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SEO Copywriting allows the content you produce to be better able to be well ranked by search engines. The concept is to allow writing, in addition to being qualified for the reader, it also generates a better positioning on the web, bringing more traffic and results!

Attraction strategies are nothing new when it comes to Digital Marketing, but even if they are a choice, you need to refine your application. Part of this is related to the most practical stage of the work: writing.

More than just writing well, it is necessary to adapt this content for the web, which is why SEO Copywriting is so important.

Blog content is different, for example, from magazine articles or news articles. However, it is not only about language, but also the means of transmission.

To stand out and really attract traffic, that is, readers interested in the subject you’re talking about, you need to use techniques and avoid failures. For this, it is essential to adapt your content!

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What is SEO Copywriting and what is it for?

SEO Copywriting is the technique of developing written content optimized for search engines on the web.

In practice, it is about produce texts to be found more easily when someone does a search on search engines, like Google. Thus, there are specific techniques to ensure that they are highlighted.

It is always important to start from the principle of the approach, which in this case is Inbound Marketing. Attraction is the basis of the work, that is, the idea is offer interesting content to make sure your target audience is attracted.

In this case, this content is written and comes through blog posts, then entering a strategy within the attraction approach: Content Marketing.

The relationship between Content Marketing and SEO Copywriting

In Content Marketing strategies, the idea is to maintain a blog on the central theme of your business, or that has a direct relationship.

For example, if you sell vegan products, the blog will talk about the vegan lifestyle, foods of this type and everything else related.

The idea is to post posts on your blog that are able to attract people interested in the subject. From there, following the strategy of attraction, content of different levels of depth will be produced.

Thus, it is possible to generate attraction traffic and encourage readers to take specific actions, how to subscribe to a newsletter, provide contact details or, finally, buy.

It turns out that, to ensure that these texts generate traffic, it takes much more than writing good content that is interesting to the reader. He will only be able to reach this post if there is concern about optimizing the content for search engines, such as Google.

The need to deepen and qualify the content

It is precisely in view of this need that SEO Copywriting enters, enabling that content to be more visible. In practice, the techniques, which are the most varied, make the post among the first results of a search.

More than using keywords with a high number of searches, it is necessary to think in more detail.

For those who want to produce content and feed a solid strategy, it is really important to master the most basic concepts of SEO Copywriting.

The reasons for this are clear and can be seen in Content Trends, a national survey on Content Marketing. Among the companies that responded to the study, 67.3% said they adopted this strategy.

When we talk about numbers, you can see that there is competitiveness in the search for a space on the first page in search results. Amid so much content, you need to qualify as much as you can, regardless of the subject.

There is room for everyone, but only the best are at the top and, in this case, standing out depends on optimizations for the web. That is why, in order to collect your share of attention from the target audience, it is essential to know in depth the main SEO Copywriting techniques.

How to apply SEO Copywriting to your strategy?

SEO Copywriting is a concept based on practices. Therefore, there are a number of techniques aimed at producing qualified content for the web.

Each of these guidelines, directly or indirectly, has an impact on the ranking of a content and how search engine algorithms recognize it as relevant.

The work is detailed and ranges from the title of your content to the quality of what you present in the post. From technical questions to understanding how the article will reach its target audience, everything makes a difference to produce content that stands out and is optimized for the web.

Next, check out some of the main tips for applying SEO Copywriting to your content!

Create eye-catching headlines for your posts

Imagine the sequence of actions of a user when searching for content on the internet. He has a question or a curiosity and then does a search on Google using some keywords.

The results will always highlight the title of that post, that is, it is from there that the user’s interest in your content will begin.

text title

The more attractive the title of the post, the greater the chances of the user clicking to consume the content. Achieving good results is easier if you take these paths:

  • use questions (“How do I get a job in the USA?”);
  • make lists (“The 10 most nutritious foods for vegans”);
  • pique interest by showing the value of the content (“SEO: check out a complete guide on how to optimize pages for search engines”).

Use meta description

In addition to the title, there is a second category that also helps in identifying the user about the relevance of its content: the meta description.

Have you noticed that two-line text below the main title of the content when you see the search results? In addition to being important to the user, he also is one of the most important ranking parameters.

meta description

Therefore, it is essential that none of the content you produce for the web has a meta description.

In this excerpt the ideal is that you, using the content keyword, detail a little more about what your post will talk about.

A good example, using the title “How to get a job in the USA?”, Would be like this:

“The dream of living and working in the United States is possible. Find out how to apply for your visa and start a job legally in the country. ”

Create really relevant content

As much as there are many SEO tips and other details that help to build accurate content for the web, in terms of capturing traffic, quality should be the priority.

A text written with good techniques is able to attract a reader, but if he is not really good, it is difficult to get engagement.

In practice, this generates a decrease in the time spent on the pages, since the content is weak, impairs the ranking, since this is a metric considered by the algorithms, and does not yet reach the target audience.

Therefore, the focus should be on producing posts that are relevant, comply with what the title promises and, above all, have quality in what they bring.

Learn to explore your keyword naturally

Many content producers end up plastering their work when they are excessively attached to the need to comply with the insertion of keywords. They are very relevant, but they cannot become an obsession.

When this happens, they are repeated in an exaggerated way, in addition to being inserted in an unnatural way in the contents.

The ideal is to know how to work these keywords so that the reader does not even realize that there was an intention to highlight that term in some way.

In addition to this naturalness, it is also important to use the keywords long tail and head tail according to the most searched terms. This will make a difference in choosing the ideal term to give visibility and traffic to your content.

Apply scannability to texts

Scannability is a concept that has the function of making texts on the web easier to read.

In addition to contributing to it being more receptive, there is another very specific point that is taken into account: online content readers have more specific requirements, which requires adequacy when producing the content.

Overall, the scanability proposal is make reading more comfortable, fluid and interesting.

Therefore, the production of content that follows this concept is the guarantee that there will be an engagement when the user captured in the traffic feels satisfied and reads the post in full.

To increase the scannability, it is necessary to resort to techniques such as:

  • use bullet points when listing items;
  • never extrapolate 4 lines in a paragraph;
  • highlight important terms or excerpts in bold (be careful not to overdo it!);
  • use intertitles with smaller headings;
  • align the text to the left;
  • define the size of the content according to the level of information that is offered to the user.

Use Latent Semantic Indexing

Google, in an attempt to deliver even more accurate content to searchers, has implemented Latent Semantic Indexing in its algorithms.

This means that they will be able to identify directly related terms or synonyms of keywords that you use.

In addition, there are other variations that are considered by Google. There are small changes in gender, number, adjectives, verbs, among others.

Therefore, it is recommended to always be aware of possible variations that fit the keyword used. This helps to reduce excessive repetition, as well as better rank your content on the web.

Generate interest with your CTA

If you know that CTA is an abbreviation for Call To Action, or call to action, you can already understand why it is important to generate interest and arouse curiosity when planning this trigger.

If the idea is to encourage the reader to do something, naturally, this CTA needs to be interesting and motivating, and that anticipates a possible delivery of something of value to the user.

For this, there are several SEO techniques that go far beyond writing, with a set of colors, prominent buttons, among others. Now, when it comes to SEO Copywriting, it is easy to use questions and other techniques in order to call for this action.

Suppose the idea is to offer to download an ebook. So some good CTAs could be:

  • “Download the ebook now and see a complete guide to New York City”;
  • “Do you want to know everything you need to know about riding the subway in New York? Download our ebook on the subject! ”;
  • “Do you want to spend little time eating in New York? Download our ebook and check out the main tips for snack bars and bars to eat well without paying too much! ”.

Learn to please algorithms and people

Whoever writes for the web needs to know: it is necessary to please algorithms and also people.

SEO Copywriting is nothing more than the implementation of the concept that reinforces this, showing how it is necessary write in a qualified way for the target audience, but also in an optimized way for the web.

Only then is it possible to find that reader accurately and then generate value for him.

When you only look at the optimization part, the content will certainly be exposed to the risk of being artificial, with a little understanding language and forced in some points.

Above all, it is important that he communicates well with the reader. SEO Copywriting is the step that will make you ready to rank well and be found by the searcher!

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What mistakes should be avoided?

If SEO Copywriting application tips are important, it is essential to also point out some errors in the production of web content that can harm your strategy.

Among the main ones, whether in optimization, or when writing content, are these:

  • impair the understanding of the passage just to fit a keyword;
  • use only head or long tail keywords, without knowing how to mix them;
  • do shallow keyword research;
  • produce content without thinking about the user’s perspective when reading the post;
  • not staying true to what is proposed in the title of the content;
  • generate content just thinking about keywords, but without planning work on how it can be developed to engage;
  • fail to keep up to date on SEO trends and the new ranking parameters of Google’s algorithms.

Continuous work to increase traffic to blogs is a basic need for any Content Marketing strategy.

It is always possible to improve your posts, making them more attractive and accurate when it comes to ranking. SEO Copywriting is one of the ways to get better and better results!

Taking advantage of the subject, check out our copywriting ebook and discover the mysteries of the texts that convert!