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It is very common to see companies out there that set out to do Digital Marketing, but after a certain time they gave up, and insist on the four winds that “Digital Marketing does not work”. The truth is that at various times in Digital Marketing there is a separation between “boys” or “men”. In other words, persistence itself […]

It is very common to see companies out there that set out to do Digital Marketing, but after a certain time they gave up, and insist on the four winds that “Digital Marketing does not work”.

The truth is that at various times in Digital Marketing there is a separation between “boys” or “men”.

In other words, the very persistence is a key factor in creating results (mainly ranking on Google).

Only we can go a little further.

After all, starting right, surrounded by solutions and actions that complement each other, makes perfect sense for you in this marathon, renewing the courage to move on, until you reach prominence in the race for the attention of your audience.

As we have already applied the Inbound Marketing process to more than 100 companies, we were invited to participate here on the Content Marketing blog, to share our experience, showing which solutions together enhance the results.


[Antes] Have a website

Before we start talking about all the tools and strategies, it doesn’t matter, we need to go through this part, which is your company having a website.

Without it, it is not valid to think about Results Marketing.

And it is useless to say that you have a Facebook page, because it does not solve it. And it is no longer “cool” (as some agencies mistakenly disclose out there through this application to themselves).

A Facebook page – or any other Social Network – does not replace the importance of having a website of yours.

I could write an article only on this subject, but I will summarize this debate in two points: ranking and rented place.

That is, ranking in search engines (very important factor for item 2 of the strategy) is reduced when you have a Facebook page and not your own website.

In addition, you are “renting” the space from the Social Network, and it will change the rules and overnight you will lose what was built there.

Having a website is not as mysterious as you might think. If you still have questions about this process, you can check out this full article on how to create a website.

Finally, we here defend the use of WordPress as a CMS, that is, use the WP as an administrator (Content Manager System or Content Management System).

It is something we do at our Inbound Marketing Agency and for 100% of our customers.

Having reviewed this point, we will start thinking about equipping ourselves with tools and strategies that together will enhance digital results.

What are the solutions that together impact on Results Marketing?

Results Marketing is Marketing with the focus on a sales funnel, such as “Visitors> Leads> Opportunities> Sales”.

For it to be effective we indicate that you have:

  1. Sales and Marketing Automation Software
  2. Content Marketing (long-term result)
  3. Advertising Online (short term result)
  4. Marketing management
  5. Sales management

Here two doubts usually arise:

Do you need to have all of these solutions?

Yes and no.

You can start slowly, maybe just with Content Marketing, or even just with Online Advertising with advertisements on Google AdWords. But no, for Results Marketing, we need to unify all the points to get there.

Is the order in the list above the one I should follow when hiring?

No and yes.

I ended up placing the Automation Software as point 1, as it is the natural movement that we see most when approaching us (having the website and already hiring the automation software).

In practice, I would say that the ideal would be to start with item 2 (Content Marketing), have item 3 (Online Advertising) and then return to this item 1.

Confused? Calm down, let’s understand each one, and then at the end we stop to reflect.

1. Marketing and Sales Automation Software

The Marketing and Sales Automation Software is a tool that unifies within a single solution everything you need to manage Visitors, generate more Leads, relate, and record your Sales process.

It will be yours command center of the sales funnel in Inbound Marketing.

There are several solutions on the market, many of them are incredible. In particular, we use RD Station, which is the leading tool in Latin America.

We have written a very complete article, which is an RD Station Deployment Guide that I recommend as a complementary reading.

In practice, the most important thing is that you choose the tool according to your investment capacity, that it is a complete tool and that you can use it (avoid very complex / advanced tools in the beginning).

Before concluding this point, let’s make an analogy to understand the importance of the tool: It is as if the automation software were an airplane. It will help you to go a long way, which is the way of Purchase Journey of your audience.

Once hired, we can think about the next items in the equation.

2. Content production (long-term result)

If you follow the blog Content Marketing, I risk saying that you are “bald” to know about this subject, right?

For those who have never heard (how did you get here?) The best content that exists on the internet is this guide that explains what it is and how to adopt Content Marketing.

It is a great read, but fantastic!

Anyway, in summary, content is the basis of the strategy.

In other words, it will be through the content that we will have to update on Social Networks, what will be available on Landing Pages, subjects for email Marketing, for Lead Nutrition, etc.

Since we made the analogy in the item above (with the Automation Software being the Airplane), continuing, we can say that Content Marketing is therefore the “fuel” of this plane.

That is, yes, your company needs a well updated blog. Of tips and true information, passing on all the knowledge acquired.

Who teaches is authority, is a reference, is highlighted, and mainly, is remembered when the time comes to purchase.

Here I also have another banner, which is to start doing Content Marketing.

It doesn’t have to be the ebook of the year, the best article ever. It must be original (not copied) and real (written for someone to read).

You can be sure that the first article that our agency created was “weak” compared to the content we currently produce.

I venture to say the same about the first article on the Content Marketing blog. But it was original and real.

And over time, you will evolve, gaining knowledge and experience, until you reach the point where producing content becomes a culture in your company.

Before we go any further, I listed and answered some questions that I receive in the day-to-day application of Results Marketing.

2.1 – What is the content routine and size?

Start with at least one weekly article on your company’s blog.

And if possible, try to maintain a standard size (words), but without forcing the bar, without repeating, something like 500 words is a nice average at the beginning.

2.2 – Produce internal content or outsource?

There is no right answer to that question.

What I always comment on is that some companies choose to produce internally for “there are no costs”, only that there are, which is the time for someone on your team to produce a text from scratch, different from what it would be time to review a content created by a third party.

In practice, the content produced by you has more quality, but may be less optimized for the internet.

We decided to produce internal content, knowing the cost, for another reason: someone on our team stops a little (in the rush of everyday life) to study, update, before writing a text.

However, 90% of our customers opted for solutions, such as Websites Are Us, precisely for the cost of making someone from your company stop for that ever, and given the quality of services, it is something worth the investment.

2.3. Can you invest in both (internal and outsourced)? Funnel start and funnel end

In some cases the company is able to do both, internalize or invest in a partner. Here if it is your case, I indicate that you do everything, with due separation:

  • Funnel start content: leave it to the outsourcer;
  • Funnel end content: make internal.

In other words, the funnel start content (those “how”, “which”, “for what reason” themes) are ideal for a third party. The funnel end content (those “all about my company”, “we are the best because of this”) themes are ideal for your team to produce.

Remembering that content is a long-term result, so the next step must exist.

3. Online advertising (short term result)

If the previous item is a construction, this new point is a rent.

You will rent the audience, from Google, Facebook, or wherever, to strategically appear ads so that you increase qualified visitors.

Therefore, the debate here does not have to be how to increase visitors in the short term (with AdWords and FaceAds), since they are day-to-day tips, tips on how to upload certain ads.

Although it is important to research and learn these “tricks”, the most important thing when we talk about Ads, of online advertising, is to understand that since the cost is direct (CPC – Cost per Click – in most cases), the most important is that are from qualified visitors.

In other words, invest in the public closest to your persona, who maximize results in commercial opportunities.

In the analogy of the plane, that we are fitting each step, we can say that the Ads is force control, since the takeoff, in certain moments that it needs to accelerate, but mainly to not lower a certain speed that guarantees the flight stability.

Again, before we go any further, I listed and answered some questions that I receive in the day-to-day application of Ads:

3.1 – Where to advertise? Google or Facebook?

There is also no correct answer, but it is a little easier to answer, as each tool is used at a different time.

In the case of the Google search engine, it is when the visitor was already looking for something, which can be a “buy x” search or something related to a closer purchase moment.

On Facebook, the visitor is relaxing, seeing updates and not looking for something. However, you can reach exactly the audience you need.

That is why in our method we always keep both active.

Always optimizing the Cost per Lead, which is a funnel goal in Ads. In some cases we also went through LinkedIn Ads. And you will be able to test other channels, of course.

3.2 – How much to invest in Ads?

The amount you will invest must be proportional to the return, the famous ROI (Return of Investment).

So, when you start, go slowly, with a focus on learning the specific channels that will generate results. Once you “got it right” there you can accelerate investments.

3.3 – Budget for SEO?

Usually when I talk to customers about Ads funds I am already amending to make a “fat” for SEO.

In other words, there are channels that make a partnership sense and that we may need to close a partnership with a pre-established investment. Having this freedom, it is half done.

Our next two items are management, that is, we are talking about human strength.

4. Inbound Marketing Management

Once you have a website, Automation, Content Marketing and Ads software together, you have a set of actions to manage.

And here we are talking about the fronts process of bringing visitors, converting into Leads, relating and passing on sales opportunities, besides, of course, evaluating the results.

Constancy, in the blog, in the materials, in the relationship, is vital for building a passionate audience. I think you’ve already noticed that you will need someone, right?

Going back to our analogy, I would say that the plane now complete, has so many buttons that you will need a pilot to guide you during the journey.

Here, before closing, just allow me to debate with you about the management being by someone in-house, an outsourced “freela” or agency, since each case has a differential.

When you choose to manage internal Inbound the biggest gain is total attention, after all it is your employee. On the other hand, it is common not to find or be able to invest in such qualified professionals for Inbound.

In this case you are looking for a freelancer: a professional who has or had a strong experience in Inbound, serves two or three companies, and can help (remotely) to follow the processes.

In many cases these freelas are “eugencias” – that is, they have all the aspect of agency, but they are a person with their service providers together.

The disadvantage of freela is precisely not being a group of specialized professionals, immersed only in that (in Inbound), which is our case as an Agency.

When you choose an agency, quality is always a major highlight.

Here I do not want to raise the flag about which is the best, since the three options work according to the time and investment capacity of each company. If you want to study a little more, we wrote an article about when to hire (or not) an Inbound Marketing Agency.

Having this complement, we only need one more element, which is the sales force.

5. Sales Process Management

With the Inbound process very “round”, it is very likely that your company is in the stage of generating quality leads. Here comes the key and final element of the process, which is sales force management.

In other words, the Inbound process will generate two types of Leads, MQL and SQL.

O MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) means the lead who is your persona, is passionate about your marketing, but has not yet requested commercial assistance.

The SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) it is also your persona, but you have already requested commercial contact.

Understanding these two cases, addressing them in a personalized way, will make the growth in Leads and Opportunity really result in an increase in Sales.

At our agency we are involved in the Vendarketing process, which is when sales and marketing unify efforts to exchange information that will be a reengineering of the process, increasing the efficiency of marketing and expanding the amount of opportunities for sales.

[Extra] How much should I consider investments at the end (estimates)?

I left the most unfair question of all, as investments are linked to a series of points to be weighed, such as who is the supplier, what is the experience, the quality, the degree of delivery of the solution and so on.

However, I will try to pass on a vision, to prepare financially.

And yes, creating a set of solutions that together enhance sales results requires investment and maturing by the company to do so.

If I tried to generate an estimate, which is the healthy market average, I would say the following:

R $ 650 – Software

R $ 1,500 – Content Production

R $ 4,500 – Inbound Agency

R $ 2.000 – Online Advertising

As I said they are averages from my experience.

There are smaller solutions, with smaller ones in quality as well.

One point is Online Advertising itself, which can be a “stairway” up to that amount, growing month by month. And another point is that I did not mention website values, after all they are the ones that change the most (depending on your project).

The final banner is that “cheap is expensive”.

As I put in the first line of this article, when we are going to investigate the case of people who say that “Digital Marketing does not work” is usually this point, having opted for poor quality partners, saving in the wrong way on key points.

I close my article here. I hope you have understood the points I indicate to unify.

I hope it has broadened your view, and it has become clearer because there is this separation between “men” and “boys”. And I hope I have helped you get a sense of when to apply Results Marketing.

Jean Vidal is CEO and Growth Hacker at Conexorama Fábrica Digital, an Inbound Marketing agency specialized in RD Station, which created an exclusive method in Inbound, with the addition of Explanatory Videos.