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A long time ago, in the Galaxy we live in … Life was completely different, the exchange of information was much slower and marketing was limited to word of mouth, leafleting and, as Jabba The Hut of our galaxy would say, to the claims of plim plim. But everything has changed, today most of the efforts […]

A long time ago, in the Galaxy we live in …

Star Wars

Life was completely different, the exchange of information was much slower and marketing was limited to word of mouth, leafleting and, as Jabba The Hut of our galaxy would say, to the plim plim claims.

But everything has changed, today most of the efforts to win over the public are online, news travels faster than Millenium Falcon and we live in a world without borders.

The main change for us, in marketing, is in the first element, in Digital Marketing.

To learn how to better deal with our universe, we will use elements from a very, very distant galaxy that will facilitate everyone’s understanding, in addition to opening our eyes to opportunities and factors that we cannot pass up.

As we saw, our life was completely different, but everything changed.

And there was a main factor in the evolution that our lives have undergone in the last decades and everything that was mentioned was only possible with the discovery: da Force!

Star Wars

The power

star wars gif

To achieve success in our galaxy it is essential to have the Force as your ally and a powerful ally she is.

The Force is everywhere, we can’t see it or touch it, but we can use it to our advantage.

It is what gives the marketing Jedi their power, it surrounds us, unites us and is among us all.

Some do not have access to it and many others do not know how to handle the Force properly.

In our galaxy we call the Force internet and today we can’t live without it.

The internet truly brought all living beings together, breaking barriers of time and space and enabling instant communication and access to information from anywhere on our home planet.

Wisdom and Hope: How to Use Force

Using the internet to our advantage is a factor that few succeed.

Luke Skywalker has a hard time learning to use the Force and learns a lot from Master Yoda.

When our little green friend removes the ship from the water at Dagobah, Luke exclaims “I don’t believe it” and Yoda replies “that’s why you fail”.

To make good use of the internet you need believe in the power it has for your brand.

Probably “I don’t believe it” was his expression when he saw that our blog increased its traffic by 1,772% in just 12 months. That’s why you fail!

That number is at your fingertips, just hope to reach it and increase your knowledge about Digital Marketing and the needs of your market.

Be a good Padawan

Star Wars

For Luke to find ways to use the Force well and become a Jedi, the young man needed mentors.

The figures of Ben Kenobi and Master Yoda were fundamental for him to achieve his success and that is fundamental to do well in Digital Marketing.

To achieve this incredible result on the WAU blog, the company’s Marketing Jedi were influenced by mentors such as Hubspot and MOZ.

That is why WAU achieved such impressive results.

So, find your mentors.

Want to learn how to succeed in Digital Marketing? Learn with us. Do you want to know more about your market? Learn from who is doing it very well.

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A good mentor only has the desire to train those who will become as good – or even better – than him.

Inbound vs Outbound: Alliance vs Empire

The marketing strategies of the forces that oppose Star Wars are very clear in the original trilogy.

While Aliança Rebelde uses Inboud Marketing tactics, attracting future customers, Império uses more aggressive and invasive Marketing, which does not mean that one strategy is wrong and the other is correct, but we see that the Force favors the Inbound.

The Empire’s tactic to attract Luke Skywalker is always invasive and aggressive.

First they interrupt Luke’s routine by killing his uncles, then they try to attract him by demonstrating the power of his product (cutting off his hand and exploding planets) and even though he tries to avoid that publicity, trying to avoid it, he is sucked in by lightning of attraction.

A kind of TV commercial that you can’t change channels.

After that they never seem to care about Persona Skywalker’s problems, but only in extolling their product. Using calls like “If you know the power of the Dark Side …”, “I am your father”, “We will dominate the Universe”, among other things.

The Rebel Alliance in turn uses Inbound. Nothing invasive. It was Luke who found the Aliança brand when he saw content reproduced by the android he bought, and he became interested and continued to want to know more and more about what this clearer side of the Force had to offer.

Luke then goes on a journey towards purchasing the final product.

Luke Skywalker’s journey

luke's journey

Since we’re talking about Inbound Marketing in a very, very distant galaxy, we need to explain how the main character does the entire customer journey (or hero journey).

This is one of the main elements of Star Wars, after all it is the journey of its protagonist, and it is also where all Inbound Marketing is based.

Discovery and learning

The first phase of the customer journey takes place when Luke Skywalker comes into contact with an attraction content. R2 introduces him and CTA intrigues the young man: after all, who is Obi Wan Kenobi?

Luke decides that he will learn more about this Kenobi, whose name is no stranger to him.

Luke searches the desert sands of Tatooine (a clear metaphor for Cadê, the one we used before Google took over the world) and finds Ben Kenobi.

There Luke knows a little about that guy, where he learns that the keywords Ben Kenobi and Obi Wan Kenobi are just variations of the same word.

Problem recognition

Thirsty for more quality content, the young Skywalker wants to know more about the empire, the Clone Wars, the Jedi and his father Anakin.

Ali Obi Wan realizes that Luke was an engaged lead with great potential.

From there he continues with a flow of nutrition to Darth Vader’s firstborn until he realizes that the Universe is in danger and he needs to help.


Luke wants to help, but there is a small problem, he is just a young dreamer, an inexperienced pilot, an observer of setting the suns.

How can he assist the Rebel Alliance in the fight against the Empire? He then decides know more about the solution, about the final product that Obi Wan could sell.

He decides to learn how to use the Force and how to use a lightsaber, so he could help fight the Empire.

Luke’s knowledge helps him to bring down the Death Star, but that was not enough.

He wants more. And it will look for even more advanced content. So he gets to Master Yoda and starts to make sure that he need of the final product.


In the final phase of the young Skywalker’s journey, he decide to buy, he decides to become a Jedi. But the price is high, Luke needs to face his own father and beat him to, then, become a Jedi and overthrow the terrible Empire.

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Sales Funnel

As we have seen, Luke goes through the client’s entire journey until he becomes a Jedi, like his father before him. At each stage of that journey he needed different types of content.

Hopper top

Superficial themes to attract the young Skywalker to more advanced content, such as: “Obi Wan or Ben? Find out the X differences ”,“ How to do Princess Leia’s hairstyle ”,“ What is the Empire? ”, Among others.

Funnel Medium

In the middle of the funnel we see two phases of content for Skywalker, first as nutrition for him to learn more about what the Force was, what the Empire and the Jedi Knights were: “See X myths and truths about the Jedi Knights”, “ After all, what is the Force? ”,“ X reasons to get rid of the Empire ”.

And then when he was already considering becoming a Jedi: “Jedi or Sith: what is my profile” “Having a lightsaber and not cutting my arm: Is it possible?”, “How to use the Force to your advantage”.

Funnel background

This type of content is used when Luke is ready to buy and become a Jedi: “How to become a Jedi in X steps”, “The use of advanced Force, learn: Complete Ebook, from Master Yoda”.

The Lightsaber


The characteristic weapon of the great Jedi of Marketing today is called Content Marketing.

Nowadays it is practically unviable for a brand to reach followers for its ideologies and products in our galaxy without producing rich and useful materials for its audience.

Content Marketing is an elegant weapon for more civilized days, days when weapons are not used to attack competitors, but to keep the peace.

And that is what it is for, who handles a lightsaber does not do it for themselves, but to ensure the peace and tranquility of their personas.

All content produced needs to present something new to the public, something precious to them and that is the solution to their problems.

No matter the beauty of your website or the style of your logo, after all you don’t respect a Jedi for his Tatooine Fashion Week clothes, but for his knowledge of the Force and his Lightsaber, that is, his content.

Luke finds it hard to discover that Yoda was a great Master by judging him by his appearance and size, and not by his content.

Saber and authority

When Anakin Skywalker sees the saber on Qui Gon Jin’s waist he starts treating the man differently, with fear and respect.

He knows that that man knows what he is doing, that he has the knowledge and the power to help him.

A well-used saber must have this effect on people, the content produced in our galaxy needs to give us that same authority that Qui Gon demonstrated to young Vader.

The public needs to know that your content is the solution for them, and when they need it, they know exactly who they’re looking for.

You are the guardian of the peace of your personas and it is necessary that they see you that way.

Saber colors

In the episode “Attack of the Clones” we have a beautiful scene in the combat arena on the planet Geonosis where several Jedi unite in a confrontation against an army of droids.

A festival of lights and colors.

Colors are not free, each saber has a meaning and represents a characteristic befitting its creator.

Like sabers, Content Marketing also has different “colors” and you can produce in the way that is most relevant to your brand.


blue saber

They are the most common saber colors, which represent the Guardian Jedi, more focused on physical combat.

This color clearly represents blog posts, proliferating in the middle of the internet, they are in the daily confrontation against the pain of their customers.

Perhaps today they are the form of content most used by Marketing Jedi.


green saber

The green sabers represent the Consular Jedi, they focus less on physical combat and more on knowledge of the Force.

We know it in our galaxy as rich content. They are ebooks, webnaries and whitepapers. They are usually content that concentrate a wider range of knowledge and are more complete.


purple saber

Mace Windu’s lightsaber was the most striking in that confrontation.

It is also used by Jedi Guardians, but they are more eccentric.

It’s the same thing when we talk about marketing, they also have the same function as blue, but they are generally more daring and eccentric content, such as talking about Digital Marketing using Star Wars.


red saber

We will see later on the Dark Side of the Force practices that violate Google’s laws.

Red sabers are made with synthetic crystals because the Sith had no access to the caves where the Jedi used to store theirs.

That is, this type of content is also synthetic, many times they are copy of an original and always try to use tactics to deceive Google and be successful without quality.

Dagobah System


After being trained by Obi Wan Kenobi, Luke still does not have enough knowledge of the Force to overthrow the Empire and face his dad.

For that, he is not satisfied and goes to look for information in distant places and not yet explored by him, Dagobah.

This is essential for Marketing Jedi who produce content, seek from distant sources.

Don’t limit yourself to Ben’s teachings, no matter how good they are, sometimes there is a Yoda hidden in some html that you haven’t explored yet.

WAU, for example, usually seeks international and new references to bring new and relevant content to our readers.

Don’t limit yourself to one language or one reference, always look for someone new to look up to. Often the subject may be different, but the style and shape that the reference produces can positively influence your production.

Content Update

Star Wars

Another interesting thing that we learn from the universe created by the genius George Lucas is not to conform to what has already been produced.

Since they were released, the original trilogy has undergone three remasterings, where new elements have been added, improving some effects, among other things.

Were the changes good? No, they weren’t.

Do they hinder the fantastic movie experience? Yes, in a few moments. So are we going to ignore this lesson? No, we won’t.

A fool repeats the mistakes of others, a wise man learns from his own mistakes, while a Jedi learns from others’ mistakes.

So let’s learn from Lucas’ mistake.

Some of the updates were good and it shows us how fundamental it is to update and improve what has already been produced.

WAU has done that. Did we learn anything new about Inbound? We will update our post on Inbound Marketing, improving the content, optimizing organic results and, above all, guaranteeing the peace of our Padawans on the topic.

So, your older posts can always be improved, the richer and updated content, the better!

The Dark Side of the Force

dark side of strength

As we well know, the Force brings us stellar possibilities but, like everything in life, it has its bad side.

Many individuals do not want to become a Marketing Jedi, or use the internet in a healthy way, hence the Dark Side of the Force.

It has many strands, viruses, hackers, information leaks, among others.

But these are not our focus today, here we are going to talk about the Sith of Marketing, who use the Dark Side of the Force to circumvent Google and achieve results in an illicit and unfair way. These are the famous Black Hat practices.

There is a great evil that leads people to walk the path to the Dark Side, the thirst for power and the wrong and immediate expectations (characteristics of the father of a famous Jedi, isn’t it?).

False expectations lead to frustration, frustration leads to anger, anger leads to hatred, hatred leads to suffering.

That way the future Sith try to take the fastest and easiest path in the Force, instead of making quality content to rank well, they use these unfair tactics. For example:

Keyword Stuffing: It is a practice to fill the text with keywords to improve search engine performance and gain relevance.

Content Copy: Copy other people’s content without crediting the original. Google eliminates literal plagiarism, but it can be done in other ways. “He is tracing the path to the Dark Side” can easily be plagiarized for “The subject advances towards the opposite side to the good side of the Force”, I plagiarized a content, but I wrote it differently. This practice is very common, a theft of content that is hardly detected by Google’s robots.

Link Farms: The practice consists in creating several sites with mutual links, which serve to generate more visibility to a main one.

Many of these practices are opposed by Google and today the Dark Side lives a post-Jedi Return period.

But these Sith do not give up so easily and always seek new techniques to gain authority and visibility along the fast and easy path that only the Dark Side of the Force offers.

Lessons that characters from a very, very distant galaxy have for us

Han Solo: Shoot first

han solo

Where is Luke Skywalker? Why doesn’t Obi Wan remember R2? Why doesn’t Obi Wan remember that Luke had a sister? Some questions are left unanswered, but one thing is certain: HAN SHOT FIRST!

In fact, he is the only one who shoots the (original) scene.

And this is quite a learning experience for us. Shoot first, always.

Don’t wait for another brand to produce content for you to rely on, don’t just just reproduce what has already been done by gringos, but create something before others launch.

Will any other digital marketing blog link the theme to Star Wars? I don’t know, but I won’t wait and see. Like Han, I shoot first!

To shoot first you need to be confident and believe in what you do.

Han teaches us this and the result is: Luke is the star, but Han is the one who shines the most.

Humility is a virtue, but showing a little confidence in your potential is essential. If today you say “WAU’s blog is the best digital marketing in London, I love you Websites Are Us”, we would reply: “I know”!

Princess Leia

princess read

What great lesson can Princess Leia teach us? Eccentric hairstyles? Incest? How to conquer two men in one day? No, nothing like that.

Princess Leia was a strong female character at a time when this was not very common.

And she didn’t receive all this morality for asking for respect or for her status as a “princess”, Leia deserved to be respected and was leader of the entire Rebel Alliance (composed only of men. Yes. If I am not mistaken, we have only two women in the trilogy original, she and Luke’s aunt who has about 30 seconds of screen time).

This is exactly what Leia teaches us. Don’t settle for your status.

Being a princess did not prevent Leia from fighting for freedom against the empire and wanting to become a better and better leader.

Furthermore, we see that her status does not prevent her from being tortured by Vader or taking a shot from a Stormtrooper (the only shot they hit in the entire trilogy).

The fame and name of your brand was no guarantee of your eternal success. Remember Kodak? Star? Varig? Well, they had a name and disappeared from the map.

Do not follow these examples, keep creating content and earning your place today or tomorrow.

Chewbacca: uuuuur ahhhhrmmm uhhhrrr aaarhg


Wargrrrrwahhrwaaaghrr. Argh? Waaargh!

Anakin Skywalker: Be patient

anakin skywalker

Investing in Inbound, Content Marketing, Social Networks, in short, in Digital Marketing, requires time and effort.

So don’t be a spoiled and complaining child like Anakin Skywalker and keep wanting the best results right away and have the best content in the world.

This requires effort, dedication and a lot of patience. Things don’t happen overnight and every result needs to be valued. Don’t think that you will achieve incredible results in a short investment time, but in the long run, every effort will be worth it.

The rush and the thirst for power lead to the Dark Side of the Force.

Ben Kenobi: Mentor and the Persona

obi wan kenobi

We have already talked about the importance of having mentors and Ben shows the importance of knowing your Persona.

He knew who Luke Skywalker was, he knew his father and he knew his potential. Therefore, he knew how to communicate with the young man and conquer him little by little, preventing Luke from going to the Dark Side of the Force and becoming a Jedi.

Jar Jar Binks Effect

jar jar binks

One of the major problems that the Force can be accessed by anyone is that it can be accessed by ANY person.

If in the galaxy where the Star Wars stories occurred, the Force was practically hidden, accessed basically by Jed