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Downloading videos from Instagram is something that the social network doesn’t yet offer, but there are tools that help with that. In addition to downloading, they also allow you to repost content from the feed or even the stories.

Web users who consume content from social networks are always in search of how to download videos from Instagram.

There is a lot of interesting stuff going on there, after all, the platform is one of the most accessed in the world and a lot of people use it – from your friends to the companies you are a customer of.

What few users know is that, same as the Instagram does not provide this function, it is possible to download the video files posted by users.

This is a great chance to have these contents in your collection, either for campaign studies, or just for your own collection.

In this article, we will show you how to do this through some applications and tools to use also in the web version. So read on!

The growth of Instagram and its impact on communication

With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram is a true phenomenon among social networks. Its dynamic, modern and totally visual approach are just some of the points that play in favor of this network, which in perspective, can grow more than 60% in 2019 alone.

In practice, Instagram is an environment for everyone: personal profiles, influencers and companies. Absolutely every type of content is generated there, and that is exactly what makes it so impactful.

In the beginning, the focus of this social network was on photos and, as they are proven to be more attractive than text, success was almost immediate.

The evolution was fast and then Instagram started to accept videos in the timeline. The novelty in itself was very interesting and was the first of the changes that brought more competitiveness to the social network.

However, the big boom happened in 2016: the emergence of the Instagram Stories, function that allowed to publish photos and videos for only 24 hours.

The changes that Stories brought

Apart from the timeline, Stories was a resource for more content, but without this interfering in the volume of publications, after all, overposting has always been an issue. Ordinary users and companies were looking for solutions to be present, but without exaggerating, what Stories allowed.

In numbers, it is very clear the impact of this function and how it was a hit for Instagram: there are more than 250 million people and companies registering their daily lives!

Just over 1 year after the launch of the function, more than 200 million new users registered on the social network.

Today, there is no doubt about how Instagram is a priority platform for the production and dissemination of content, especially in videos.

Recently, the launch of IGTV was another way to attract even more users and encourage companies and influencers to continue producing material for the platform. More than a social network, Instagram is now a marketing tool.

The impact on narratives

Instagram and its receptivity to different video formats is today a full plate for companies to work on one of the main engagement strategies for campaigns: storytelling.

More than millionaire and award-winning productions, the important thing is that the narrative behind each action has a real impact on the public, and that was the subject at the South by Southwest (SXSW) event in 2017.

On the occasion, experts reinforced how much a good story is capable of generating conversions within campaigns. More than good content and excellent productions, it is necessary to propose narratives that communicate well with the public, that is, be able to serve as a trigger to awaken a purchase decision, for example.

In this context, another important element is the budget to produce these contents. Instagram is a platform capable of giving great visibility to very good and efficient projects, although cheap, as long as they are built on solid storytelling bases.

The tools used to download videos from Instagram

You can download videos from Instagram whenever you want! Be your favorite artist, be your friends, and keep it as a souvenir.

This is a highly sought-after function, but the platform does not yet allow it. However, with apps it is possible.

Next, check out which tools have this function and learn more about each one.

Insta Download

Insta Download is a simple and very practical online tool that allows Instagram videos and photos to be downloaded directly to your computer. The website home is very simple and objective, and there you will find a place where you can paste the link of the video you want to download.

Simple as that, and quickly you will have the content you have chosen saved on your computer. In addition to timeline content, you can also download videos from Stories. For each of these contents, do as follows:

  • in content on the timeline, click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner and select “copy link”. After that, paste the address in the space indicated in the Insta Download;
  • in Stories, just go to the desired profile, click on the same icon indicated above and select “Copy profile URL”. Then paste the address in the location indicated.


Another good option for desktop download, Instawnload is also a website that can be accessed from any browser, with a simple scheme for downloading any video from Instagram. It also works with the link being inserted in your home, from any profile.

The content will be played on the screen and, among the player options, there is the download icon (down arrow). Just click this button and the video will be downloaded to your computer.


The name says it all: Easy Downloader, available for Android, is one of the easiest tools to use to download videos from Instagram. The tool is very light and conducts this process of downloading videos in a very simple way.

When you open the app on your phone, its interface redirects you to your timeline. From there, just choose the video and copy its URL.

After that, the content will automatically be downloaded to your mobile phone, without even having to paste the address in the application. This is what makes it a very light and effective alternative, without taking up so much storage and processing space on the device.


An extremely simple and practical alternative for Android users. SwiftSave is an application that basically works as a parallel Instagram, with a focus on direct video downloads. After downloading the app, just log in with your own Instagram account.

As soon as you open it for the first time, you will see your timeline inside SwiftSave. Just choose the video you want and then click on the download icon (arrow pointing down). Ready! In a simple and very convenient way you can download the content you want.

FastSave for Instagram

FastSave is a great application that was initially made available for Android and is now also available on iOS. The app fulfills the promise of its name and is a very agile solution for those who want to download videos from Instragram.

This happens thanks to the “auto save” option, which, if activated, automatically downloads the contents as soon as the user clicks on “copy URL”.

However, you need to pay attention to one important detail: you can only download videos from profiles that are not private! Even if you have the link to the content you want to download, it will not be possible if the person has restricted access to the profile to only those who follow them.

Repost Story for Instagram

Repost Story for Instagram is a fundamental app for those who are always looking to download content posted in stories from other accounts. Exclusive to iOS users, it works very simply.

In the app interface, just type the user name and then you can view all the stories posted. By clicking on each one, you can download the videos. Everything works very intuitively and without any complications!

Story Reposter for Instagram

The Story Reposter is not much different from the previous example. Available only for iOS, it gives you the support you need to download videos from the stories and then reply, making it simple.

Just access the application, log in with your Instagram account, search for the user and then access your stories. From there, just select the options you want.

In the stories and in the feed, there is always a lot of interesting stuff that you can repost in your accounts or just download. These tool options help to create a good collection of campaigns to get inspired and produce something in the future, for example.

Downloading videos from Instagram is a real possibility! Choose the best option among the available tools and start creating your personal collection right now.

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