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If you have a local micro, small or medium business, you should have an idea of ​​the importance of making your business appear in Google search results or on Google Maps, right? These two Google channels are among the main showcases for those who want to promote their business on the internet. For this reason, many […]

If you have a local micro, small or medium business, you should have an idea of ​​the importance of making your business appear in Google search results or on Google Maps, right?

These two Google channels are among the main showcases for those who want to promote their business on the internet. For this reason, many entrepreneurs invest in SEO strategies, content marketing and sponsored links.

However, many still do not know or do not realize the possibilities that the Google My Business offers. On the other hand, entrepreneurs and marketers who already use the platform are aware of the opportunities they can receive.

So, were you curious to understand how this could be beneficial for your company? In the next lines, you will see what Google My Business is, its benefits, the registration steps and how to optimize your results in this tool. Stay with us!

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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business, or Google My Business, is a Google platform where entrepreneurs can publicize your business for free on organic search results, Google Maps and Google +.

This service appeared in 2014 to unify the existing features on Google Places and on the Google + company pages.

But what are these features about? Among the main ones, we can highlight:

  • insert and present your location on Google Maps (including a virtual tour of your business and route to the establishment);
  • add contact details, such as address, email, website and phone (in fact, if a user searches from a cell phone, he can make the call from the search engine itself – if the company enters his phone number on the platform);
  • display store opening hours and peak hours;
  • exposing customer notes and comments;
  • show internal company photos;
  • share profiles on other social networks;

Realize that it is extremely useful information for people who search for your business exactly or for companies like yours.

By the way, it is in these searches that the results of Google My Business come into action. However, it is worth noting that this can happen in 3 different ways:

1. When researching a type of establishment without pointing out the place

google my business

In this type of search, Google takes into account your current location to deliver results for companies that are geographically close to you.

In searches made on smartphones, the results are often even more accurate, since Google can use the location contained in the device’s GPS.

2. When you specify the location of that type of establishment

google my business

Imagine the customer who is at home and decides to go to another neighborhood or city to eat a pizza. In this research, he will search for “pizzeria + name of the neighborhood / city” and Google will display results according to the location specified in that search.

Note that, in these first two types of searches, the results appear just below the search field and before the organic links.

3. When you detail the company name

google my business

A person can also search for the name of the establishment directly in the Google search field. In this example, we use one of the options that appear in the previous print.

If this company is registered with Google My Business, the result will be displayed on the right side of the screen and with more complete information.

google my business

What are the benefits of this platform?

So far, we’ve seen that Google My Business can improve (and greatly) publicize local businesses organically.

However, we could not proceed without highlighting some more advantages of this service. Check it out below:

Be found by customers when they need it most

While this phrase may represent the purpose of Google My Business, it is also one of its main benefits.

This is the opportunity to approach customers when they are at an advanced stage of their buying journey.

For example, those looking for “gym BH centers” have at least the intention of enrolling in a gym located in downtown Belo Horizonte, right?

Therefore, if you owned a gym in the center of the capital of Minas Gerais and registered on the platform, you would have a great chance of appearing to these potential customers, receiving a contact, a visit and, who knows, closing a deal.

Increase a company’s reach

Just making your business appear on the first page of Google and on Google Maps already expands your digital presence.

Even so, you can attract more consumers both locally and from other regions and states.

Think, for example, of potential customers who live in your city, who need products or services that you offer, but do not know your company. With Google My Business, that distance is shortened.

There are also customers who arrive from other cities and are in their municipality or neighborhood paying a leisure or business visit.

Imagine that you have a Japanese restaurant and part of these tourists are looking for exactly that. As soon as they search on Google, they’ll be able to run into your business.

Generate more audience interactions

As one of the features of this platform is to allow customer comments about your company, it is natural for there to be an approach also on the social side.

The public can participate with evaluation notes for your business (product, service, service, etc.) and with ideas, opinions, criticisms and doubts.

For your part, it is also important to participate by responding to comments, posting news on your page on Google + and inserting photos of your business to attract greater engagement and interest in your offers.

Allow people to get to know your business better

Due to the large amount of useful information displayed, people can know your business as well as if they were personally in it.

In addition to basic data, such as address, location on the map and telephone, the public can take a real virtual tour of your establishment.

In fact, there are many companies that hire photographers to make 360º records of the house to show interested people.

This level of detail certainly helps the audience to be more sure before choosing to contact or personally know your company.

Enable editing through an application

It may seem like a simple detail, but the mobility to edit the information represents a huge freedom for those who manage company profiles on Google My Business.

You will not always be at the company or at a computer to answer public feedback, update information or post a new photo.

For this reason, Google has made life easier for its users with the Google My Business app. It works for both Android and iOS systems.

How do I register a company on Google My Business?

If you are interested in the advantages of this platform, you may be curious to know how to enroll your company in Google My Business.

So, to make your life a little easier, we have prepared a brief step by step with the 5 steps of registering for this service. Follow:

1. Access the platform page and login

Well, the first things to do are go to the Google My Business website and click on “Start now”.

google my business

Soon after, you will have to login to the platform, which is the same one you use to access Gmail. In fact, if you are already logged into Google, you will be taken to the next step.

2. Fill in the information on the “Add your business” tab

google my business

Your next stop is on that map where you will not only find your business address, but also fill in other important information on that form on the left.

There, you will put your company name, telephone number, website and market category (building materials store, sporting goods store, beauty salon, etc.).

If you do not serve customers in a specific location, but in different areas (such as different service providers), you must check “Yes” In the box “I deliver products and services to my customers at their location”.

Finally, click on “Continue”.

3. Confirm your authorization to manage the company

google my business

Your company’s address and contact information appears where it is capped with these blue boxes.

You must verify that they are correct and then complete the authorization box to manage your business.

When you confirm this information, you will be taken to another page where Google proposes to send a postal verification code to the address provided by you.

4. Confirm your business location

Right after this step, you will be redirected to your control panel. However, to start editing your information and making it appear on searches and maps, you must confirm the code sent by Google.

This code arrives via the Post Office and takes, on average, 7 to 15 business days to arrive at your address.

On your panel, a red banner at the top of the screen with the “Confirm now” button. Click on it and follow the steps outlined in the letter sent by Google to you.

This letter has the code that must be inserted in Google My Business.

5. Add more information to your newly created page

Ready! After confirming your location, you will have all the necessary freedom to add additional information to your registration.

Do not forget to include photos of your establishment, opening hours, a brief description of the company, among other relevant data and content.

google my business

How to get the best out of the platform?

Known benefits, registration done, now what? What is the next step?

As with other marketing strategies, using Google My business can be optimized with a series of good practices.

After all, you can’t believe that new customers will start arriving just because you started showing your business on the first page or on Google maps.

You need to go a little further, so we recommend the following actions to generate more results with Google My Business:

Keep your information up to date

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer and imagine how boring it would be for him to search for a car repair shop on Google, and when he decides to call the first option that appears, the number drops in the mailbox. Frustrating, isn’t it?

The problem with the car would continue and the potential customer would leave the workshop with a bad impression without even using the service.

Failures like these are not uncommon to happen. Often, the entrepreneur may forget to update the address, opening hours, photos of the place, etc.

After all, this information will not always be the same – companies can change their location, decoration and contact.

In addition, if you open a new branch of your business, you can enter and confirm the new address so that it also appears in search results and on maps.

Monitor access and interaction statistics

In your control panel, in addition to inserting and editing content and information, you can follow the results of your profile on Google My Business.

Data such as:

  • average rating given by customers;
  • number of comments (including unanswered ones);