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TikTok is a social network that has been breaking record downloads worldwide. The application has already surpassed Instagram in the United States and has been drawing the attention of the public and also of companies. A simple to use platform that allows users to create videos that are fun and viral!

Imagine an application with download numbers larger than Instagram and close to Facebook.

This application exists and is called TikTok, a phenomenon that has been conquering a large number of users worldwide.

TikTok is considered as a social network and bets on humor to gain an audience. Different companies have already seen great potential in using this tool to win over the public and generate a closer relationship.

However, is this network ideal for your company?

We will show what are the characteristics of this social network in this content and also if it can be used by your business. Follow!

Video platform

TikTok is a platform focused on the production of small videos, up to 15 seconds.

The user can record the video and edit it, inserting different effects and adding a soundtrack.

The network was created in China by the company ByteDance, in a union agreement with the old Music.Iy. The value of this agreement was around R $ 3.8 billion in August 2018.

This union provided a good experience with videos and audio, at the same time, on the same platform with extreme ease of use.

The application has been introduced to the world quite successfully in the United States and Australia, but its largest audience is in China and India.

The application will be monetized through ads. The creators’ goal is to reach the goal of 500 million active users per month.

TikTok is considered as a social network because users can post videos, edit them, add soundtracks and post them on the network to their followers.

Companies, of course, have already kept an eye on this app and see it as an opportunity to generate rapprochement with the public, using the available resources, especially when editing videos and visual effects.

Impressive numbers

When we say that TikTok is a phenomenon, believe me, it really is!

Worldwide, the number of downloads already surpassed the 1 billion mark. In December 2018, the app broke the monthly installation record, with the mark of 75 million.

All these data were collected considering the installations through the platforms of Google Play, Android, and App Store, of the iPhone, in addition to estimates of downloads in China.

For comparison, in the year 2018 worldwide the number of Facebook downloads was 711 million and Instagram had 444 million. In the same period, TikTok managed to 663 million downloads.

The competitors of this application are those who work with videos, like Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

Well-targeted audience

Faced with such expressive numbers, you must be thinking about registering your company on the platform, right? Well, take it easy, because there are points to consider.

According to statistics, TikTok users have very specific characteristics. As most videos have a humorous tone, the audience is quite young, or rather, a teenager.

Of course, this does not prevent you from using the tool if your audience is older, because, with the success that the app has been making, in a few more generations they can start using it.

However, if you want to start using it now, it would be more interesting to focus on the audience aged 16 and 24 years, as 41% of social network users are within this range.

TikTok and marketing strategies

Any communication network that presents registration numbers similar to those of TikTok should receive the attention of companies.

This phenomenon has attracted many young people, with a simple, fun and interactive platform.

For companies to add this social network as one of the acquisition channels, some care needs to be taken.

The first, as we said, is the compatibility analysis between the age group of the brand’s target audience with the network’s audience.

If your company has customers between the ages of 16 and 24, the results can be great.

You can create fun videos, either to show the company’s day-to-day, or for activities that are done behind what customers have contact.

However, if your company has a more formal profile, with an older target audience and with more serious characteristics, investing in this platform may not bring the expected results.

If your company has very different audiences, with younger consumers and other older groups, it is possible to create strategies and target the most appropriate audience.

Always keep in mind that age is not a limiter. You can create an extroverted piece and win over more experienced consumers.

Likewise, a young person may desire more serious and educational content. Think of the differences.

Viral videos and influencers

Here are some of the main reasons for investing in TikTok right now.

It’s a phenomenon

The numbers say it all: the world is getting to know TikTok.

Despite not being as well known in London, this social network has already conquered imposing markets, such as Chinese, Indian and American. So, it can be a matter of time to win fans here.

With that in mind, if your company invests in the platform and it becomes a success here, you can get ahead of the competition and create a reference profile.

The platform has already been extensively tested

A great advantage of TikTok is that the social network was extensively tested in the Chinese market before exploding to other continents. This made crucial mistakes known and dealt with intelligently.

One of the points that received investment was in safety and protecting users against harassment and misuse. There are different filters that can be used to ensure the privacy of posts and profile data.

Not that other platforms ignore this concern with security and type of use, but these other networks took protective measures when many users already had the app installed.

In other words, TikTok used a market to set up its structure, test its functionalities and resources, align different points and is now ready to conquer ever larger audiences.

Viral video is with TikTok

Any brand wants to create a piece of viral marketing that spreads and reaches a large number of people.

Creating this viral material is very difficult and most of the time it has a high cost. This is not true when it comes to TikTok.

Engagement on this social network has higher rates than on other networks, since the user cannot simply scroll through the feed. He goes through the videos and interacting.

In the United States the average time users spend browsing the platform is 46 minutes a day. The number of active users per month in the country is 26 million.

So, your videos on TikTok can reach a large number of people and at an extremely low cost, not to mention null.

The audience is well targeted

Facebook, Instagram and other social networks have a wide audience: Young people, adults and the elderly.

This has some advantages, such as the breadth for the posts, but there is also the downside.

TikTok focuses its posts on the public between 16 and 24 years old. However, another representative group is 24 to 30 years old. This high concentration shows a potential for brands that focus on these age groups.

Having a platform that concentrates exactly the age group of your audience can represent a very high attraction and conversion rate, more than in other networks.

A good place to explore influencer marketing

TikTok has a gigantic potential to be a channel used by digital influencers.

As the use of the platform is extremely simple and with very interesting effects, these influencers can use the network with greater frequency and interactions.

YouTube today is the most loved channel among influencers. However, there is great competition to win public attention.

For companies, working with a big digital influencer on YouTube can be very costly!

As TikTok can still be considered a novelty here in London, trying to use the power of influencers in this network is an idea to take forward!

About ads, very common on other social platforms, such as Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads, TikTok still tests to find the best practices.

There is a concern about not making the space a concentrate of ads and, thus, scaring the public. This concern makes a lot of sense, even for the public it concentrates.

However, we must keep an eye on this novelty so as not to miss the opportunities it presents!

Lessons from TikTok

O TikTok is a viral app, which quickly gained expressive numbers. Its audience is very characteristic and many companies end up failing to exploit this tool due to the public’s incompatibility.

However, this social network can generate a very interesting analysis. We know that networks serve as an entertainment channel through content.

Interesting posts, with materials that, in a way, attract users’ attention and deliver value get high engagement, while purely advertising pieces may not have the same effect.

TikTok’s proposal is precisely to empower users to create creative content through a platform that facilitates the manipulation of video and audio at the same time, with different effects and filters.

No need to be an expert in video manipulation, getting to know the effects in depth, knowing how to work with audio, nothing like that! The platform is simple and interactive. Anyone can create the content, edit it, make it unique and post it to their network of followers.

In other words, the lesson that remains is that we must not forget that social networks are also entertainment platforms and not a purely advertising channel. We must transmit the power of creation to the public and allow creativity to emerge.

User engagement can be very high and this represents great opportunities for companies. However, anyone who wants to invest in this social network should be aware of the characteristics of the target audience.

Evaluate all points and see how this network can benefit your company and bring better results. The secret of everything is to build a good marketing strategy!

Since we talk about strategy, be sure to read our content on the 10 elements to succeed on social networks. Check it out now and improve your results!