Customer service is one of the most critical sectors for the success of any business, whether it is present only in the digital environment, physical or both. It is important to keep this in mind and know that, if you can offer excellence in service, this can be the biggest competitive advantage of your company.

To help you win the trust of more customers and retain those who have already bought your brand, we have brought 12 tips that will help you achieve excellence in service. But remember, it is not enough to just follow some of them, they are all extremely important.

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Without further ado, let’s get to the tips!

1. Know your audience

It is impossible to know how to serve well without you knowing who your target audience is, that is, what is the profile of your consumer. So, do your research in advance and understand the behavior of your business customers.

To do this, leverage other service channels, send forms and, especially, try to understand what your competitors are doing to attract and retain their own customers.

Also consider developing your business persona, learn from this content how to do it.

Know your Target Audience and Develop Persona

2. Diversify your channels

It is not possible to achieve excellence in service without diversifying its channels. As a Marketing Week survey points out, 15 years ago customers used, on average, 2 touch points when making a purchase. Today, 50% of consumers use more than 4 points of contact to buy.

Taking these numbers into account, you can no longer answer only at the physical store, or just on the phone. You need to have a good online service ecosystem and, to truly achieve excellence, you must unify and integrate them so that you can offer a different experience through omnichannel service.

Therefore, make sure you are available not only by phone and email, but also through an online chat on your page, on social networks and employ systems that optimize your services, such as a Callback tool, for example.

3. Be fast and efficient

Today, online chat is considered the best service channel for communicating with an online business, satisfying more than 73% of consumers served. And what is the main reason that sets you apart from the other options? The speed of the response time and the possibility to chat in real time with the company.

Customers don’t want to wait hours or days to get feedback on a problem or question – chances are they will simply find solutions from their competitors. Therefore, optimize your response time and be able to service in the shortest possible time, regardless of the channel offered.

But remember, speed is not everything. Being fast and efficient means responding quickly, but also completely, ensuring that the customer does not need to contact you multiple times or re-explain your problem to other agents. Delivering solutions in the first contact is crucial to achieve excellence in service.

Be Fast and Efficient to achieve service excellence

4. Focus on experience

Like you, your customers want to feel valued when they enter your business page or physical store. Therefore, it is important to employ mechanisms and approach techniques that transform what would be a generalized experience into something truly exclusive.

In the digital environment, this is even more challenging as your team will not have the advantage of having face-to-face contact with the public. Therefore, use systems that allow you to monitor and approach visitors in real time, such as a proactive invitation tool.

Besides that, during service, it is important not to be present just to give support and behave reactively to situations, doubts and problems presented by customers. Check out our next tip.

5. Be Proactive

Being proactive makes all the difference in the perception of consumers in relation to the service provided by your team. And while proactive invitations serve their purpose exceptionally, proactivity is not simply related to your systems and tools, but to the behavior of each representative or operator.

In order to truly achieve excellence in customer service, it is important to be ready and prepared to leave the script when necessary, especially in cases where your customers are frustrated or dissatisfied with any aspect related to the company and its products or services.

Whenever possible, do not wait for the customer to place the order or question if you already have an answer or pertinent information that may prove useful for the customer’s experience. Keep in mind: the thought “if the customer needs it, they will ask” is the exact opposite of the concept of proactivity in customer service.

6. Know how to listen

Knowing how to listen is one of the main factors for companies that want to achieve excellence in service. As we mentioned earlier, serving with excellence is not just about solving problems. You need to be willing, prepared and motivated to get out of your comfort zone and really make yourself available to the consumer.

To exemplify, if a customer asks about the shipping cost of a certain product via the online chat on your page, instead of simply sending a link to the shipping calculator, don’t miss the opportunity to draw attention to your freight differentials, such as subsidized freight for purchases of a certain value, or other elements that add value to the consumer’s shopping experience.

7. Be available on mobile

Today, all the best platforms and websites to create an online store already offer compatibility with mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. This is because, as pointed out by several studies, including a survey of the World of Marketing conducted in 2018, more and more customers are using mobile to browse their offers and buy online.

It is impossible to achieve excellence in customer service if you do not optimize your channels to offer convenience and serve the mobile consumer well, which already represents more than 52% of internet traffic according to studies by Statista – the largest statistics bank in the world.

Remember, these customers are on the move. They don’t want to have to switch between apps or pages to chat with their company, they expect quick answers and they definitely don’t like waiting on the line for an available operator. Therefore, in the digital environment, you need to be able to serve from within your page.

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Be available on mobile

8. Structure your communication

Service excellence requires commitment and professionalism, but that is not all. You need to structure your communication and put technology to work for you.

Today, there are several systems that help you to structure your communication with the customer, so that it is not possible to forget to make a follow up, or fail to send a purchase confirmation. A great example are the CRM systems, which exist essentially to organize your lead record, structure your communication and optimize the relationship management with customers, often automatically.

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9. Develop company culture and train your team

As a survey conducted by SDL points out, with more than 3000 consumers around the world, 90% of consumers want to find a consistent experience through all available service channels. For this to be possible, it is necessary to develop the service culture, as well as the language of your company.

If a customer has been very well attended by online chat, by an extremely friendly and attentive operator, he definitely expects to receive the same treatment at the physical store, on the phone, or at any other point of contact.

Therefore, do not neglect the training of your team and make sure that all operators and representatives clearly understand the objectives, language, values ​​and vision of the business so that they can act the way customers expect in absolutely every session or call.

10. Request feedback

This tip may seem really obvious, but SuperOffice statistics carried out with more than 1000 companies and customers, among all businesses that already serve via online chat, only 45% request feedback from their consumers after a service session.

To achieve service excellence, you need to be open and willing to receive positive and negative reviews about your services. After all, who can better judge the state of your customer service and validate your efforts if not your own customers?

Value the opinion of your customers and leverage several channels to request evaluations, either directly after a telephone conversation, through a form sent by email or at the end of an online chat session.

Service excellence is only possible with feedback

11. Evaluate your reports

Even if you follow all these tips, it is still not possible to guarantee that you are really working with excellent service without evaluating numbers and hard data about your services. In addition to closely analyzing the feedback received, remember to put the technology to work in your favor again.

Use systems that can display insights about the performance of your team of representatives. Check service metrics such as speed of response time, number of calls that the same consumer made to solve a problem and of course, if they were satisfied with the experience.

To exemplify, with Websites Are Us’s omnichannel service platform, you can follow reports from all integrated channels, such as online chat, email, phone, among others.

12. Focus on customer loyalty

Finally, remember that all your efforts when serving potential customers or consumers who trust your brand must be focused on increasing your chances of retaining and retaining them.

The truth is that the cost of acquiring new customers is much higher than the price of maintaining those who have already bought it once. Therefore, manage your relationship so that they do not forget your brand and invest in digital marketing campaigns and a closer contact so that you can bring them back and make recurring sales.

Ready to work with excellent service?

As stated at the beginning of the content, now that you know all the main tips of what must be done to achieve excellence in service, be sure to thoroughly evaluate your services and make the necessary decisions to increase the rate of customer satisfaction.

To boost your sales and generate more business opportunities through customer service, your goal should be Customer Success – or customer success. And remember, as a famous survey by Bain & Company points out, increasing your customer retention by just 5% can represent an increase of up to 95% in your profits, because acquiring new customers is much more expensive than valuing those you already have.

And don’t miss the opportunity to turn your customer service into a competitive advantage and be able to convert visitors into customers, install Websites Are Us on your page to proactively approach and chat with your consumers in real time.