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Learn how to save space on your computer or mobile devices by understanding how to compress pdf.

Those who work with texts and documents certainly have hundreds of PDFs on their computer, cell phone, tablet and pen drive.

Most of these files can be part of your work material. So, even if they are taking up a lot of space on your hard drive, deleting them is not an option.

But this problem is much less if you know how to compress PDF.

As the name says, the compression process makes the file take up less memory on your computer.

There are several free software available for those who need to handle hundreds of PDFs every day.

Keep reading and understand why and how to compress PDF on your computer, for free!

Why should you compress your PDF files?

The first reason, which we have already mentioned, is that the volume of files can take up a lot of memory on your computer.

Let’s say you generate 10 of those PDFs per day and each occupies 10 ㎆ of your hard drive.

That means 100 ㎆ per day, which is equivalent to up to 3 ㎇ per month, on average.

Depending on where everything is stored, your space can run out very quickly.

If, on the other hand, you can reduce the weight of each file to 5 ㎆, you will effectively have twice as much usable space on your machine.

This reduces the need to delete useful data or even to relocate files to other locations.

What tools are available for free?

Before understanding how to compress PDF, you must choose a tool.

Fortunately, many of them are available online for free. You can open them now and test their functions. Maybe even advance some of your work by compressing some files.

PDF Candy

The first option we have to offer is PDF Candy.

As soon as you open the site, you will already receive the instructions you need to start compressing your files.

The look is nice and has no ads to make the page heavy.

So you can do everything without worrying about delays, wrong clicks or invasive pop ups.

Soda PDF

If you feel more comfortable with a sober and aligned look, then Soda PDF is best suited for you.

It also has all the structure and basic instructions you need to start compressing your PDFs.

Your choice will be much more linked to what works for you.

Small PDF

Another compressor that goes straight to the point (but with a huge box that takes up half the screen).

Small PDF has the same functionality, but there is more space to drag files.

That way, even if you are not very close to new technologies, you will still be able to orient yourself easily.

I Love PDF

Finally, if you want a 99% clean look, except for an advertising banner, I Love PDF is your best option.

Unlike the previous ones, it does not come with all the instructions on how to compress PDF directly on the page.

But, as you’ve read so far, you can access pages knowing what you need to do.

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What is the step by step to compress PDF?

Insert the file into the application

To start, the site needs some PDF to work.

If you have one that you can use as a test or an extra copy of a very large file, this is a good time.

Just drag it to the indicated icon to upload.

Some tools accept to compress multiple files at once. So, you can try to do everything right away instead of one by one.

Alternatively, you can get PDFs that are stored on Dropbox or Google Drive.

Most websites already have this function, since much of the data is stored in the cloud today. Much more practical and quick, isn’t it?

Click the compression icon and wait

With all the files inserted, it’s time to start the process.

Just give the command and let the site do its job. This may take a few minutes, depending on your internet speed and the size of the file in question.

When finished, you will receive a compressed version in your download box.

At this point, you essentially already know how to compress PDF, but that doesn’t mean you’re done with all your work.

There are still 2 more steps to ensure that the compression was worth your time and can continue to be used in your daily life.

Check the file size in “Properties”

The big question here is:

Is the compressed file really taking up less space?

Even if these sites are good, some files may not be directly affected, which makes the process a complete waste of time.

Better to check now than to continue wasting energy for nothing.

To do this, just click with the right mouse button on the original file and then click on “Properties” with the left.

Right away you will see a line that says “Size”. Leave this window open and do the same with the compressed file.

If the number of the new PDF is less than the original, then everything went well.

If both are the same or the difference is irrelevant, then it is better to test other options on how to compress PDF.

Check file integrity

Last but not least, it may be that the file has experienced some failure after compression.

Even if it is done correctly, there may be an error that damages the file.

Words may be cut off or the PDF may be unrecognizable to reading programs.

If so, check your connection and make a 2nd attempt.

This can happen when you try to compress a lot of data at once or when the internet fluctuates.

If the problem persists, then it is better to look for another tool or use an application right on your computer.

Now that you know how to compress PDF, it’s time to use these tools to save space on your machine.

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