the marketers responsible for executing the routine.

Before talking about the truths I learned during these more than two years of WAU, I think that first of all it would be interesting to talk a little about the professional profile that usually executes these strategies and, thus, we will be able to understand some of these mistakes that are made .

Where do mistakes start? In the professional responsible for executing the strategy

Before joining Websites Are Us and starting to get involved daily with various SEO strategies, I really was a professional who knew more or less what these search engine optimizations were.

I knew the basics: “SEO helps me get organic traffic and I need it!”

So far everything (more or less) well.

In 2014 this was Renato Mesquita who joined Websites Are Us. Graduated in Journalism, he had experience in producing content for the web, knew a little about Hubspot and had a certain familiarity with concepts of Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing.

What about SEO?

Well, for me SEO was composed of keywords and heading tags :).

Thanks to the gods of Digital Marketing, I had great teachers inside and outside WAU who helped me to evolve a lot in more than two years, in addition to my own effort to want to become a good digital marketing professional.

You must be wondering the reason that led me to present myself in this way, am I right?

I can guess that a large majority of marketers who start working with some digital marketing strategies, mainly SEO, have the same knowledge or even less than I did when I started.

This is worrying? Yes, definitely.

I don’t blame the professionals. We work with something relatively new and these are concepts that will take at least a decade to reach universities and postgraduate courses.

Possibly, when that happens, it will be marketers like me and you (dear reader of who will share our experiences in the classroom.

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Bearing in mind that a considerable portion of those responsible for SEO strategies do not know very well what they are doing, it is normal to encounter some common and very basic problems.

Before you fire the person doing your SEO or even go into depression for not knowing much, here are some of the mistakes you can make during the beginning of your career.

SEO is a long-term strategy and I need immediate results

Let’s speak the truth, most of the time you are looking for alternatives to enhance your results in Digital Marketing and, certainly, a long-term strategy is far from what you want.

Don’t expect me to lie here. Honestly, you will not be able to get the immediate result you want so much if you start your SEO strategy right now. As James Hetfield, lead singer of Metallica, would say, “it’s sad but true”.

In most cases this error is not the fault of the person responsible for executing the strategy. This immediacy is a requirement that comes from above and you have to turn around to get the results. So, before you even break your face, read it carefully.

SEO does not give quick result. This is a fact.

In spite of this, there are ways for you to maximize these results and be able to get returns more quickly (it will still be months of work).

I will not talk about SEO Black Hat.

How is it possible to get SEO results a little faster without using strategies frowned upon by Google?

Get more backlinks.

Yes, it is that simple.

Links are the answer to everything:

  • Do you want to increase organic traffic to your pages? Get links.
  • Do you want to improve the positioning of your pages on the search engines? Get links.
  • Do you want your domain to have more authority and your pages too? Get links.

You could understand what I’m getting at, right?

Nothing is impossible if you have a well-defined Link Building strategy.

I won’t go into too much about the topic in this article, but if you want to learn more about it, be sure to check out our content on how to create your link acquisition strategy.

Learning: “Boss, I’m really not going to be able to increase our blog traffic by 75% in 2 months, but we can work with a more conservative goal of 10% month by month. What do you think?”

Be honest, don’t be afraid to say that you can’t deliver something surreal. After all, it is your job that is on the straight.

“I posted content 100% optimized for ON page. Okay, now just wait for the readers. ”

Calm down!

It is not quite like that. I will explain it in parts so that you understand it correctly, but this argument goes hand in hand with the first argument of the result in a short time.

There are more factors that will be responsible for the success of your SEO strategy. In some cases you can achieve results by doing your homework with ON Page optimizations. Everything will depend on how competitive your niche is.

Anyway, we will know other points that will influence your result:

The age of a URL

Whenever we develop a well-structured and realistic SEO strategy, we must take into account that the time of publication of an article, that is, the age of the URL is one of the main factors that will dictate the success, or not, of a certain page.


Okay, let’s take it easy.

Currently, there are more than 200 ranking factors that directly influence the display of content on search engine SERPs.

Bearing this in mind, the age of a URL is one of the factors that exerts considerable weight in the positioning of any page. Thus, it is clear that content that has just been posted is unlikely to work quickly.

SEO On page is not everything

URL, Title Tag, SEO Title, H1, H2, meta description, alt text in the images and voila! Your content is ready to occupy the top of any SERP.


As I said, the most important factor for ranking is the link. Backlinks are the soul and fuel that make the SEO machine run. Without them, nothing is done.

So, this leads us to conclude that: however well structured, adjusted and rounded your content and SEO strategy is, without backlinks you will hardly reach the top of search engines.

Go beyond. When publishing content, remember that your Link Building strategy will be largely responsible for the results.

Learning: You need to worry about SEO On page, but don’t rely on all your results just for optimizations made within your domain.

“I don’t have time to spend executing an SEO strategy”

Does SEO take time? You can be sure of it!

Worth it? MUCH!

I am not saying that you will need to spend 24 hours a day with a team of 12 people to run your strategy and get real results.

To execute an SEO strategy in a serious way, a person can already execute this mission. And look, she may even be responsible for more responsibilities!

I say this because when I joined Websites Are Us, our marketing team was very small.

We were just three people to play everything and I was one of those responsible for getting hands-on and making optimizations on page, searching for links, exchanging guest posts and going after other sites to get links.

Other than that, there were still many other tasks that should be done every day.

The point here is: treat your SEO strategy as seriously as any other strategy.

The best part of SEO is that you can usually execute a well-designed strategy without spending a lot. So it’s not like you’re burning money, you’re investing time in something that will make you money.

At an early stage it depends solely and exclusively on your effort and hard work.

Learning: I know you need to spend your time on other things, anyway I recommend that you don’t neglect your strategy. Check out the result we achieved with a 2-year strategy.

Do I need to hire a person just to take care of this?

Not necessarily.

Everything will depend on whether you can perform all of your routine tasks and still give due attention to your SEO strategy.

How much time you need? It depends on the stage of your strategy.

Here at Websites Are Us things happened very gradually. In the beginning, all marketing was run by one person, then two, three and so on.

Currently, we have reached the point where our acquisition team (blogs) has six people and of these, two are responsible for all our SEO efforts.

If you are starting now, you can be sure that you can do a great job yourself with your strategy. It will all depend on how much you are willing to try.

Remember that your results are a reflection of your effort. This is for life, so it is also for SEO.

“Then I install Google Analytics and Google Search Console”

Stop right now!

This applies not only to an SEO strategy, but also to any digital endeavor you may be doing.

Tracking your metrics is just as important or even more than the strategy itself. I say this for the simple fact that without these numbers how will you prove to your boss and your company that your efforts are paying off?

When it comes to SEO, it is essential that you follow some key metrics:

  • Ranking in SERP;
  • Volume of organic traffic;
  • Total number of sessions on a blog;
  • Day, month and quarterly growth compared to the same period.

Much of my routine is reserved for analyzing the results of everything we do on our four blogs.

In order to prove that our efforts are paying off and that they are turning into revenue for the company, we need to use everything to our advantage to connect the drops in the is.

The best example of this is in this content created by CMO of Websites Are Us, Diego Gomes, Here you can see the history of the blog post of half a million reais:

Find out how a single blog post helped us generate R $ 436,000 in new business in just 16 months

Learning: Do not mess up when tracking your metrics. SEO is nothing without it.


At the end of this story I hope you have learned a little more about some little gaffes that can separate you from success in an SEO strategy.

If you think I ended up forgetting about an error that deserved to be on this list, be sure to use the comments tab below and we will enrich this discussion.