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The Public Relations briefing is the first step for your strategic communication planning to be successfully achieved. To do so, in summary, it is necessary to pass on what are the most important information for those who will take care of their image, from the challenges to the goals and objectives.

Any strategy needs an efficient direction, be it Digital Marketing, Technology or Communication.

Not by chance, without guidance, it is likely that, even with excellent professionals and good tools, the results are not as expected. An example is producing a briefing for Public Relations.

With consumers and customers increasingly demanding, and a highly competitive market today, it is crucial that each of its strategies is as accurate as possible.

Therefore, for the communication work to be effective, it is necessary to hold a briefing that serves as a guide.

To learn more about this subject, and how to create a briefing for Public relations the best way possible, follow the reading, take all your doubts about the topic and start to follow a significant improvement in your results!

What is a Public Relations briefing?

A public relations briefing is the first step towards starting a strategic communication plan.

That is, a document that contains all relevant information and summarized the current situation of your brand or company. It is the ideal time to describe challenges, problems, opportunities and objectives.

For a company to achieve exactly what it expects from a Public Relations agency, it is necessary to organize the most vital information in a single document, which serves as the basis for all actions and campaigns to be carried out.

Above all, it is a file that provides the ideal placement that the organization expects from communication work.

In fact, it is important to ensure that the briefing you follow follows what the word means: a summary.

When passing on the information that the company considers most fundamental, care must be taken not to plaster the work of who will receive this content, allowing the work to be carried out on top of this document.

The goal is to find a happy medium: a briefing that is not too simple and without all the necessary information, or too long and that hinders the development of the work of the planning and creation teams.

A difficult task, but that, if done correctly, makes the end result even better.

What is the importance of this concept?

The image and relevance of a brand are increasingly decisive for success today in the midst of so much competition.

Therefore, facilitating the work of those with a mission to take care of these factors can be a differential between the success and failure of your company’s actions.

Through the media and the different communication channels that exist today, it is possible to influence consumers’ opinion of a company or brand.

Thus, when conducting the Public Relations briefing, you guarantee greater accuracy of your organization’s future campaigns and actions.

A Public Relations agency can take care of several accounts, cases and clients, which makes it impossible to know each of your work in detail.

For this reason, summarizing the necessary and most important information for those who will take care of your company’s image is a hand in the wheel.

Whether to attract new customers or to solve a brand crisis, an efficient communication campaign is a way to innovate your strategies and thus achieve better results.

But, for that, it is necessary to provide a briefing for Public Relations with the most important questions and answers.

With that in mind, don’t expect others to know your company better than those inside it.

Produce a document with everything that is most necessary for the PR work to strengthen the image and your brand is seen as an authority in your area.

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Now that you know what it is and how important it is to produce a Public Relations briefing, it’s time to start producing.

To help you with this task, we have detailed some important topics for you to attend to and ensure the creation of a perfect document. Check out!

1. Define your goals

Any strategy needs to start with a well-defined objective and, with the Public Relations briefing, this should be no different. So, define one or more clear objectives that can really be achieved and get out of the clichés, like “getting more followers”.

In other words, it is necessary to define what are the goals to be achieved and which indicators are used to evaluate the performance of your campaigns and actions.

After all, the famous vanity metrics, for example, can convey a different image than what is seen in reality. Answering what needs to be achieved is the first step towards the success of your strategy.

2. Know your target audience

To achieve the best results, it is essential to know who the consumers are to be impacted by their actions.

Thus, detail and specify what is your target Audience ensures greater efficiency of your strategy. Passing on the exact message the customer is looking for increases the chances of success.

Today, consumers are more demanding and demand a personalized service that, in fact, makes sense to them.

However, this will only be possible by offering a detailed summary of your client’s profile and behavior, allowing more precise actions by the Public Relations team.

3. Choose the right vehicles

It is not enough to know who you want to impact – it is important to know what this consumer uses to get information.

That is, define the right communication vehicles to generate the necessary impact and, consequently, achieve the objectives outlined previously.

What good is it to prepare a campaign aimed at a specific audience and not run on the channels used by your consumer? All the effort will be unnecessary and, certainly, the goals will not be achieved.

4. Inform which message needs to be transmitted

To pass the correct briefing to the Public Relations team, you need to understand what your brand positioning is. That is, what is the type of relationship with your persona? What language or tone of voice are used on social media?

It is essential to make this very clear in the document passed on to those who will take care of their brand image. This way, you avoid communication failures and ensures that your campaigns are moving in the right direction and, most importantly, aligned with the organization’s positioning.

5. Set a time for each action

In certain situations, time is vital, especially when we talk about events with scheduled dates. But the Public Relations professional will not be able to guess what are the deadlines for each action.

That is why, set dates for certain campaigns to run so that the team responsible for your company’s image can organize itself in the best possible way.

6. Set a budget for your campaigns

For the person in charge of communication to be able to carry out an efficient campaign, he needs to know what are the resources available for such action.

This is because the budget can completely change the scope of the campaign or even the vehicles used to communicate with the public.

With this in mind, there is no point in trying to hide the reality: inform exactly what is the amount available in the briefing for Public Relations.

No matter how small, it is better to start planning a strategy that can actually be put into practice than to waste time planning something impossible to accomplish.

How relevant is a press release to your business?

Whether to publicize your company as a whole, or for a specific campaign, the press release is an excellent means of communication.

Also known as a press release or press release, is a way to present to the market and consumers what is being done by your organization.

It is not enough to wait for consumers to look for your company – it is necessary to show what is being done. With a Public Relations briefing, giving the necessary information about a new action by your organization can make your communication even more efficient, for example.

Recalling that the segmentation of the public and the communication channels used is also very important for their action to be, in fact, effective. Regularly appear on the main communication channels in your market segment is an excellent way to reinforce your brand authority.

The Public Relations briefing is, therefore, an excellent way to be sure that communication will be aligned with your organization’s objectives and goals, impacting consumers in a precise way.

To ensure that your company’s image is as positive as possible, how about staying on top of another important issue when we talk about Public Relations? Check out our full press release article and understand what it is and how to structure one the right way!