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The internet has never been so fertile ground for exchanging knowledge. And whoever has more value to deliver can even become an online teacher. In this article, we will see why this is worthwhile and what path you should take.

Few things have as much power to transform a person’s life as knowledge. It is not for nothing that many say that this represents power in personal and commercial relationships.

And, really, there is no denying that the best prepared and informed people have advantages in selection processes, business proposals and other opportunities.

That is why one of the main assets of a market as marked by digital transformation, as today, is infoproducts. As long as you follow the right steps, anyone can help others with their knowledge and experience.

Want to know how to do that too? In this article, I will explain how to become an online teacher and why this idea should attract you. Come on!

Why EAD has become a fever on the world market

One thing we can say without fear: EAD (distance learning) has become a fever worldwide, from major universities to individuals who produce their own content on their own.

This is confirmed by impressive figures. According to estimates, the infoproducts market generates a minimum of R $ 1 billion per year!

Why so much emphasis on teaching on the internet? You can’t attribute such a big phenomenon to one reason. But we can think of several good reasons, such as:

  • increased learning options: the offer of quality content is much greater today than it was a few years ago;
  • rapid change of scenery: people need to learn new skills much faster, and this requires short courses and less investment than a college, for example;
  • convenience and security: studying from anywhere at any time is a benefit that cannot be ignored;
  • changing view of the labor market: the job market no longer requires traditional training. This allows people to study for the value of knowledge, and not just for the degree.

5 benefits of working as an online teacher

If there is demand, it is clear that the supply will also increase. This is the case with online learning. Many qualified people noticed an increase in the search for quality content on the most varied topics.

As a result, they entered the market as digital teachers and mentors. And make no mistake: it is very worthwhile to work as an online teacher. Here are the main reasons that confirm this!

Flexible hours

One of the biggest advantages of being an online teacher is that you can work whenever and wherever you want.

After all, your classes will be recorded and aired in written form. This means that you can create all of your content at the time and place that suits you best.

Do you prefer to produce at home, at dawn? In a coworking space in the afternoon? Or maybe in a mall or snack shop in the morning?

The choice is all yours. Thus, you will have more time to devote to other personal activities, spend more time with your family and even develop new hobbies.

Endless assets

Another point that you should never forget: knowledge is an inexhaustible asset. That’s right, it never ends and never leaves you.

Think with me: after sharing your knowledge in a class, your students will have learned something new. But what you taught remains with you.

In addition, you will always be able to learn more new things and continue to share it with others. This brings us to our next benefit.


I just said that an online teacher’s class is 100% streamed over the internet. In practice, it helps you scale your profits faster. And all of this is due to two factors.

The first is the volume of your sales. While, in a face-to-face class, you can help a limited number of people, it does not happen in the online context.

The second factor is how long the content will be available. Again, in a face-to-face class, the content is live, so you will only win for the students who are there at the time.

With recorded classes, in any corner of the world, anyone can access their content and at any time they want. That is, after making the material available, it can be consumed by an unlimited number of peopleat any time of the day.

Professional and personal development

Working where and when you want and having more free time for personal activities is something that more and more people are looking for. It is the long-awaited balance between personal and professional life.

In addition, flexible hours also make it easy to take time to update and specialize in your area of ​​expertise.

Here is an important piece of advice: to be a good teacher, you also need to be a good student. Don’t stop learning, that is, don’t think you already know everything.

Productivity and security

In addition to all the above advantages, one must consider that working online is much more effective in terms of productivity and security.

You don’t have to worry about commuting, traffic congestion, the risk of accidents or burglaries and a host of other common problems – especially in large urban centers.

Without the need to go from one place to another, it becomes easier to comply with the obligations of the agenda and carry out the work planned for each day. On second thought, this combination is perfect, as it means less stress and greater financial return.

How to become an online teacher: 6 steps you should follow closely

Nobody said that a teacher’s life is easy. As much as there are advantages in relation to face-to-face activity, this also does not mean that you will only work when you want.

The truth is that there is a process behind every successful content professional on the internet.

If you don’t know what this process is like and are willing to follow it closely, nothing is done. The good news is that it is nothing out of this world. All you need to do is follow the steps below!

1. Define your specialty

The first thing you need to resolve, first of all, is: what topic to teach? To decide this, you need to take into account what area of ​​expertise do you dominate and likes it a lot. But also be sure to think about the commercial side of the activity.

If there is no active market, that is, if there are not enough people willing to pay to learn about your chosen topic, you will not have a business.

2. Create an ideal student profile

The ideal student profile is your version of the persona, which is nothing more than the ideal client you are looking for.

Why do that? Because, in your communication to attract students, it is very important talk to the right people at the right time. Otherwise, even the best teacher in the world will not get enough students.

3. Determine learning paths for your students

Before starting to create the contents at once, it is worth taking time to plan. This involves creating learning trails for students.

But what are these trails? They are paths that he will need to take to master certain aspects of the subject that you teach. A good idea is to create a basic, intermediate and advanced track.

This way, you will list all the topics you should teach at each stage of your students’ learning. This is a good strategy for organizing your classes and not confusing students.

4. Create supporting material for your classes

After deciding on the desired format, which can be audio, video or text, it is important to create supporting materials.

These materials can include handouts, slides or any other resources that help you when passing the content, and the students themselves, to better understand the lessons.

5. Learn how to manage your new business

It is very easy to focus only on the “good” part, which is the content and how you intend to teach students. But always remember: you have your own business to run.

This requires care with administrative and commercial issues, such as:

  • marketing and sales plan;
  • legal aspects involving the acquisition of its content;
  • hiring employees or service providers;
  • among other points.

6. Start positioning yourself online to attract students

Finally, it’s time to start positioning yourself online to attract your first students. It is at this point that your marketing plan, defined in the previous step, needs to take action.

Depending on your budget and marketing knowledge, there are options to better publicize your work.

To save time in attracting students, be sure to count on the support of qualified professionals to help with this.

Now that you know how to become an online teacher, the path has become easier to pursue this new career. It doesn’t matter what your area of ​​training or knowledge is: the most important thing is to create content that generates value and make it reach the people who need it most.

But, what if I tell you that I can help you create your first online course in a simple way? Here is your guide to planning, executing and selling your courses like no one else!